Gardner Redshirt Boosts UM with Harris

Grand Rapids (MI) Christian WR Drake Harris is becoming an increasingly familiar face on Michigan's campus. After another memorable visit last Sunday he chatted with GoBlueWolverine about his latest experience, his thoughts on Devin Gardner, his visit plans, and more. And he again sets the record straight on his leaderboard. Did he really sing the Michigan fight song?

On the recruiting scorecard for Grand Rapids (MI) Christian start Drake Harris, Michigan has now received high marks for two consecutive weeks.  It was going to be hard for the Maize & Blue to match the experience he had on the first of those trips, but Sunday the Wolverines did just that.

“It was good,” Harris said regarding his latest stop in Ann Arbor.  “It was basically like the first time I went down there… just hanging out with all of the coaches and stuff, but this time I actually had the chance to hang out with Devin Gardner and Shane Morris.  They were cool.  I hung out with them and talked to them a lot.  It was good visit and it was a great game, which made it even better.”

“It was just something (special) about when I went down there the first time, though.  I just felt comfortable with the coaches and everybody.  I could relate to everybody well and they just showed me a good time.  But this time was good too.  I think a lot of the support that they’ve been giving me, how much they’ve been talking to me, and how all the coaches have been trying to recruit me.  Going there for the past two weekends hasn’t been that different.  They’ve both been really good experiences. They’re really just showing me a lot of love and support and showing me just how much I would mean to the team if I went there, which means a lot to me. ”

Harris’ biggest takeaway from visit two was the strong positive impression that Michigan’s quarterback contingent made on him.

“I talked to (Morris) before the game right when I got there I was hanging out with him a little bit,” he stated.  “ I was going to sit next to him, but his seat were somewhere different than mine.  But after the game I talked to him a little bit. I texted him a little bit after the game too. He’s cool.”

“Devin is a great quarterback and he can throw real well.  I was hanging out with him basically the whole game.  I talked to him a lot.  He seems cool too.  Like I said… he’s a great quarterback." 

“(Gardner getting his redshirt) did help out Michigan’s chances.”

The Wolverines have clearly made up substantial ground in a very short period of time, and they’ll have an opportunity to further improve their position when Harris returns to Ann Arbor Sunday for his third visit in as many weeks.  That said, Harris made it clear that anyone suggesting that Michigan has unseated Michigan State as the team to beat is off base.  Many have questioned whether he still considers himself a Spartan commit, and hasn’t hesitated in offering them an answer.

“Yeah, right now I am,” he said regarding his commit status.  “It’s a solid verbal. I said that I don’t have a list right now, but if I did have a list (Michigan) would be somewhere around the top.”

Talk that the Wolverines had vaulted to the top picked up steam on twitter thanks in part to a few suggestive reports and to a photo Harris took with Morris and Gardner.  As was the case when he was photographed in Michigan’s locker room wearing the #1 jersey, the talented youngster warns against reading too much into it.

“People have been talking to me about (the photo with Morris and Gardner),” Harris said laughingly.  “Some people were saying that I was singing the fight song and all of that, and that wasn’t true. (Laughter).  There have been a lot of rumors going around.”

The state’s top player is doing his best to tune it all out as he tries to lead his basketball team on a deep playoff run. When time permits, however he hopes to get out visiting the out-of-state schools on his list, namely Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Georgia, and Alabama.

“I have a set visit for the 22nd… that whole weekend… down in Florida,” he said.  “It depends on my basketball schedule too.  If we did happen to make it far (in the playoffs) I’d probably have to reschedule that, but that’s my plan right now.  Also Ohio State sometime in April.  I don’t have a set date for them.  Notre Dame also (in April).”

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