Trey Burke Ready To Go For VCU (w/ video)

Michigan sophomore point guard Trey Burke talks about his confidence in his teammates, how he feels physically after the nasty fall against SDSU, and bouncing back after a rare subpar performance.

Full transcript: Michigan point guard Trey Burke

Q.  I'm wondering if you could tell me what type of coach John Beilein is.  If you could, please, elaborate and tell me does he push your buttons by yelling and screaming?  Is he analytical?  Is he patient?  What does he do to get the best out of you guys??

TREY BURKE:  Oh, I would say Coach Beilein, like he said, is definitely patient.?He's one of the coaches -- the few coaches that I've played with my whole life that takes the, you know, game -- I wouldn't say seriously, but, you know, he prepares us so well by just having us come in for film and just making sure we're going into the game prepared.?He feels like, you know, he failed if he feels like we didn't watch enough film or prepare enough for the next team.?And another thing about Coach Beilein, he's a player's coach.  He definitely lets his players play free and, you know, he lets you play with freedom out there.  You know, anybody would love to play for him.??


Q.  Trey, what is the challenge of playing against this havoc defense??

TREY BURKE:  The challenge is just playing patient, really.  You know, we haven't played a lot of teams in the Big Ten that press the way that they do.  Well, we haven't played anyone.?So we just have to play patient, play smart, and limit turnovers.  They score off of turnovers really well, and you know, they call their defense havoc.  So we just have to try not to allow them to force havoc and just play patient, play at our own pace.??


Q.  You didn't play against a lot of teams that play like this in the Big Ten.  Is there anybody you played in nonconference you can compare them to??

TREY BURKE:  Arkansas was a team that plays similar to VCU.  Arkansas doesn't press as much as they do, but they pressed pretty much the whole game.?You know, I think we watched -- if we go back and watch film on Arkansas, you know, it would kind of give us a sense or a feeling of how VCU's defense is going to be tomorrow.??


Q.  One hallmark of Coach Beilein's teams, I know at least when he was at Richmond, is he values the basketball, he values possessions.  What does he do to stress that with you guys??

TREY BURKE:  Just prepare us.  Like I said, you know, he's went back to watching film against Arkansas and showing us the way that we, you know, beat their press and, you know, he's thrown in some press-breaker sets from the beginning of the year.?And I think we'll be prepared for it.  He does a good job of showing us different options and different ways to attack full court pressure.  So we should be ready tomorrow.??


Q.  Trey, you seem to not really buy into the Wolters verses you matchup.  Does it excite you more to go against a press like this, something that is challenging for ball handlers?  Tim, are you expecting to have to handle the ball a little more because you're facing this full court press??

TREY BURKE:  I definitely think it's -- you know, it's exciting for me.  It's exciting for everyone.  Playing in this game, a chance to go to the Sweet 16, we're all excited.?They're going to challenge us.  They going to give us everything that they have.  You know, they have the same goal in mind as we do.  Like I said, I just have to play poised out there.  You know, it's my job to set the token, set the table, and make the right passes.??


Q.  Trey, two questions.  First, how do you feel today?  Second, pretend for a moment you're not playing VCU, and if you could just describe to me what Coach Beilein does to stress safe ball handling??

TREY BURKE:  Well, I feel pretty good.  Obviously my back is a little sore.?I did a lot of treatment and recovery for it today, but for the most part I feel okay.?As far as if we weren't playing VCU, you know, Coach Beilein, like I said, he does a really good job of showing us different ways and different options to attack different teams.?If it's taking back dribbles and retreat dribbles and finding the next open man or, you know, hitting the next man on the outside hand so the defender can't shoot the lane to get a steal.  You know, backdoor cuts, just different options and different ways to, you know, hit the open man.?That just depends on what, you know, the defensive tendency of the team we're playing is.??


Q.  On paper, it's VCU's guards.  They're a bunch of fast guards against your guards.  You guys turn it over less than anyone in the country.  How big of a deal is that for you guys in terms of mind-set going into a game like this? ?

TREY BURKE:  Well, you know, not necessarily.  That's one of their tendencies that they're really good at.  So we're obviously going to have to be ready for it.?But at the end of the day, it's going to be times where it's going to be half court offense, half court defense for both teams.  So it may be getting a little overtalked about, but, you know, like I said, they do a really good job of turning teams over.  We got to be prepared for that.

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