Postgame Transcript: Coach Beilein

Coach Beilein talks about the game, and the big plays made by Trey Burke and Mitch McGary.

COACH BEILEIN:  I think everybody that watched this game tonight saw what we have been coaching all year.  It's a bunch of young men that have high character, they play to win.  They play together.  And they've been persistent all year long at trying to do their best, without any types of ups and downs getting in the way.

So we're very fortunate being able to coach them, because this is what we dream of to have at the University of Michigan, and any coach dreams of having a young team that sort of gets that part of it, minimizes distractions and just plays together.

I'm proud of them because they deserve this.  I feel bad for Kansas, they really have a good team.  But the ball bounced our way down the last few minutes, and we keep on playing.

Q.  Trey's shot was kind of an iconic shot.  He finally made one, talk about that situation?

COACH BEILEIN:  Most of the misses that he's had, whether it was at Arkansas, whether it was against Ohio State this year, the ball's been in.  In and out.  And he works at them and he's been great at shot clock time so many times for us.  But to win a game just hasn't happened.

But it's so close, it's not like he's ever thrown up an air ball at that time.  So we'd run out of timeouts.  He needed -- I don't know if he missed both or whatever, but we were saying there's time for two, but if you can get a three, an open three, we're going to take it.  He was open, but it was about 28 feet from the basket.

But we love coaching him because he's got courage.  He wants to take shots like that, and that's why we've let him take them in the past.

Q.  You guys weren't defending very well at the half, but only down by six points and getting a lot of good looks.  Did you feel you would have a chance to make a run at it?

COACH BEILEIN:  The six points was actually comforting to us based on what we had done defensively.  Not making excuses, I think it was the same for us, look at the score of two defensive teams.  They're a good defensive team and we shoot 49 percent.  We're learning to play better defense and they scored like crazy on us.

It looked like everybody was a step slow out there, the heat in the building and maybe a little bit of anxiety about going into this game.  Both teams looked tired to me defensively.

It was tough stopping them.  Some of them we could make changes on, and it's a matter of being solid.  Their length and quickness got us early.  And Withey's length, he made some good plays.  On the other hand, they had some plays that bounced their way in the first half.  So I felt good about just being down six.

Q.  Some of the guys said that Corey was emotional in the locker room.  You're smiling right now.  For a guy like Corey, some of these guys that are with you from a long, long time ago, what does it mean for you?

COACH BEILEIN:  That's what this is about.  Those young men, the investment committee we call it, those five seniors that have given us so much of themselves.

Corey, he's incredible.  I just said to him, I said -- because he's in his fifth year now, his eligibility will never end.  When he was a freshman he's literally a glorified manager from the standpoint that we had enough guys and he just wanted to be there.  He wanted to work out with the team.  And he's become a heck of a player.

Yesterday that group, with Corey, beat this team like a drum in our practice.  Running the Kansas offense.  So we didn't go in there with a lot of confidence to stop them, because Eso and Corey and those guys were good.  But it means a lot to them and I thank them personally for preparing us once again really well.

Q.  With Trey, with just 20 minutes to go, he has a decision to make after the season, it's not guaranteed he'll be back.  For you to know you get at least a couple more days to coach him, regardless of what happens from there, what does it mean?

COACH BEILEIN:  I think it's the wrong time and the wrong place to ask that question.  That's all I'm saying.  We're not talking about -- ask me about Florida, you want to ask me about the next game.  It's special to coach everybody on this team.

Q.  Can you just talk in general about the spark that Mitch has given the last two games?

COACH BEILEIN:  It has been such a great progression for him, to watch him get better and better, his practice habits, getting in shape, the weight room, everything that he's worked at this year just to continue to progress as a player.  So it's -- Bacari has worked hard with him.  He's done a great job of motivating him in many ways.

This man is a special young man with a higher ceiling than people are seeing right now as he understands how he can use that size, his high skill level to his advantage as much as he can.

Q.  You mentioned heat.  Did it feel hot out there?

COACH BEILEIN:  Yeah, it was really warm in the building, to me it felt like.  And I watched both teams.  There was times when we were moving, just getting up and down the floor, it just seemed like it was warm in there and humid.

It could have been the anxiety of everybody building up to this game.  But it was -- I'm glad we got through it and the biggest premium is rest before the game with one of those Florida teams.  It was great.

I'm not making an excuse.  It just happens sometimes that you get that many people in a building and playing basketball, I just sensed it was a little bit warm.  I don't know if they could do anything about it or whether it was even an issue.  Maybe it was just me.

Q.  Can you talk about Glenn's play down the stretch and the two big free throws that helped you pull away?

COACH BEILEIN:  That rebound basket that was dirty work.  And Glenn is learning more and more about what he can do with his athleticism and sticking his nose in there.  It's really good.  It's terrific.  He hit a big three to start the game, as well.

He's just learning.  He, in particular, needed more rest today.  We tried to give him a couple of spots.  He's learning where he can really help us in different areas.

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