Postgame Transcript: Trey, Tim, Spike

Transcript: Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway, Spike Albrecht talk about the tough loss and the season.

Q.  Trey, thoughts on getting that close and the hurt of not getting over the top.
TREY BURKE:  It hurts a lot.  Just to get to the national championship game, just to play for the national championship, it hurts so much.  A lot of people didn't expect us to even get this far.  A lot of people didn't expect us to even get past the second round.
You know, we fought.  We fought all the way up to this point.  Like Coach Beilein said, Louisville was the better team today and they was deserving of the win.

Q.  I don't know if you knew or not, but the Fab Five were in attendance.  Could you talk about the significance of them being in attendance.
TIM HARDAWAY, JR.:  Yeah, I mean, it meant a lot.  You know, it feels great when you have alumni come back that played in this program before, you know, really show you some love.
It was great for them to be in the stands to support us.  Sad we didn't get the job done, but we were happy they were there.
SPIKE ALBRECHT:  Yeah, I mean, just going off what Tim said, that means a lot to us.  I mean, we appreciate, the Fab Five, not only them, all our fans, all the support we've had all season, they've been great.

Q.  Trey, you have been on both ends of so many comebacks.  There wasn't any moment that you thought it was going to end till the last moment, was there?
TREY BURKE:  You're so right.  We fought for 40 minutes.  There was never a point in time that we gave up.  Louisville was just a really solid team at the end of the game.  I felt like we could have turned them over a couple more times, but they took care of the ball and they hit foul shots.
Like I said, they were the better team today.

Q.  Spike, you had a memorable tournament.  Talk about the juxtaposition of emotion that you're feeling.  Trey, talk about watching Spike do what he did in the first half.
SPIKE ALBRECHT:  You know, obviously we're all very disappointed in the loss, but we battled the whole time.  That doesn't take away from all the success we've had all season, just the hard work we put in.  I wanted it so bad.  I know these guys did, too, coaches.  We wanted it for our seniors especially.  They've been great leaders for us all.  But Louisville was the better team today.
TREY BURKE:  If there was a point guard I want coming off the bench, it's Spike Albrecht.  Each and every game he's going to give you 110 effort.  He's going to make plays for you.  He may not win the look test, but he's going to make plays for this team.  He has a bright future ahead of him.  I wasn't surprised by his performance today.  We see him do things in practice a lot.  Unfortunately we couldn't get it done today as a team.

Q.  Trey, could you walk us through the block on Siva that they called the foul on.
TREY BURKE:  Well, I didn't know they was passing him the ball.  Once I turned my head and turned back, I seen he had the ball, open court.  I tried to time it up.  I knew he was going to try to dunk.  I guess the ref thought it was a foul.
I thought I had all ball and timed it up pretty good.  Unfortunately, you know, it didn't go that way.  They called the foul.

Q.  Question about his block on Siva that was called a foul
TREY BURKE:  I think that was a turning point.  There was lots of turning points to this game.  It could have been momentum.  If it was a no call, we could have gotten possession.  We can't go back on that now.  It was a foul.  Louisville deserved it.

Q.  The thing that seems to have come through loud and clear this week is the respect you have for Coach Beilein.  Talk about that.
TREY BURKE:  You know, the respect I have for Coach Beilein is at an all-time high and it will always be.  Throughout my college career, throughout whatever my opportunities are after college, he's just the guy that you'll respect, not only on the court, but off the court.  He's the guy that's going to hold you accountable for all your actions and he's going to help you grow up as a man.
When I first came in here, I didn't understand some of his philosophies.  When I would get in trouble off the court, do certain things, he would run me and things like that.  But I finally started to realize what his purpose was for that.  It's definitely allowed me to grow up and mature.  I'll always respect him for the rest of my life.
TIM HARDAWAY, JR.:  Like Trey said, Coach Beilein is a phenomenal coach.  He really recruits guys that wanted to go to those big-time schools and never had a chance to get looked at by those big-time schools.
He actually just give them a chance, offered them, not only for their talent, but how good of a person they are off the court.
He does a great job of just preparing his team and his guys not only what's going to happen on the court but in life.  We all thank him for that.  I mean, that's what makes him such a great coach.
SPIKE ALBRECHT:  Yeah, Coach Beilein, he's a great coach.  He works harder than anyone I've ever seen to get you ready for games, to prepare you, whether it's film or scouting report, any of that.
The reason why I respect Coach Beilein so much is he's even a better person.  That says a lot about him.

Q.  Spike, have you ever felt so high and so low in one game ever before in a game in your life?
SPIKE ALBRECHT:  Yeah, I mean, we were rolling there in the first half, but Louisville kind of went on a good run.  We were still up one.  The Player of the Year played five minutes.  I felt going into the second half really good.  Unfortunately we fell a little bit short.

Q.  Trey, when you had four fouls in the last minute, did you think about giving the fifth foul to save some time or were you instructed to not foul?
TREY BURKE:  Well, I'm pretty sure the coaching staff would prefer me not to foul with a minute left.  So I just tried to force my man into the next defender.  That's what I did.  I allowed Caris LeVert, whoever was there, to foul.  My teammates, we were all in sync, all on the same page.  They knew I had four fouls.  We tried to get steals first, we didn't want to just foul right away.  We tried to turn Louisville over, but they did a good job of not turning the ball over, knocking down free throws.

Q.  Trey, I know it's been a great year.  Do you foresee yourself coming back or...
TREY BURKE:  Honestly I'm not thinking about it right now.  This game hurts so much, that's something that I'll just talk over with my coaching staff, my parents really over the next couple of weeks.  I'll make a decision from there.
Thanks for being interested.  It's not on my mind right now really.

Q.  Spike, what would you say got into you there the first half?
SPIKE ALBRECHT:  That was probably back to high school days.  Trey, with two fouls, Coach Beilein doesn't play guys with two fouls in the first half, so I knew I was in the rest of the half.  I was just fortunately hitting shots.  Teammates were finding me.  I mean, that's about it.

Q.  Spike, a year ago you were in prep school, not very highly recruited.  Were you surprised to find yourself not just in the situation in the championship game, but playing so well in the first half?
SPIKE ALBRECHT:  First off, I'd like to say thanks to Coach Beilein for giving me this opportunity.  A year ago I didn't have anyone looking at me.  He took a chance on me.  It's something I'll never forget.
But when he recruited me, he told me, We're here to win championships.  So I wasn't surprised at all that we got here.  That's been the goal since day one.
As far as my performance, just when I go out there, I'm confident.  That's about it.

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