Will UM Seek Package Deal in Florida?

Michigan was the first high major basketball program to court 2015 Lakeland (FL) McKeel Academy teammates, Dwayne Bacon and Corey Sanders. Now almost a year later the talented duo remembers that are looking upon the Maize & Blue in an extremely favorable light. Their AAU coach, Showtime Ballers headwoman Diana Neal recently gave GBW the dish on just how well UM is sitting.

Sam Webb: How much love is Michigan showing Dwayne Bacon and Corey Sanders?

Diana Neal: "Bacari (Alexander) is great. Bacari is great. From the time he saw them last year in Augusta in April… he called that Monday after he seen them and let us talk about it on the way home. Corey was like, ‘see how Michigan was giving me the eye? Coach, you think he is going to call.' I said, ‘I don't know, it looks like he was doing his work.' We didn't know that he was really paying attention and he was going through the book and all that stuff. Because it was not like he was coming to see them play. He just sat down and he said they just caught his eye. From that day, Bacari has been recruiting them the hardest, the longest and everything. They appreciate that. We have a play that is called ‘Michigan' and we ran this past week because we just got the play. We played it this past weekend and they were like, ‘Michigan wasn't even here to see it (laughter).' Bacari has done this great. He has been checking up on them. He may be able to get to the elite camp in June. Bacari said they would not be able to see them in the spring, but they would definitely come out and see them in the summer. By that time, we will have a real show for them!"

Sam Webb: How interested are Corey and Dwayne in Michigan?

Diana Neal: "The thing about them playing together is really super for them. They always compare themselves to Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway. ‘We can be Burke and Hardaway.' That's the thing they are on right now. Michigan is the first one to actually recruit both of them. Up to this point now, Memphis has offered both and Marquette has offered both but no one else has really been looking at both of them until Michigan came in and started recruiting both. So I guess it woke up everybody's eyes and maybe we need to recruit. Bacari has been putting in the time and still no offer yet, but I know it is coming. They know it is coming. It is just a matter of the head coach seeing them that first time and they are going to be ready when (Beilein) comes out. When he comes out, they are going to be ready. They really excited about it. Even though it has not been an official offer yet, they still feel like they have an offer, it is just not official. Michigan was one of the first ones to really go at the duo. That's what they call themselves now ‘The Duo'."

Sam Webb: You think that is big for the both of them that they really, really want to go to school together?

Diana Neal: "I think if it is a good situation for both of them they definitely would love it. They've already been playing together for years now… ever since they were younger kids, I think the fourth grade. They have been around each other for a very long time. If they get that opportunity to play together at the next level that would be super. If they don't, they are always going to keep in contact with each other because they have grown so much to like they were brothers. You just see how they carry out inside the van on the road trips. They've just been around each other so long. Other kids are just getting laughs out of watching them. They will play together if it is a good situation for both, but if it is not then Corey you go ahead and do that. That's from Bacon who is the older one. ‘Is that is good for you but not good for me? Is it a good situation for both of us? It sort of comes down to that kind of stuff."

Stay tuned for much more on Bacon and Sanders in the coming days.

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