'15 WR Green on U-M, OSU, Illini (w/video)

Adlai E. Stevenson (Ill.) High 2015 wide receiver Cameron Green was in action Sunday in the 7-on-7 IMG Shootout. GBW caught up Green as he talked about his performance, his thoughts on the Wolverines, a possible visit to campus, other schools of interest, main factors behind his decision, and more. ***Watch Vide Interview/Highlights***

ADDISON, Ill.--Adlai E. Stevenson (Ill.) High 2015 wide receiver Cameron Green starred for Team Core 6 in the 7-on-7 IMG Shootout last Sunday.

At 6-foot-2, 175-pounds, Green excelled using his quick burst and ability to go get the ball with his hands during Sunday's competition.

"I'm not going too bad," Green said during the tournament. " (I'm) just working on releases. It's more of a practice for me. I'm trying to get down to Florida for nationals. So it's pretty good."

Currently, Green has no offers. But is hearing interest from Michigan, Illinois, Northwestern and Ohio State. While the Michigan coaching staff has been by his school to talk with his high school coach, there has been no contact lately.

"There has been in the past," Green explained. "But not too much (contact lately). A coach coming in to school to visit Matt Morrissey and I."

With football camp circuit and 7-on-7 tournaments coming up in the next few months, Green says he doesn't know the next time he'll be in Ann Arbor.

"I'm not sure yet," Green said. "I don't know what camps I'm going to go to. I'm planning on making that schedule soon. But hopefully I'll get up there."

However, Green says having immediate family in Michigan will definitely play in his decision when the time comes.

"It does," Green said, on having family in Michigan. "It helps a lot. Having my grandma up there, and my mom being from Michigan. It's one big thing that will factor in to my decision."

Other than the Wolverines, Green said two schools have shown significant interest of late.

"Illinois is showing a lot of interest," Green explained. "Ohio State, which I went to their spring game on (Saturday), they're showing a lot of interest too. So those two schools most likely. "

Green talked about his Saturday visit to Columbus, saying what he liked about it: "The coaches. I loved how they were all in to the game and jumping around with the players like no other. They're hyped up as much as the players were."

Illinois, has also stuck out to Green on visits to Champaign, "It's pretty fun there. I know a lot of people, like close family friends there. So I hang out with them when I go down. But it's a nice place. I like the stadium and the facilities too."

As far as what green is looking for on visits, coaching and academics are his most important factors.

"I'm really looking for coaching," Green explained. "And also academics. So I look on the background of how they do academically. (And I) see how the coaches are with all the kids or all the players and stuff."

As of right now, Green doesn't have a planned decision timeline.

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