Postgame Transcript: Hardaway, McGary, Burke

The three Wolverine players talk about the big plays that were made by the Wolverines tonight.

Q.  When you're down 14 and you're looking at your guys and shots aren't falling, what did you think?

Tim Hardaway, JR.:  We definitely didn't see fear.  Everybody knew that the game wasn't over.  We've been in this situation before, earlier in the year.  And we just had to go out there and gut it out.  And I think our freshmen, our upperclassmen did a great job of keeping everybody calm, cool and collected out there.  And we just went out there and got it done.

Q.  Take us through the last shot at regulation, and what was your thought once that went in and when you got overtime the next possession?  Did you feel like you'd done the climbing back and now this game was yours?

Trey Burke:  Well, when Elijah Johnson missed -- missed the front end of one-and-one or he missed the second shot of the one-and-one, I knew we still had a chance.  There was only about ten seconds left.

Coach called a play for me, but it was really to try to get into the paint and get a quick layup.  And I seen that they were going to switch.  And it was about six seconds left.  I pretty much knew we didn't have a lot of time to get a two and then a foul, just go through that.

And I just tried to hit the shot.  I stepped back, got some separation and hit the shot.  We were all very happy.  But it was four seconds left, so I just tried to calm everybody down and let them know that this game isn't over.  They had another shot of winning.

But once we went into overtime, we just did a really good job of sticking it out, like Tim said, and staying together as a team.

Q.  Trey, what was going through your mind at halftime, they shut you out, I think you missed your first five shots.  What were you thinking?

TREY BURKE:  Just staying confident, really.  I think they did a really good job of keeping me out of the paint.  We knew that they were really good defensively.  My job is just to try to knock down open shots and get everyone else involved.  And I understand that this team is best when we're all flowing offensively.  I tried to hit the right man.

Going into the second half, they told me to be a little bit more aggressive, look for my shot as well as getting everybody else involved.  I just tried to get it into the paint and make plays for the team to win.

Q.  Jeff Withey said he would dominate you in this game, but said you had more pounds on him.  Do you feel you countered his size?

Mitch McGary:  He's more of a leverage big, and I was trying to play behind him in the post and make him score over me.  I am about 6-10 and he thought I was shorter than that, I heard.  He did a pretty good job.  Got some buckets, but that's basketball.

Q.  Tim, your football team plays in the big house.  I wondered what you thought about this atmosphere and whether you thought it was conducive for basketball?

TIM HARDAWAY, JR.:  I don't know what to say.  All I know is that when we came into the game it felt like an away game.  That's all I know.  But it was just a great experience just to play in the stadium.  And thank God that we have another opportunity to play Sunday.

Q.  It seemed to take you a while to heat up a little bit.  Talk about when the light went on.

TREY BURKE:  Shots weren't falling in the first half, but that wasn't my mentality.  My mentality was just to try to hit the open man.

Coach just told me that Jeff Withey was seven foot and he was a really good shot blocker.  He kind of surprised me the first half, once I got to the free throw line and shot.  He had a piece of it.  I think he was deep in the paint and he still got a piece of it.

I tried to find different ways to attack their defense.  Tried to find different ways to get in the paint and make plays for the team and be successful.

Q.  Trey, you talked about getting separation on that final shot in regulation.  That was a good 28 to 30 feet on that one, and once he hit that, you said you had a lift throughout the overtime?

TREY BURKE:  We fought so hard to come back.  It really didn't matter how far the shot was.  It was either all or nothing.  The season flashed before our eyes those last two or three minutes.  I had a lot of faith in that shot.  And it went in.

Once it went in, like I said, there was four seconds left still and we still needed another defensive stop.  Like Tim said, God is really good.  He's gotten us to this point, and we still have a lot of work to do, but we're one step closer.

Q.  Mitch, early in the season you were obviously getting playing time, but not anywhere near what you're getting right now.  Early in the year did you think you were going to be able to make this much of an impact in your freshman year?

MITCH McGARY:  Coach has done a tremendous job of just allowing me for this opportunity to just get this many minutes, to be in the starting line-up.  I'm honored to have it.

He says if you play hard in practice, you're going to earn these minutes.  And I play hard in practice, so he allows me to get the minutes in the game.  I go out and have the same mentality and play hard with a lot of intensity and a lot of energy.  Trey finds me and Tim finds me for easy drop-offs, and our team feeds off the energy, so I'm happy.

Q.  In the early going, I think they had their first 22 points they scored in the paint.  What did you guys do defensively to kind of transform things?

MITCH McGARY:  For me, actually, I was helping off Withey a little bit and going for blocks that I couldn't get.  In the second half I just talked to the coaches and made an adjustment just to stick with my man and try to make the guards finish.  And I think we did that well and they weren't finishing as well in the second half.

Overall I think we tightened up the defense.  Only one guy was hitting threes, McLemore and Johnson.  But we wanted to be in the gaps and try to gap off when they were driving to the rim.

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