Bama Talk re Ferns; Much Ado About Nothing

The first commit to Michigan's 2014 class has been one of the Wolverines' biggest recruiting assets in recent weeks. That's why any talk of his wavering is sheer nonsense according to his dad.

There was collective gasp expressed by a few Michigan fans in the aftermath of hearing that Alabama head coach Nick Saban had contacted Michael Ferns and offered him a scholarship yesterday.  The youngster’s father quickly put any nervousness to rest this evening by making it clear that Brady Hoke is the only college head coach his son is planning on playing for.

“Honestly it’s a dead issue,” the elder Ferns stated. “Michael isn’t going anywhere. He is totally focused on Project 135 and his physical and football development until January 6th of 2014 when he will start classes at Michigan.”

Alabama isn’t the only program that has reached out to Ferns in hopes of loosening the Wolverines’ grip, it’s just the only that has come to light.  Dad says that numerous BCS powers have made the attempt, but message to all of them has been and will continue to be clear.

“He belongs at Michigan,” Mr. Ferns said firmly. “Remember, Michael is choosing a school for its academics as much as he is the football.”

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