Thomas Wilcher on Cass Tech's Top Youngsters

GBW's Josh Newkirk sat down with Detroit Cass Tech coach Thomas Wilcher, as the Technicians' head man went in depth on the progression of Mike Weber, Jayru Campbell, Joshua Alabi and Gary Horsey. All four players are hearing from Michigan, as Wilcher breaks their games down in this exclusive interview.

Josh Newkirk: Let's start off with Mike Weber, obviously he's a guy that came on the scene last season. he was injured his freshman year. What have you seen out him in his progression from his sophomore season? What do you expect from him going forward?

Thomas Wilcher: "Well the one thing about Mike Weber is he has not had an opportunity to work out since his eight grade year. He sat out for a whole year and a half. So, this is his first off year training. So, I expect big things out him next year. He should get better. He should have an opportunity to get on defense, too. He should be able to make more an impact to the football team."

Josh Newkirk: Weber already has offers from Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State, to name a few. Have you been able to gauge interest from these schools? And what specifically are they asking you about Weber?

Thomas Wilcher: "I just think the most important thing is they see he is a excited runner. And they notice he is low compact runner. They always notice that he is falling forward , too."

Josh Newkirk: Switching up to your quarterback, Jayru Campbell, he has already won two championships in his career. What kind of progressions have you seen out of Jayru? He came in as a wide eyed freshman and now he is looked at as more of a leader of the team going into his junior season.

Thomas Wilcher: "I think the most important thing about Jayru is that he is always trying to figure out how to get better. He competes. He works hard. He is always working himself. He is always pushing himself. The most important thing to me—is he is a winner. He wants to win. He does whatever it takes to win. He listens. He's smart. He's an on the field quarterback. He does whatever it takes."

Josh Newkirk: Campbell is saying as far as Michigan is concerned, the U-M coaching staff wants to see how he develops more and how he progresses next season. What is he going to have to do to make that major step to be looked as a elite quarterback prospect that Michigan is coveting?

Thomas Wilcher: "He is definitely going to have to keep working hard, like he is doing right now. But, he doesn't have to set his sights on any one school to say whether or not he is good or not. Because he never started at quarterback before. The first time he ever played quarterback and started was his freshman year in high school. So he was always a person on the bench and played a little bit of quarterback in PAL. Now that he is in high school, he is a fully fledged quarterback. He is improving so much, so fast. He's just so smart. He understands our system real well. If you put a system in front of him, he is going to learn it. He does great things. He'll make an audible so quick, you don't even realize he checked down two or three plays. So that is a gin of a quarterback to me."

Josh Newkirk: 2015 defensive end, Joshua Alabi is another standout that is getting looked at by the Wolverines. What have you seen out of Alabi since you got your hands on him?

Thomas Wilcher: "Josh is just a hard worker. He is trying to get better. He is getting bigger, too. That's another thing, he is getting a lot bigger. He is putting on the weight he needs to put on. He is lifting how he needs to lift. I expect big things out of him."

Josh Newkirk: On the defensive side, coaches like to see players play with that anger, with intensity. Does he play angry or with a certain intensity defensively? Does that switch go on?

Thomas Wilcher: "He's got the switch that cuts on, now. I just watched his highlight tape. I didn't know he was that punishing out there. I was shocked."

Josh Newkirk: What do you think are the steps Alabi is going need to take to reach that elite level?

Thomas Wilcher: "I don't think the thing that people look at our school, is that Josh's first year playing football was last year as a freshman. This is his second year ever playing football. He had to step into a duel role. So he had to learn two things his 10th grade year. So he had to more work in. So next year will be the first year he ever had where he will be working the same position. He's going to get better. He's going to improve. Our kids are jumping real fast. So hopefully he'll keep working hard and meet the expectations that we ask him."

Josh Newkirk: Gary Hosey, 2014 running back, is a big bruising running back and linebacker. What have you seen out of Hosey since this off-season?

Thomas Wilcher: "I think the first thing he needs to do is working on getting in shape, so he can handle carrying around that weight. Cause he stays at 235, 240-pounds. He's a big bruising kid. He needs to get in tip top shape so he can play on both sides of the ball. That's what I really want to see him do."

Josh Newkirk: What do you see Hosey playing at the next level? Is he a fullback or a middle linebacker?

Thomas Wilcher: "Right now you got Georgia Tech looking at him. You got Syracuse looking at him. Illinois has offered him already. Thos schools are looking at him as a big back. I do think he will be a pretty good big sized back. Michigan State is looking at him as a running back, also. I think he has pretty good chance of being a running back. I would like him to be a running back, because he's got the little gift. Plus, he can develop that little X-factor that you need."

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