Presser *Transcript*  Tim, Trey, Nik, Spike

*Transcript* Tim Hardaway, Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas and Spike Albrecht talk about the game's big plays, and cutting down the nets.

Q.  Spike, you might be at Appalachian State if you hadn't been recruited.  Talk about what it's like being on this stage.

SPIKE ALBRECHT:  The coaches and my teammates have a ton of confidence in me and that gives me my confidence to go out there.  I know I have a job to do.  I don't want to let my teammates down.

Q.  Trey, you guys got to an awfully quick start, 13-0, and built a 24-point lead.  What do you feel was the key to that and how much were you looking for Nik?

TREY BURKE:  We felt like we came out against Kansas pretty sluggish.  And we felt today the key was to come out and throw the first punch.

Nik played one of his best games all season.  We noticed that he was hot early on in the first half.  We tried to continue to find ways to find him when he was open.

Q.  Spike, diving on the floor with about five minutes left, I think you guys were up 16 points.  What's going through your mind at that point?  Trey, if you can talk about what Spike's meant to this team and his contributions.

SPIKE ALBRECHT:  There's still five minutes left and judging by us the other day, anything can happen.  We've got to get on the floor, take charges, that's what we do, that's Michigan basketball.

TREY BURKE:  That is Spike.  Spike is the type of player that comes off the bench and he's going to give us everything he has.  We know he's probably one of the smartest players on our team.  He sees certain things out on the court that a lot of players usually don't see.

We've seen it all year in practice.  So we know when he gets out there that we're comfortable with the ball in his hands.

Q.  Spike, that in-bounds play early in the second half where your team is up by 11, do you think that play really changed the momentum and brought it back into your favor?

SPIKE ALBRECHT:  I don't know.  I just tried to come in and bring energy.  That was kind of a risk/reward play.  If I missed it, Coach Beilein would probably have been pretty upset with me.  So I'm just happy it went our way.

Q.  Nik, will you talk about being due out there with your shot?

NIK STAUSKAS:  It's been a while since I had a game like this.  My teammates did a real good job of finding me when I was open.  My shot felt good.  So I was just letting them fly.

Q.  Tim, with you being the youngest team in the tournament, how big was the game against Kansas, coming back, and then today being really a dominating win, how big is that moving to the Final Four?

TIM HARDAWAY, JR.:  The game against Kansas, with us coming back and winning, I guess just after that game we were saying, God has something in store for us going to the next game.  And today everybody just played tremendously on the defensive end.  We didn't even worry about offense, we knew that would come.  Defensively everybody was locking down the defenders, getting stops, getting rebounds.  We were just running and gunning and having fun.  That's what we're best at.  If we continue to do that, we should go really far.

Q.  Tim, you've had your moments in this tournament, this wasn't your best game.  But it seemed like Nik stood up for you and came to play.  Is that characteristic of this group?

TIM HARDAWAY, JR.:  Nik didn't have to do anything, he was just standing in the corner and we were finding him (laughter).

That was the corner shot that he was working on all pregame.  So our big men did a great job of just rolling to the basket and collapsing defense and us guards were just finding him on half-court and on fast breaks.  So it was easy for him.

Q.  Nik, you alluded that it's been a while since you had a game like that.  Did you have a feeling going in or last night?

NIK STAUSKAS:  Maybe a little bit.  I just understood that I haven't had a game like this in a while.  And being a shooter, you never get down on yourself when you're missing shots.  The last couple of games I haven't been hitting.  But I'm due for a big game and keep shooting.  And my teammates did a great job finding me today.

Q.  Is that left corner one of your favorites spots?

NIK STAUSKAS:  Definitely.  With our offense, the left corner is where I spend a lot of my time.  I get a lot of reps in practice and shoot around.  Trey and the rest of the team did a real good job finding me today.

Q.  Trey, there was some reports that maybe you weren't quite healthy, maybe you were a little ill, can you talk about how you're feeling health-wise?

TREY BURKE:  I had stomach problems before the Kansas game.  That wasn't bothering me today.  It was kind of my upper back, spasm up a little bit today.  And I'm just going to get therapy on it this week, get it checked out and get a lot of rest.  I'll be ready for next weekend.  It didn't affect us today.

My teammates did a great job of running within the offense and we got stops.  We did what we needed to do to get the win today.

Q.  Trey and Tim, just curious what it felt like to climb up the ladder and snip the strands of the net?

TREY BURKE:  It felt really well.  This team has faced a lot of adversity this year, and a lot of people doubted us to get to this point.  A lot of people said we were too young, we weren't tough enough.  But I definitely think that's why we played with a chip on our shoulder over the last couple of weeks.

And it feels great just to be going to Atlanta with a team like this.  Like I said, we fought back through adversity and we're here now.  We still have unfinished business, we have to continue to take each game by each game.

TIM HARDAWAY, JR.:  Like Trey said, Coach Beilein before the game said, hey, we have another opportunity to cut down the nets.  And we didn't take care of business at home to take care of Indiana when we had a chance to.  We got a second opportunity, and everybody just got fired up and came out ready to go.

Q.  Trey, talk a little bit about the emergence of Mitch McGary, his role in the offense the last couple of games and how that's opened up things, even on the outside, too.

TREY BURKE:  We knew what Mitch was capable of doing, just by watching him all year in practice.  Mitch has learned a lot.  And he's the type of guy that brings a lot of energy to our team.  But not only the energy part, he runs the floor well.  He has a certain feel for the game that a lot of big men don't have.  He has a certain touch around the rim that a lot of big men don't have.

Our job is just to hit him when he's open.  He does a good job of getting second opportunities on the offensive end.  Mitch is just everywhere, offense and defense.  It makes teams focus on him a lot and that pretty much opens it up for everybody else.

Q.  What does it mean to be able to contribute to this program, bring it back to national prominence this season?

TIM HARDAWAY, JR.:  It means the world.  20 years has passed and we haven't been on the stage yet. We just want to make sure we do a great job of coming out and playing very, very hard, every possession, every minute you're out there.  It's a young team.  But everybody buys on the Coach Beilein system.  And it's great to have everybody just buy into it and go out there and play as hard as they can.

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