Blacknall still has Love for Michigan

Michigan's once hot pursuit of Englishtown (NJ) Manalapan WR, Saeed Blacknall has cooled down in recent week's, but that hasn't stopped the Garden State star from keeping an eye on the Maize & Blue.

Sam Webb:  First, I understand that you just hit the road for a lot of visits.  Where all did you go?

Saeed Blacknall:  “Recently I have been to Georgia, Georgia Tech, and LSU.”   

Sam Webb:  Coming off of those visits what does your top list look like now? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “During the visit I named LSU, Ohio State, and Florida State during the visit.  I have kind of came back and retracted and will give out the new top later on, but I am holding back on doing tops.”

Sam Webb:  Was it just one of those things that the visit was so positive that it was kind of the heat of the moment kind of thing? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “Exactly.”  

Sam Webb:  Do you have any other visits set? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “I’m not planning any more.  I am just waiting because right now our evaluation period is now so they are actually going to be coming out to me now so it doesn’t make sense for me to go see them when they are going to be on the road.”

Sam Webb:  What has the contact been like with Michigan here lately?  What have they been saying to you? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “I haven’t talked to the wide receiver coach in awhile now, but I can imagine that they will be around in school and everything, they may come through.  I’m ready to be in contact with a lot of people.”   

Sam Webb:  Is Michigan a school that you are still interested in? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “I still have to see the campus and everything.  Right now, there are so many schools and I am trying to figure out, see what school is no good and everything.  Right now, it is kind of hard to just say I don’t like this school or I like (that one).  I could tell you they are in the mix obviously because Michigan is a great school.”   

Sam Webb:   I know when we initially talked it was right before Michigan had offered, then we talked again after they offered and it seemed like it was a lot of buzz.  Now it seems like it has kind of died down a little bit.  Is that accurate? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “It is not that it kind of died down, (recruiting) is just got overwhelming.  I still have love for Michigan, but you can just say that my attention was brought to other schools at the time.  Every program I have, I don’t take it for granted.  I am blessed to have an offer from the little schools like from D-II all the way to the big top schools.  I feel the same way, like they are all great programs.  Obviously, there are some that are some powerhouses, there are so many good schools.  I just feel like everybody has something to offer and at the end of the day, whoever has the best opportunities for me, I will go.  I am still in the process of figuring that out with some of these schools.”   

Sam Webb:  Do you think it is likely or certain that you will visit Michigan? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “Eventually.  I can say that.”   

Sam Webb:  At what point do you think you are going to start narrowing things down? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “Probably in the summer or towards the end of summer, right before my season or if things get a little more serious and I am just wanting to worry about football and not recruiting.”   

Sam Webb:  Now that you have actually gone to some campuses and talked to some coaches face to face, do you have a better idea about what the biggest factors are going to be in your decision? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “Yes, absolutely.  I just want to be comfortable wherever I go and just trust that coach with the next three to four years of my life and I want to have that confidence that he will be able to get you where you need to be.”   

Sam Webb:  Obviously you made that southern tour recently.  Was that distance comfortable for you?  Is distance from home going to be less of a factor now? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “I have some family down there so it won’t be too bad.  Obviously as I am seeing family, you want to see your mom and everybody, but you still have something down there to go get a home-cooked meal or whatever.  I do not think it will play a big role to where I am just like homesick or anything, but I will be alright.”  

Sam Webb:  Are you paying attention at all to these recruiting classes and seeing what other guys the schools are landing or is that not going to play a role in your decision? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “No that won’t play a role in my decision.  I’m not too worried about all that.”   

Sam Webb:  Ok, let us just say for instance, Michigan… they just picked up another big time receiver recruit.  That doesn’t affect their standing with you?

Saeed Blacknall:  “No because everybody is their own player.  Sometimes, yes, a lot of schools offer a lot of receivers but not everybody is going to play that actual position.  A lot of coaches use some people differently.  I am a very competitive player, so me seeing another guy that is just an opportunity to get better.  Ain’t nothing like getting pushed in this game because it brings out the best in you.”   

Sam Webb:  You also have seen spread and you have pro style.  Have you gotten a better idea for whether you have a preference in that respect?  Do you prefer one over the other?   

Saeed Blacknall:  “I prefer pro style because that lets know if I am talented enough and just got a little to maybe get to the next level, that is where you are going to be playing at.  Not too many people I know play the spread, finesse-type football because a lot of people are really biased by this.  They don’t think it is really football, like it is just backyard two-hand touch, but I just grew up on the pro style, my high school runs it and that is basically all I know.”   

Sam Webb:  You say probably won’t be narrowing your list down until this summer.  What about your decision timeline? Is that going to come before your season as well? 

Saeed Blacknall:  “It’s really too early to decide.  I want to get, like sometimes I want to get it over with it and then sometimes I am just like I got to be patient.  I would say it will come much later just seeing what everything is going to be.”   

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