Weishar is impressed with Hoke, Michigan

Chicago Marist junior tight end Nic Weishar came to Michigan for unofficial visit this weekend. GBW caught up with Weishar, and he talked about his impressions of practice, his interaction with coaches and players, his tour of the academics, his parents overall thoughts, a decision timeline, and more.

Chicago Marist junior tight end Nic Weishar was in Ann Arbor this weekend for an unofficial visit and said he came away impressed after watching the Wolverines' open up their spring ball.

"I was very impressed with their practice," Weishar told GoBlueWolverine. "Especially, being the first practice of spring ball. I thought the energy was really high. It was a really upbeat and up-tempo practice. Yeah, I came away really impressed with the practice."

During his visit, Weishar had an opportunity to sit down with the Michigan coaching staff and interact with players.

"I sat down with coach (Dan) Ferrigno, the tight ends coach, and coach (Jeff Heckslinski) the receivers coach and they just want to keep building that relationship with me," he recalled. "I sat down with (offensive coordinator) Al Borges as well. We talked about the offensive scheme and how they see me fitting into their pro-style offense. I feel I fit very well in that. This morning I sat down with (Michigan) coach (Brady) Hoke. That was great. We sat down with him for about an hour and a half. My parents and I really enjoyed that. I spent time last night with the players. I spent the night with Blake Bars.

So it was great to be around the guys—and I definitely see myself fitting in with that group of guys." One moment that stuck out to Weishar was his conversation with Hoke, and how the U-M headman explained why the Wolverines' wanted him at Michigan.

"He is so easy to talk to," he said on his sit down with Hoke. " So you just talk about whatever comes to mind. It just a normal conversation with any normal person. That what's so great about coach Hoke. We talked about how he sees me fitting into the ‘Michigan' is what he calls it. He sees me as a guy that easily fits into that category. He said what I've done in the classroom and on the field is why they are so interested in me. He said they are very high on me. They really enjoyed me being there. It's just a great time to be able to sit down and talk to them."

Weishar's parents came along for the visit. He said his parents enjoyed the academic portion of the visit.

"They really enjoyed it, and a big thing for us and for me is the academics part. We sat down with their academic resource center and the academic people. We also went to the Ross Business School and sat down with a professor there and had a lot of questions answered. I think that was the main thing we came away with this trip. And again, just sitting with the coaches—and if I went there how much they would take care of me. They really treat their players like family. I think that's another thing we picked up on as well."

At 6-foot-5, 200-pounds, Weishar is a three-star prospect, and said he plans a Notre Dame visit on April 13. He said he would like to visit Ohio State during the spring or summer.

"I don't have a top-five list right now," he explained. "I will be able to get in more visits this spring and summer. And hopefully we can narrow it down after that pretty soon. Yeah, I can definitely see myself fitting in at Michigan. I really enjoyed myself there. I spent a lot of time with the players. I really fit in with them and they were great guys to be around. Yes, overall I really enjoyed it."

As far as a decision timeline, Weshar says his decision will come after he does all of research in schools interested.

"Not really, I always felt I would make the decision when I am ready," he said. "When I feel like I have collected all the data and really done my homework on everything. Just so I know I am ready to make the decision."

Is there another possible visit to Ann Arbor in the future?

"Maybe, it doesn't hurt to check out Michigan as much as possible. I really enjoyed what I have seen so far. I think we've seen a lot and had a lot of questions answered."

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