Is Williams Getting Closer to Decision?

Michigan's recruiting class has gained multiple additions in recent weeks, and two of those commitments were wide receivers. That leaves a number of prime targets vying for a single slot. Bethlehem (PA) New Liberty star, K.J. Williams is one of the pass catchers paying close attention to the recruiting picture in Ann Arbor, but will numbers crunch move up his timeline.

When K.J. Williams made his way to Ann Arbor earlier this month he was so blown away by the experience that he almost offered his pledge to Brady Hoke before leaving town.  The reason behind the pause was his desire to compare Michigan with his other suitors, especially the #2 program on his list, Syracuse.  He eventually took said trip to up-state New York April 20th and came away extremely impressed.

“It went pretty good,” Williams said.  “It was almost the same as Michigan besides the facilities and stuff. Pretty much I liked the way the coaches were and everything else.  I didn’t really dislike anything to be honest.”

He certainly didn’t dislike the distance from home.  When asked if proximity was one of the Orange’s advantages, he didn’t hesitate.

“Yeah it is a little bit,” Williams replied.

The trip served as confirmation to the four-star wideout that his choice to wait to commit was indeed the right one.  The downside to that decision, however, is since the delay the recruiting picture at Michigan changed considerably. Wideouts Drake Harris and Maurice Ways are now Wolverine commits, and the numbers crunch has brought the decision timelines of the remaining receiver targets into greater focus.  Williams is aware of the situation, but is determined to not let it affect his process.  

“They’re taking three, but (It’s) not really (speeding up his decision timetable) because I don’t feel like rushing anything,” he said.

Michigan remains in very strong standing with the Keystone State star, but it’s clear that that the sudden run on receivers in Ann Arbor created more of an opening for their competition.

“I kind of question how they offered a receiver not too long after I got there, and then just got two commits,” Williams admitted.  “Other than that, everything is good. Actually Coach Ferrigno is going to be in Tuesday.”

For now Williams plans to remain patient and see who else comes in.  He also hopes to take a few more visits before decision time rolls around.

“I should be going up Miami in June and maybe Kansas State if I can,” he reported.  (A decision could come) any time before my season starts.”

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