Holmes Still Among U-M's Top Priorities

Ft. Lauderdale (FL) St. Thomas Aquinas WR Corey Holmes has been in frequent contact with Michigan in recent weeks. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the Sunshine State star to get the latest on his visit schedule, his leaderboard, and much much more.

Sam Webb: Word has it that you did well at the Nike Camp. How do you think it went?

Corey Holmes: “The camp went real well. I think I did good in all the receiver stuff. I was one of the top performers and everything.  At the end I was awarded with the highest SPARQ rating of any guy there.”

Sam Webb: Do you remember what your time, your vertical, all those things were at Nike?

Corey Holmes: “Yes, my 40 was a 4.53 at the Nike combine, but unfortunately I was running into the wind. The wind was really affecting everybody’s times.”

Sam Webb: Was that electronic time?

Corey Holmes: “Yeah it was electronic. I ended up having the fastest 40. My shuttle time was a 4.31, and my vertical was a 38.”

Sam Webb: Do you feel like you have kind of silenced some of your critics at this point, or do you still feel like you have something to prove?

Corey Holmes: “I feel as though I still have something to prove, you know, I’m not really getting complacent with my performances so far, still working right now, and when I go up in the rankings is when I’ll begin to feel somewhat satisfied.”

Sam Webb: Offer-wise, you’ve had a very impressive offer list for some time. In the last couple of months or so, have you picked up any new offers?

Corey Holmes: “Yeah, my newest offer is from Oklahoma, which was just last week Tuesday, and then two weeks ago I received offers from West Virginia and Louisville.”

Sam Webb: Have you and your dad kind of honed in on a visit plan yet?

Corey Holmes: “Yeah, April 6 we’re actually going up to Notre Dame for spring practice; and then it should be April – I’m not sure, maybe the 20th I think is when we’re going up to Syracuse for their spring game.”

Sam Webb: Has Michigan talked to you about when you might make it back up to Ann Arbor?

Corey Holmes: “Yeah, they’ve talked to me about it, and I’ve told them if I don’t come up there in the spring, I’ll come up in the summer time, and that’s something we’ll set in stone.”

Sam Webb: In the past you said you’re wide open for every school, but that Notre Dame and Michigan were still kind of sticking out. Has that changed at all for you?

Corey Holmes: “Yeah, I would say that definitely has changed for me. I like a lot of different schools now that I’m looking at.  I would say that Michigan and Notre Dame are in the mix with the other schools at the moment.”

Sam Webb: What has the contact with Michigan been like since Signing Day for you?

Corey Holmes: “Since Signing Day I’ve been in contact with Michigan almost every other day. I’m talking to them really often. I talk to Coach Hoke about every week now, so the contact with them is really good. They just remind me how important I am to their recruiting class and everything; you know, just small talk with me, just asking me how my family is doing, asking me how my sister is doing, everything like that.”

Sam Webb: I know Jerry Montgomery was your recruiter when he was at Michigan. When he left did that affect where Michigan is on your list at all, or are they kind of the same as they were before?

Corey Holmes: “They’re kind of the same as when he was there, because I’m talking to Coach Heck more than anybody at the moment, and even when Coach Montgomery was there, I was really talking to Coach Heck the most, so it didn’t really affect that much with Michigan.”

Sam Webb: What about the recruits? Have any of Michigan’s commitments been in contact with you?

Corey Holmes: “Yeah, the quarterback, I think his name’s Wilton Speight, has texted me. He’s told me what our future can be like, you know, he’s preached to me about how good of a school Michigan is and things like that, you know. He’s definitely trying to recruit me to Michigan.”

Sam Webb: Does that type of thing affect you at all?

Corey Holmes: “It affects me. It’s cool to see that the recruits are already trying to build friendships and everything. I mean, I find it to be pretty cool.”

Sam Webb: Has Michigan said how many receivers they’re looking to bring in?

Corey Holmes: “No, not really. Coach Heck has mentioned to me that they’re really looking hard at three receivers.”

Sam Webb: So is that something that you look at as well? Does it matter to you if there are other highly rated receivers in your class? Does it hurt a school or do you want to go in with other top receivers?

Corey Holmes: “I mean, going in with another top receiver wouldn’t impact me, but the number of receivers I would say would impact me more. If they’re bringing about five or six receivers in, that’s a red flag, but if there’s like one other big time receiver that they’re recruiting, I don’t have much a problem with it.”

Sam Webb: Timeline-wise, do you kind of have in your mind for making a decision? Is it going to come after Signing Day? Is it going to come at one of the All-American games? When do you think you’re going to do something?

Corey Holmes: “I tell everybody, most likely after I take all my official visits, when I have all the info I want on all the schools I’m considering. I’d say that’s probably when I’ll make my decision.”

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