Dre's Blog: Spiece Eye-Catchers (Part 1)

Last weekend the GBW crew was posted up in Fort Wayne Indiana for the Spiece Run N Slam. Here is Dre Barthwell's take on who caught his eye in Fort Wayne.

In part one I focus on the class of 2014 and the players we seen in that class.

Trevon Bluiett - Spiece Indy heat: for all of his offensive abilities, he also showed what he could do defensively against top 10 prospect Kevon Looney. He bodied Looney up and played sound defense, not allowing Kevon too much room to work with. Add in his offense, which he is known for in terms of the multiple ways he can score, and you have a solid player. He shoots it consistently from deep, and he has a nice game from the elbow where he can square you up to shoot or pass to a cutting teammate. You can throw in an understanding of the game and solid rebounding to see how his game is coming along just fine. As far as recruiting, things are going along at Trevon's pace as he continues to get to know the coaches. He speaks with Michigan's assistant coach Lavell Jordan, and told me, "He isn't pressing me or anything like that. We talk about more than just basketball."

Kevon Looney - Milwaukee Running Rebels: we mentioned earlier that this is a super athlete. Players from opposing teams do well to remember that. He posturized more than a few this weekend. With his long arms it allows for him to defend, block shots, and rebound—where he really excels. Kevon has a quick first step to get to the rack to score it. He doesn't have all of his offensive tools yet but when they all get into his bag watch out. Michigan has been in contact with him for quite some time, and it will be interesting to see how quickly his recruitment picks up.

Vince Edwards - All-Ohio Red: Edwards continues to pick up the pace with his play. He is being recruited as a stretch four. Vince likes to play out on the perimeter and shoot it, which he can do. His handles have gotten better. And he can also go down in the paint and do a little work. He will need to pick up a little more weight for Big Ten play considering his recruitment is coming down to Michigan and Purdue. He likes the way both staffs are recruiting him. As for the Wolverines, he and Lavell Jordan have built quite a relationship together where Vince says, "We talk about more than just basketball." There is no decision at this time as he is continuing to get to know the coaching staffs.

Jae'Sean Tate - All-Ohio Red: Tate is an Ohio State basketball commit and he is a kid that knows how to use his physical tools out on the basketball court. You will rarely see him outmatched in toughness or passion as he attacks the rim to score or to goes up to snatch a rebound. He does a lot of his work inside but can step out and hit the open jumper. He was a little salty with his coach when the coach had someone else guard top ten player in the country Trey Lyles. He screamed at his coach, "Hey I can guard him—don't worry about it I got him." He will never back down from a challenge, and that's what I like about him. Jae'Sean still says he is open to football, and he does have a few FB offers on the table most notably the Wolverines of Michigan. He says U-M is coming after him the hardest, and he says if he did play football linebacker is his position of choice.

Jaquan Lyle - Spiece Indy Heat: Lyle is easily one of the best all-around players in the country; he has a gift to control the game from different areas. It is his understanding of the game of basketball where he excels—when to pass and when to score, and he does both equally well. With the ball in his hands he has the vision to find open teammates with ease. His 6'5 and around 200 pound frame allows him to get in the lane and outmuscle opponents for put backs and rebounds. Jaquan has a plethora of offers from high majors, he is just trying to decide what fits him best.

Jaylen Johnson - Dorian's Pride: He's a defensive dynamo who goes after every block, rebound and tries to dunk any and everything in his wheelhouse. His effort is what consistently shows. While limited offensively his athletic skills allow him to shine. He is a kid that high majors are certainly tracking. Look for him to possibly be at Michigan's elite camp.

Justin Tillman - R.E.A.C.H: This is a kid I have seen since 8th grade, when he came down the lane off of a missed shot and had his first tip dunk. At 6'7 his defense sticks out like a sore thumb; when he is holding down the middle opponents coming to the basket double-pump their shots. Justin has that effect. His long arms allows him to clean the glass with rebounds and dunks. He is a bit undersized for the post for the next level and has an incomplete offense skill set, but he is certainly someone you want on your team because of the way he goes about his business. He is getting attention and has offers. High majors are keeping an eye on Justin with the summer he is having.

Riley Norris - Team Thad: This guy can really fill it up from deep as well as mix in a few drives to the basket to keep you honest—BUT he eats off of long range bombs. If you are defending him you would do well to try and keep the ball out of his hands, although because of his movement without the ball he makes it tough on a defender. Riley will stick his nose in and rebound, and is not bad on defense. Colleges are all over him. And for Michigan fans dare I say he can stroke it a little like Nik Stauskas.

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