Edwards on Michigan visit: "Worth the wait"

A visit to Ann Arbor had been in the works for a long time for 2014 Middletown (Ohio) high school forward Vince Edwards and his family. Making it up Saturday and Sunday, Edwards left impressed with the Wolverines.

Making his way up to Ann Arbor after several failed visit attempts due to scheduling issues, 2014 Middletown (Ohio) high school forward Vince Edwards spent Saturday and Sunday getting his first real feel for what the University of Michigan has to offer.

"I got their on Saturday night at about 9:30 with my mom, dad, uncle, and one of his players that they're recruiting and one of my coaches," Edwards told GoBlueWolverine. "They showed us around campus, the facilities, all of the new technology that they use, and how most of what they do is through technology.

Seated just a few rows from the court for Sunday's Michigan/Indiana game, Edwards was surrounded by maize clad students and able to chat it up with several current and former Wolverines who spoke glowingly of the support in Ann Arbor.

"The game atmosphere was great," said Edwards. "Of course the fans with the maize out, fans going crazy, and I got to meet a couple of the guys, like famous people that graduated from there.

"I got to meet Jimmy King from the fab five, I got to meet Denard Robinson, and I also got to meet Tim Hardaway (Sr.). You could tell from the people, the alumni, or kids that go there that it's a great atmosphere and they're behind whatever they do at Michigan."

After Michigan's one-point loss to Indiana the vibe of the entire visit could have changed for Edwards, but after sitting down with coach John Beilein and receiving news he'd been waiting for, the experience was sent through the roof.

"Coach Beilein called me back in the office and we were just sitting there," said Edwards. "First he asked me what I thought about it and I told him what I thought about the place and he said ‘well just to let you know we are offering' and that the offer was on the table when I got there. So he made it official that the offer is mine and if I choose to take it I can say yes at anytime.

"The wait was definitely worth it. It was a great lifetime experience. There's a lot of kids in the world that aren't fortunate to have this experience but when it's stuff like this you have to reminisce in the moment and not take it for granted."

Often seen as a back and forth battle between Michigan and Purdue in the fight for a commitment from Edwards, the visit had a significant impact on the Ohio native despite denying a leader at this stage.

"Michigan definitely moved up," said Edwards. "Just the fact that I could get up there and see what it's about. I never really knew anything about them besides the coaches. They got to know me really well and just going on this trip connected us more and I really liked what I saw so it really moved them up my list."

"I can't really say either one leads. I just know Michigan has more of my interest than what it had before."

Despite Monday morning's commitment of Bishop Verot (Fla.) high school power forward Ricky Doyle, Edwards could play multiple roles for the Wolverines, even sliding over to the two-guard spot.

"The spacing on the floor, you really don't have a position, you just get to that spot and have to know all of those spots because you could be a two or a three," said Edwards. "Coach Beilein said sometimes they don't even have a four, it's like they have two three's on the court (at the same time). He just told me that he really wants me to watch Tim Hardaway and Glenn Robinson because those are two guys I can really mimic and come in and fill their spots."

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