In-Depth with Jamarco Jones (with Video)

Chicago (IL) De La Salle OL, Jamarco Jones breaks down each of the schools in his top four, shares his thoughts on Michigan's scholarship crunch, discusses the criteria he'll use to determine the victor, and much much more.

Sam Webb: Let the people watching know, who did you narrow your list of schools down to?

Jamarco Jones: “My final four choices are Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State.”

Sam Webb: Let’s just get an idea of each school, starting with Ohio State. Why did they make the cut?

Jamarco Jones: “Coach Meyer is a great head coach. I got to work with (Ohio State OL) Coach (Ed) Warriner multiple times last summer, and I visited campus a couple times, so I’m really comfortable there.”

Sam Webb: Ok; and Notre Dame?

Jamarco Jones: “Same; I’ve been there multiple times as well. I’ve gotten to know (Notre Dame OL) Coach (Harry) Hiestand throughout the process; work with him, and going to practices and things like that to see how he interacts with his players, and then just from an academic standpoint, they’re a great. Their degree is one of the best degrees you can get and they’re a great institution both athletically and academically.”

Sam Webb: And Michigan State? I see you tweeting a lot about the Spartans. What about Michigan State?

Jamarco Jones: “I know a couple of the commits, so I talk to them quite a bit, and I’ve been to their campus multiple times. I got to work with (Michigan State OL) Coach (Mark) Staten last summer, went to a game, things like that. I’m really impressed by them. I like their team, and how they run things there.”

Sam Webb: And Michigan? I know you visited them recently. What about Michigan made them make the cut?

Jamarco Jones: “Coach Hoke and his staff. They’ve only been there a couple years, but they’ve been doing great things since they got there. I think they’re going to continue to get better as a program, and I got to see Coach Funk coach as well.  I’m really impressed with Michigan. I think they’re going to be a great program. They’ve already been a great program.”

Sam Webb: With Michigan, one of the things that happened is they have picked up some linemen. Have they talked to you about how much space they have left in the class? Have they had that discussion with you?

Jamarco Jones: “Yeah, I’ve talked to them a couple times about it, but I know that it happens sometimes, space fills up, with the scholarships and things like that.”

Sam Webb: Does that affect your timeline at all?

Jamarco Jones: “Not really. I’m going to make my decision June 27, and I know that the classes at some schools might be filled.”

Sam Webb: What’s the significance of June 27?

Jamarco Jones: “I’m going to go visit all the schools in June, and then I want to take a little  bit of time off, just to make sure I’m making the right decision.”

Sam Webb: Who is your circle? Who do you kind of lean on to help you? Or is it just you?

Jamarco Jones: “My mom. She’s been to most of my visits. Some of my teammates at my school, they’ve been recruited as well and are going through the same process, so we bounce ideas off each other and talk about different things, so that helps a lot as well.”

Sam Webb: So when you go back – because you’ve been to these schools – what are you going to be looking for in particular this time around?

Jamarco Jones: “They all are so much alike, so I want to go to each one and get the last feel for each one, and see what little details that I can get about each one, and try to decide which one I think best fits me as a player and as a person.”

Sam Webb: So you and your mom are sitting at the table, and you’re about to make that final decision, what things are you laying out? What criteria are you basing your decision on?

Jamarco Jones: “Just how comfortable I feel with the coaching staff, the environment, the campus, the academics at the school, the direction of the football program, and things like that.”

Sam Webb: You said you know recruits in different schools – any recruits out here today, or on the phone, or Twitter, any of them kind of working you over a little bit?

Jamarco Jones: “Each of these schools have recruits that I know and talk to, so it’s been pretty interesting the last couple weeks as far as that goes.”

Sam Webb: What’s it like to be you? You have the recruits on you. What about the coaches, man? How are they getting in contact with you these days? I know one of things is  you’ve kind of shut it down with the whole contact thing, so how’s that working with staying in contact with coaches?

Jamarco Jones: “There are certain coaches that I make sure to stay in contact with, especially these four, and from now on, I’m probably going to only be speaking with these four schools. I don’t want to widen my list any more. I want to focus on these, and make sure out of these four, I pick the one that best fits me.”

Are you excited that it’s about to be over?

Jamarco Jones: “Yeah. I mean, I’m grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve been afforded, both to continue my academics and athletics, but at a certain point, you kind of – everything sounds the same, and you just have to decide which school best fits you, and I think I’m ready to start concluding this process.”

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