Patrick to See if U-M Lives up to Hype

Orlando (FL) Timber Creek RB, Jacques Patrick is one of the hottest prospects in the 2015 class, and Michigan is among the programs already hot on his trail. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to discuss his interest in the Wolverines, his visit plans, his family in Michigan, and much much more.

Scholarship offers have become commonplace for Orlando (FL) Timber Creek RB, Jacques Patrick.  Thanks in part to his stellar on-field performance last season the 2015 standout has become one of the most heavily recruited prospects in the country regardless of class.

“Things went real well,” Patrick said regarding his sophomore campaign.  “We were 10-2 this year.  We finished in the second round of the playoffs.  I finished with 2100 rushing yards and 31 touchdowns.”

“I now have 24 offers from many of the stop teams in the country… Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, LSU… a lot of them.”

One of the more recent additions to that list was the University of Michigan.  One look at Patrick’s 6-1.5, 212-lb. frame running over, around, and away from the competition, and the Wolverine brass was convinced that he is a perfect fit for their pro-style rushing attack.

“I think it was last month (when Michigan offered), and I had talked to them only one time before that,” recalled Patrick.  “They reviewed my film as a staff and they loved it. I’m a big back that can display speed in the open field. I’ve also got a couple of moves and I can catch the ball pretty well, and I score touchdowns.  People in my area compare me to Adrian Peterson.”

“I’m at the top of (Michigan’s) board in the 2015 class at running back.  I talk to coach Singletary and we’re establishing a relationship.  I (also) talked to three or four coaches the day they offered me… the running backs coach, the offensive coordinator, and the head coach. I’m going to go up in the summer to visit them and see how I like it.”

Michigan is among the more distant suitors Patrick is planning to visit, but thanks to family he has in the Great Lake State, he might not feel so far away from home when he finally makes it up.

“I was interested in (Michigan) because my cousin actually works in the Detroit area at King high school,” Patrick reported.  “He said that if I was interested in any schools up there to let him know and he would send my film to them.  I told him about Michigan. He got me in contact with them, showed them my film, and that’s how we got in touch.”

Patrick has also been in touch with Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Ohio State, and hopes to stop by each of those campuses as part of his northern tour.  Positive experiences with any or all of those programs will go a long way toward helping them make up ground on his current leader.

Said Patrick, “I made Florida my favorite after a junior day two or three weeks ago, but I’m still open.”

Proximity has aided the Gators in gaining the early advantage, but over time the Sunshine State star believes the distance factor will be mitigated by increased familiarity with his other suitors.

“I talked to my mom about it and she said don’t let distance (be a factor),” he explained.  “Just pick where you’re comfortable at. Where I feel comfortable at is going to be a big factor.  Where I can have success academically and athletically.”

Style of offense often plays a significant role in recruiting decisions, and while spread vs. pro-style question Patrick has pondered, he insists he isn’t preoccupied with it.

“I’m not trying to make that a big factor, but I kind of want to play I a pro-style,” he admitted.  “But that really won’t matter.  I would enjoy playing in a pro-style, but if it came down to playing in a spread… if that was the school that fit me best than that’s where I would go.”

The Wolverines are certainly trumpeting their downhill scheme.  But as Patrick stated, comfort will play a much more significant role in his assessment of fit.

“Everyone talks about how good Michigan is,” Patrick said.  “I just want to see for myself.  I’ just want to see if it’s really true when I get up there.”

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