Drake Harris Goes Deep - part 3 (with Video)

In the third and final part of GoBlueWolverine's in-depth sit-down with Grand Rapids (MI) Christian star Drake Harris and his dad Mike, the state's top prospect reflects shares his thoughts on and questions about Michigan State, Michigan, and Ohio State, his decision timeline, and much much more.

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Sam Webb: I’m going to ask you this question about three schools. I’m not saying these are your three top schools; these are just three schools that I know you’re definitely interested in. Starting with Michigan State, in a nutshell, tell me what you like about Michigan State, and then tell me what you still have questions about… what you still need to find out about Michigan State?

Drake Harris: “I mean, they’re a great program, but they’re a little down this year, but the years before that, they’ve been playing really great. They have a great offense, I mean, their offensive coordinator actually just got let go, but I think they’re going to bring in a new one, and Coach Dantonio, he’s a great coach, and he’s getting good classes in, and the thing with him, he’ll get three star and two star recruits, but he’ll turn them into a five star when they get there, so he turns players into great players, and the family up there, that’s a big part. They have a really good family, and just everybody loves being part of Spartan nation, and it’s close to home also, so that’s a good thing. Those are probably key parts of that.”

Sam Webb: You’re looking around, so there are some questions you have about Michigan State. What do you need to find out? What are you still questioning about the Spartans?

Drake Harris: “I don’t know. I don’t really have that many questions about a lot of schools, I mean, maybe if they’re going to bounce back from this year next year, and going on, seeing how they’re going to do then, and that’s basically one of the biggest factors, and then, offensive coordinator, who’s going to come in now, since the other one left.”

Sam Webb: Have you gotten a chance to get to know any of their quarterbacks – I know you’ve probably met some of the quarterbacks that are on the roster now, but any of their young quarterbacks or incoming freshmen? Have you talked to any of those guys?

Drake Harris: “Yeah, Damion Terry, I’ve talked to him a lot. He seems like a really cool person. Me and him kind of have the same personality too, so I talk to him a lot, and he’s doing the same thing as Wilton’s doing, trying to get me to come there still.“

Sam Webb: What about O-State? Any quarterback at O-State in contact with you?

Drake Harris: “No, I haven’t had that.”

Sam Webb: Alright, so Michigan. Now that you’re getting to know them a little more, what do you do like about Michigan based on what you’ve seen? What do you have questions about with the Wolverines?

Drake Harris: “I mean, honestly, I can’t really find anything that I don’t like about Michigan. I mean, since I didn’t really know that much about the football stuff, because I always came down here for basketball, but now that I came down here for football this whole weekend, that answered a lot of questions that I had, and everything is basically perfect, and that’s about it. I don’t really have that many question about Michigan, I mean, it’s Michigan.”

Sam Webb: No questions about Michigan whatsoever?

Drake Harris: “All the questions that I did have, they answered this weekend, when I talked to them.”

Sam Webb: What about Ohio State? What do you like, and what do you need to find out?

Drake Harris: “I mean, Urban Meyer, he’s a great coach, one of the best coaches ever coaching college football. I’ve always liked Urban Meyer and his offense when he was down at Florida. I grew up watching them play, so he runs a spread offense, and he throws the ball, and I know that they’re getting a lot of great recruiting classes. They had a great one this year, and they’re getting good players in, and I mean, they have a great campus, great facilities, great education. There aren’t that many things to say bad about Ohio State either. Just like Michigan, expect for that I’m from Michigan and everybody would hate me if I went there.”

Sam Webb: There are going to be kids in every class that are courting you, I imagine. Is that a big deal to you, who else is in the recruiting class? Whether it be their interaction with you – I know you said the relationships with the guys are big, but let’s set aside their interaction with you for a second. Is it a big deal to be part of a highly ranked class? Is it a big deal to have other five star guys like yourself in there, or is that not going to be a big deal to you?

Drake Harris: “It’s kind of a big deal, because I want to win, and I know if they’re going to get players in like that, and like me, that can help me out, it will help us win a championship, and that’s what I want to do, so getting classes in ahead of me and behind me, and my class also, so it’s all that playing a part together, and then just going out and winning a championship.”

Sam Webb: Mike, he just laid out great things about those three schools, and again, you’re not saying those are your top three schools, right? You’re wide open.

Drake Harris: “Yeah, I’m wide open.”

Sam Webb: Great things about all three. I imagine you have great things to say about Alabama too, Florida as well. When you put all those schools on the table, and you have so many great things about all of them, what’s going to make one stick out above the rest? How are you going to separate one school when – I mean, you basically said that you don’t have any questions about Michigan, you have very few about Michigan State. How do you distinguish at that point when there’s so much to like about both of them, for instance?

Mike Harris: I guess that’s the million dollar question, to be honest. I mean, Drake knows how I feel, personally. I won’t comment on that too much, I plead the fifth on that one, so he knows how I feel personally, but like I said, it’s his decision. I don’t want to be this overbearing dad, like ‘hey you need to…’ but the thing is, I’m going to give him the pros and cons of each school, and you have to go and visit schools, and you have to get around people and see how they actually are, and if you go there, you get around them, you figure out ‘ok, I like this, I like that’, my biggest thing with Drake is, like I said, being around good folks, he has goals, like he said, he wants to win championships, and eventually, if it happens, he wants to go to the next level, but the thing is, it’s his choice, and I can be a little selfish, of course, dad wants him to be as close as possible to him, and our family feels like that, and friends back home, they do, they want him to be – you know, here’s a young man I’ve been watching since he was little, so I want to get to as many games as possible, but like I said, ultimately it’s his decision, and wherever he goes, we’re going to support him regardless, and that’s just family, that’s unconditional love, it’s not conditional.”

Sam Webb: So Drake, here’s the thing, it goes without saying that you have a lot on your plate, a lot to consider, but I’m wondering, is it still fun? Are you having fun with the recruiting process? Or is it getting overwhelming already?

Drake Harris: “Oh yeah, I like it a lot.”

Sam Webb: Still enjoy it? It hasn’t become a nuisance yet?

Drake Harris: “No, it’s fun.”

Sam Webb: So, behind the scenes, you don’t have to tell me exactly what dad is thinking… but the school he likes, is it the same school that you like as well? You don’t have to say who it is, but is it the same school for you guys, or different ones?

Drake Harris: “I mean, he has his school, but I have all the schools (laughter). I don’t really have a favorite. I know who he likes, but I’m still open to everybody.”

Sam Webb: When do you think you’re going to start narrowing it down?

Drake Harris: “Probably September, August, and then make my decision in October. “

Sam Webb: Are you going to camp at any schools again this summer?

Yeah, I’m going down to probably Ohio State and staying the night over there, and then probably going down to Florida, Notre Dame, and I don’t know, maybe Georgia.”

Sam Webb: And no AAU this year?

Drake Harris: “No.”

Sam Webb: So we’ll see you out at the Opening? You’re going to be out there this year?

Drake Harris: “Yeah.”

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