Michigan Stands Out with Dowdy

2015 Westerville (OH) South OT, Rob Dowdy had a memorable visit experience at Michigan earlier this week. After his interaction with the "amazing people" in Ann Arbor, the Wolverines now find themselves in an enviable spot on his list.

Sam Webb: First, tell me how things went for you on the football field last year.

Rob Dowdy: “They went pretty well. At the beginning of the season I wasn’t expecting this part, but I put in enough work that I was able to start the whole season, and actually get some time in on defense toward the end of the season.”

Sam Webb: Give me an idea of where you are with height and weight. What did you measure in at?

Rob Dowdy: “6’6”, 270-lbs now.”

Sam Webb: What about scholarships? Give me your updated offer list.

Rob Dowdy: “I received one from Indiana two weeks ago.”

Sam Webb: What other schools are you really hearing a lot from?

Rob Dowdy:Michigan, and Penn State.”

Sam Webb: When did you first start hearing from Michigan?

Rob Dowdy: “Probably around the same time that all the coaches were coming in, so probably four or five weeks after the season ended.

Sam Webb: So you made it up on campus earlier this week. Was that your first time visiting Michigan?

Rob Dowdy: “No, I visited Michigan once during the summer time with my position coach. It was during their camp, but I didn’t participate in the camp. I was just going up there.”

Sam Webb: Take me through your latest experience in Ann Arbor earlier this week.  What all did they have you do?

Rob Dowdy: “First we went to the academic center for student athletes and they gave us a tour around there, then we went into the coaches area and talked to the offensive line coach, the offensive coordinator coach, and Coach Hoke.”

Sam Webb: So give me your impressions of the coaching staff now that you’ve had an opportunity to really sit down and interact with them face to face. What did you think of the guys?

Rob Dowdy: “I thought they were amazing people. They pretty much said ‘what you see is what you get’, and what I saw was great.”

Sam Webb: I know they didn’t offer, but did they kind of talk to you about what the their recruiting process with you was going to be like? Are they going to be waiting until you get into next season? Do they want you to come camp? What’s the next step as far as Michigan is concerned?

Rob Dowdy: “They want me to come back for a couple visits. They said I was pretty high on their recruiting pages right now, but really no talk about an offer yet.  I’m pretty sure when it comes close to my junior season or even during the junior season, I should have one.”

Sam Webb: I ask this of every guy that is an Ohio guy, but did you grow up a fan of the Buckeyes?

Rob Dowdy: “Yes, but now in this process I’m kind of neutral… considering that Ohio State hasn’t been giving me much look.”

Sam Webb: Was it still a little odd, though, when you went up to Michigan?  You’re looking around and you kind of grew up on the other side of the rivalry? Was it a little odd for you?

Rob Dowdy: “It wasn’t that odd. I mean, Michigan is a great school, but you know, growing up in Ohio you’re bound to be an Ohio fan.”

Sam Webb: Do you anticipate making a visit to Ohio State anytime soon? Camping there, or doing anything to kind of spur their interest?

Rob Dowdy: “I’m planning on going to their camp in the summer, but since I’ve had no contact from them… I’ve had a little contact, like a questionnaire… since that’s all I’ve gotten, I really have no plans of going up there except for their camp.”

Sam Webb: Are you going to camp at Michigan this summer?

Rob Dowdy: “Yes.”

Sam Webb: What are some of the other places that you think you’re going to make it out to as far as camps are concerned?

Rob Dowdy: “I’m going to try to make the Indiana camp, and maybe the Penn State camp.”

Sam Webb: Have you been to Penn State for a visit before?

Rob Dowdy: “I tried to go last weekend, but there was kind of a conflict with the schedule. I was supposed to go up with Darryl Long, and he went to Kentucky instead of going to Penn State, and I think he actually got an offer from Kentucky so I had to sit that one out.”

Sam Webb: Just very generally, I know you’re still two years out from going to college, but give me an idea of what the most significant factors in your process are going to be when you get ready to pick a school.

Rob Dowdy: “Education. It really comes down to that. Education and tradition of the school.”

Sam Webb: Do you know at this early point what you want to major in?

Rob Dowdy: “Engineering, most likely, but given that I still have a couple more years to go, that might change. Right now my focus is in engineering.”

Sam Webb: Do you anticipate waiting until your senior season to make that decision, or after your senior season?

Rob Dowdy: “I really don’t know yet.”

Sam Webb: Okay… at this early point just give me an idea of the top schools on your list. Do you have a top group that you’re really looking at this early stage?

Rob Dowdy: “Especially Indiana, but Michigan is kind of the top right now, because they have a lot to offer, and I really like the program. I’m (also) looking at Penn State a lot, and Michigan State.”

Sam Webb: Tell me a little bit about the contact with the Spartans. What are they saying to you, and when do you think you’ll make it up to their campus?

Rob Dowdy: “I really haven’t gotten any camp information this year, but I plan on getting it pretty soon. Maybe after I go to Georgia Tech, I’ll try to go up there. I’ve met with the coaches a couple times. They came to the school and I got a questionnaire, I filled one out, but not really like phone conversations about if I should come up or not.”

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