Edwards working to become more versatile

2014 Middletown (Ohio) high school forward Vince Edwards wants to make sure everyone sees the work he is putting in to be a more well-rounded player. Edwards talks about how that came, the two schools recruiting him, and what he's looking to improve.

When you are one of the tallest kids on your team, many times they stick you at the center position. It happened to 2014 Middletown (Ohio) high school forward Vince Edwards. But even then, he wanted to develop more of his game.

“When I was younger I was more of a big man I was so much bigger then everybody,” Edwards told GoBlueWolverine. “So when I got to my younger school team we had a lot of guys my height, so it really had to take me to another level to develop my game a little more.”

Edwards still feels there is work to be done with his rebounding -- it has to get better. It’s not for lack of talent but the need to pay closer attention to detail.

“It’s really important,” said Edwards.  “My dad always is on me about not crashing the boards. He said, ‘Don’t stand and watch.’ Coaches don’t really like players who don’t attack and be aggressive; in the past that’s been my fault. I have been kind of lazy on stuff, but I have been working on it.”

Another aspect of Edward’s game he continues to work on is an understanding of who is guarding him and how to attack them. Judging by his performance at Spiece, Edwards appears to be catching on, utilizing his basketball IQ, and taking advantage of it.

“I just try to play to my strengths with the defender, if he is smaller than me and weaker then me I am going to take him to the post,” said Edwards. “If he is bigger than me and slower then, hey, I am going to take him out on the perimeter and take him to the hole.”

Edwards seems to know what he wants as far as colleges go, cutting his recruiting picture down to just Michigan and Purdue, and getting a special feeling from both schools.

“Yeah it is because those are the two most interesting schools; I am not knocking any other schools though,” said Edwards. “I am not going to waste any coach’s time. If I don’t feel like I am comfortable there or in your offensive system, I am going to let them know. I am not going to waste time.”

The Wolverines continue to put in time with Edwards, building on an already very strong bond with the versatile forward.

“Coach Jordan, we’re really good -- he calls me on the regular,” said Edwards. “He will call me to get a laugh or ask me how I am doing with my grades. He is treating me like I already committed to Michigan.”

Edwards still feels there is work to be done to become the player he wants to be. So this summer that is what he aims to do -- work on those things that will make him a better player.

“I am looking to get stronger and more aggressive,” said Edwards. “In the past I have been told a lot I am not aggressive enough. So I’ve been trying to step that up, because coaches don’t want a player who is not aggressive enough. One thing I want to show is I am versatile, I can move without the ball, and handle, as well as be in the post.”

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