Postgame Presser Transcript: Coach Beilein

Coach Beilein answers question on Burke's foul trouble, on McGary's foul trouble, on the end of the game ... and on the season.

COACH BEILEIN:  I've had a lot of really good teams over the years, some emotional locker rooms.  That one was as emotional, or most emotional we've ever had.
The team unity that we had, the sacrifice we had from the five seniors that did not get to play very much, to these young guys just buying into the whole team concept.  I said to Tracy on CBS, I said, Team 96, there's so many former coaches at Michigan, so many coaches around the country that would love to take my place and coach these guys, and my coaching staff.  For me to have this coaching staff and Team 96 was incredible.
We feel bad about it.  We could have done some things better, every one of us, today and got a win.  At the same time Louisville is a terrific baseball team.  I have not seen that quickness anywhere, and we've played some really good teams.  The quickness is incredible and it got us a couple times today.

Q.  When McGary got his fourth foul after that pump by Hancock and what happened after that, how do you think that affected the outcome of this game?
COACH BEILEIN:  There was a great crew working the game.  Those are three of the best guys out there.  Luke has an ability to do that.  Taking Mitch out of the game at that point, the big difference was a couple of those offensive put-backs they got late in the game.  I think one of them Mitch was in there, though.
But when Mitch is not out there...
Especially in the NCAA tournament, let's just put it this way, when Mitch is out there, he's a difference maker.  When he's on the bench, that's difficult, as well, as well as Trey.

Q.  You generally don't put guys in if they have two fouls in the first.  Would tonight have been a possible exception?  Do you think in retrospect it might have made a difference if Burke was out there?
COACH BEILEIN:  If they had done it earlier in the half, around the 10-minute mark, we may have used it late.  I would never play Trey with two minutes to go in the first half.  I think that would be crazy.  You could see he had four fouls anyway.
The mindset of coaches today, if a guy's got two fouls, he's going to attack 'em, he's going to attack 'em, he's going to attack 'em.  You're just going to give up baskets.
All of a sudden that lead would have evaporated, eight or nine minutes to go, might have made a difference.  With two or three minutes to go, we're up by one at half, the Player of the Year in every poll everywhere, was not in.  So we felt really good at halftime.

Q.  What did you tell Spike, if anything, when Trey got his second foul?
COACH BEILEIN:  I have so much trust in that young man in the roll he's been on.  In the early season practices, Spike's team always won.  They always won.  Even when I went and saw him at Brewster, I watched five or six games, his team always won, like pickup ball in their open gyms.
I have so much confidence.  I don't have to tell him.  He and I must think a lot alike because he's got so much confidence.

Q.  I think your freshmen scored 26 straight.  Can you talk about their growth from the beginning of the year till now.
COACH BEILEIN:  Is that right?  That's good for the future, isn't it?  I didn't realize that.
But those young men, like I said, the five of them came in trying to figure out what college life is all about, as we all did.  If you watch Matt Vogrich go and teach Nik Stauskas the offense.  Or you saw Eso Akunne take Spike and Caris.  You know what Eso Akunne said to me when we said we were going to burn the redshirt on Caris, which meant Eso was going to stay as the fifth guard, not the fourth guard, he said, Coach, don't do that unless that kid is going to play.  Don't rob him of his redshirt year. It was such an unselfish act on his part.  It doesn't surprise me now knowing so much support they had within that team framework.

Q.  How long is it going to take to get past the hurt of this one for this team to really realize what it accomplished over the last three weeks?
COACH BEILEIN:  I hope tomorrow when we get on that plane, there's some smiles on the faces.  The sun is going to come up tomorrow.  If they're not smiling we're going to make them smile.  They're terrific young people.  As I said, we're the luckiest coaching staff in the world to be able to coach those guys. It's been pretty consistent, I've had really good teams.  What is really unique, not only they love the coaching staff, the coaching staff loves them, they love each other.  The word 'love' was used over and over and over.  Two 19-year-old guys said, I love you.  That's pretty deep stuff.

Q.  Obviously not the result that you wanted, but when you step back and put this year in perspective, what does it mean for the parameter going forward, all that you accomplished this season?
COACH BEILEIN:  I just think, you know, we came to Michigan, and I understood-- I didn't grow up in Michigan, but the magnitude of this university, every time I was there Kathleen and I would look at Michigan and say, We came to the right place.  Every day there was new validation about just the university itself.
My goal and my task was, We need a basketball team that reflects this university.  We do things right.  We got great values with the university itself.  That's been the only mission.  Let's put a team out there that this university -- and I would think Ann Arbor right now is very sad, but the people of Ann Arbor have been so good, our brand throughout the world.
We made a major step towards that, of living up to what this university has provided for so many students and student-athletes.

Q.  How soon do you start preparing for next year?
COACH BEILEIN:  We looked at the schedule.  We have two weeks till exams, which means I think we have about two or four hours of practice we can even get in.  We'll probably use that.
No, I think that we'll practice later on this week just those two hours I think is all we can go.  I wouldn't be surprised if our seniors come by and want to help the young guys.
But clean up anything we can.  What could our young guys learn from this experience now that we can look back on it?  But I doubt if we'll be doing anything tomorrow.  But maybe Wednesday or Thursday we'll do something.  We'll all walk out there and we can't wait to coach them again.

Q.  What was the strategy down 4 with 52 seconds left, deciding not to foul?
COACH BEILEIN:  I thought we were in the one-and-one.  It was a coaching error.  We were trying to foul the right guy, No.10.  We wanted to foul him.  I was happy that 10 was going to the foul line.  That falls right on me as a coach.

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