'14 WR Mark Andrews, Michigan on same page

Michigan has kept in regular contact with 2014 Desert Mountain (Ariz.) high school wide receiver Mark Andrews since offering in May of 2012. Andrews talks his junior season, discussions with Michigan, visits, and updates his timeline.

A towering 6-6 and 220 pounds, Desert Mountain (Ariz.) high school pass catcher Mark Andrews is a mountain of a man with big time play making ability. Andrews finished his junior season with 1500 yards receiving on 81 catches, along with 22 touchdowns.

"My junior year was definitely a big jump from my sophomore year," Andrews told GoBlueWolverine. "Every year has been a learning experience but I thought I did very well. There's still a lot of things I need to work on but I thought I did very well with everything."

Based on that type of productivity, his rare size combined with strong hands, Andrews is being pressed hard by a slew of schools in and out of his region.

"Both in-state schools (Arizona, Arizona State), Oklahoma is going pretty hard, Michigan -- they're recruiting pretty hard as well -- Notre Dame and UCLA," said Andrews. "There's a lot of schools but those are a few that are really pushing hard."

Michigan offered Andrews back in May of 2012 after spring football finished wrapping up. Since that time the Wolverines tight end/special teams coach, Dan Ferrigno, has kept in regular contact with Andrews and made the trip to Desert Mountain in recent months.

"Coach Ferrigno came by once or twice in the winter," said Andrews. "I'm still definitely interested in them.

"He's a hilarious coach. We're pretty close."

In the early going of Michigan's courtship with Andrews, the Wolverines envisioned a big bodied multi-faceted offensive weapon, someone that could be used lined up in tight at tight end or split out as a wide receiver, creating mismatch issues for both a linebacker or cornerback. After discussing what his future might hold in Ann Arbor, Andrews and coach Ferrigno came to a conclusion.

"At first he was kind of recruiting me as a tight end but now it's just solely at wide receiver and that was kind of a decision that he wasn't happy about," said Andrews laughingly. "He had been saying tight end the whole time and I think he knew -- I don't mind being a hybrid guy or whatever but I just don't want to be a guy that sits and blocks.

"I want to have the ball in my hands and make plays. He realized that and he was definitely more than willing to talk about that."

Andrews plans to visit Oklahoma this upcoming weekend with a visit to Notre Dame slated for the weekend of April 20th.

Is Michigan on the agenda as well?

"That's definitely a school I want to see," said Andrews. "I don't know if I'll be able to or have enough time but it's definitely a school I'm talking about with my parents."

Michigan should have plenty of time to get Andrews on campus for a visit with a decision a ways away from being made.

"I'm taking it slow," said Andrews. "I just want to make sure I make the right decision. I don't think I'll be able to decide or commit or anything like that until after my senior season. I'm looking to take it slow and be sure about my decisions."

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