Doyle: "I want to be a Wolverine"

GBW asked Ricky what does he like about Michigan, and here's what he told Dre Barthwell.

Those are the words that 6'9 PF Ricky Doyle told Coach John Beilein this morning before he left to go back home this morning. After that Ricky took off his jacket and displayed a Michigan Basketball t-shirt for the occasion.

I asked Ricky what does he like about Michigan's offense and he told me, "I like how they use everyone on offense, they are a pass first team and I feel like I fit in perfectly with this team. They are a family there at Michigan, and that is why I committed there."

Ricky wanted to weigh the pro's and con's but that just didn't work. "I wanted to find something that I didn't like about Michigan against what I did like, and I just could not find anything wrong with this place. I like the coaching staff Coaches Beilein, Alexander, Jordan and Meyers all them made me feel like family."

He had a chance to hand out with the players and they helped in making his decision.

"Jon Horford is a great kid -- he took me around and we met with the players I asked them questions like just how cold does it really get? They were honest and told me it gets real cold. I met Mitch, Spike and Glenn they are really good guys."

Sealing the deal: before he told the basketball staff about his decision he had to first make a call.

"I called Coach Herting, my high high school coach, at 6:30 -- and he told me to just follow my heart, and if it felt right then do it."

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