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Welcome to GoBlueWolverine's News and Notes on everything Michigan football recruiting. This will be a weekly update on U-M recruits and commits and the conversation the GBW staff had with them.

Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) 2015 RB, Mike Weber- He really enjoyed his last visit on campus. He says the being around the team is like family. He mentioned he had a good relationship with coach Jackson. He says he plans on getting back on campus this summer and possible camp visit.

Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) 2015 DE, Joshua Alabi- Josh seems high on Michigan. He wants to keep getting on campus and be around the players. He wants to stay on campus one night. His father is an engineer and says he would like to possibly major in engineering. He says he plans on checking out top SEC programs and wants to checkout USC and UCLA as well. But the fact that Michigan is getting him on campus early, can't hurt their chances with him.

Kyron Watson- his top two teams are Michigan and Kansas. He said he will make his final decision after he visits Ann Arbor this month.

Aliquippa (Pa.) High 2014 CB, Dravon Henry—While he doesn't have a specific date schedule, he said he is interested in visiting Michigan. I think his top-two schools are Pitt and Ohio State. Pitt has a slight lead of the two. He is training with former Pitt star and NFL pro-bowler Darrell Revis this summer. It's not confirmed yet, but Revis is rumored to be his cousin. If so, it could be an uphill battle to land Henry.

Cretin-Derham (Minn.) 2015 DE, Jashon Cornell— He just received his Michigan offer this week. He is interested in Michigan. He is planning on attending the Sound Mind, Sound Body camp in Southfield this June. During his trip he plans on checking out Michigan. He comes from a Notre Dame heavy program. He said he wants to major in business. He is a big time 2015 prospect.

Detroit Loyola (Mich.) 2014 DE, Malik McDowell—This kid has a good poker face. If he has a favorite, he's not letting anyone know about it. What he does likes about Michigan is their education. He says he liked the academic center on his visit. He says he has seen everything he has wanted to see on campus. Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State are others schools of similar interest. He says he wants to visit SEC schools and possibly some schools out wwest.

La Marada (Calif.) High 2015 QB, Kevin Dillman- Seems to be some very genuine interest with this one. Family is still back in Sweden but were chomping at the bit to hear about how coach Moschetti's visit was with coach Dan Ferrigno. The family understands the clout a Michigan degree holds. Dillman loves where the offense is headed and thinks he could fit right in and the kid is a competitor. Distance from home doesn't appear to be an issue since his family is still in another country.

John Curtis Christian (La.) High 2014 LB, Kenny Young- Coach Roy Manning really made an impression on him, took what he said to heart because he experienced everything as a football player at Michigan. He seems interested in coming up for a visit but it seems like that decision is out of his hands. Always says, "that's a long way from New Orleans" when asked about it. He said he hasn't spoken to Michigan too much but he seems like he would like to hear more.

Plainfield South (Ill.) 2014 MLB, Clifton Garrett- Every indication points to the SEC. Kid seems destined for it and appears to really want it. He flat out said that he's not that interested in the Big Ten anymore. He was surprised Michigan came by his school but said it doesn't change anything.

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