Schofield, Gallon on spring goals (w/video)

Michigan redshirt senior Michael Schofield and senior Jeremy Gallon discuss their new roles as leaders on offense. And Schofield talks about the emphasis on establishing the run. ***Video Included***

Redshirt senior offensive tackle Michael Schofield is one of two starters coming back on the Michigan offensive front next season.

The other starter, is All-American redshirt senior offensive tackle Taylor Lewan, and both are using their senior leadership skills to help bring in next year's new crop of starters.

"We're just trying to lead by example," Schofield explained. "We experienced the Notre Dame game and the comeback and everything. So we're trying to help each other recover when things start going bad. We're trying to help everyone pick up and start going again. We're just trying to help refine everything on techniques and fundamentals."

While Schofield is enjoying sharing leadership responsibilities with Lewan, he was shocked as anyone when the projected first round draft pick decided to come back for his last season at Michigan.

"I was excited when he came back," Schofield said on Lewan's decision to not enter the 2013 NFL Draft. "Obviously, having another tackle and another person who is pretty experienced. Definitely, his leadership is going to be a big part of everything…I had no idea what he was going to do, till he announced. I was kind of surprised. (I was) exited though."

Now, with the bookend senior offensive tackles in the fold, Schofield said he hopes that the Wolverines' can get back to being a power run team—like in years past.

"That's what we're trying to get to," Schofield said. "That's our goal everyday to become the power offensive line. To be the downhill O-line that can just run every play and get the first down. That's our goal.

"We'll Ill always say it's a focus to establish the run. Because if you can run, you can pretty much do anything. You can do passes, you can do play action all that stuff. So establishing the run is the key part to every offense."

Gallon Embraces His New Mentor Role

Coming into the spring camp redshirt senior Jeremy Gallon has tried to focus on teaching the underclassman the ins and outs of being a wide receiver at Michigan.

And so far—they're listening.

Especially redshirt freshman Amara Darboh and Jehu Chesson, said Gallon.

"They're competing a lot," Gallon said on the two redshirt freshman receivers. "Whenever they have questions they will come to me and ask. I'll give advice. The thing that I am most proud of is when I tell them something they listen and put on towards the field. They actually show that they're listening. And just for them competing back and forth and show their skills to the coaches to whomever. It's a blessing."

On the field, Gallon says his game is improving but not as much as his leadership.

"Just becoming a leader and reaching out to the young guys and the thing I have been taught by the seniors that were here before me. Just relying that to the younger guys," said Gallon.

When redshirt junior quarterback Devin Gardner took over down the stretch last season as the Wolverine signal caller, Gallon reaped the rewards with 31 receptions for 511 yards and a touchdown in the five games with Gardner under center. Gallon credits his success with Gardner due to their close friendship off the field.

"He's my best friend--Devin is my best friend!" Gallon said of Gardner. "I think any receiver should want to be good friends with their quarterback. Cause that's the guy who is going to be throwing you passes. You supposed to make him look good and he's supposed to make you look good, vise versa. Just working with him on the off time, doing like individual things and communicating with one another—that's great for everything that happens on the field."

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