Things going well for Bluiett

Trevon Bluiett has really worked hard to receive the attention he is getting. He is being paid attention to by opponents and colleges alike. Bluiett talks to GBW about his game, recruiting, and the Wolverines.

Watching Trevon Bluiett play, he seems to be at ease out on the floor. He never is worried about what another team is bringing his way. It is his versatility you appreciate when you watch him play, and that is because of the work he has put into his game.

"I tried to make a point of emphasis this summer to be a multi-dimensional player," he told GoBlueWolverine. "I didn't want to be labeled as a shooter. That (label) kind of delayed my game when we went into the high school season around tournament time. I wanted to point out my weaknesses. I figured out what I had to do, so I am just trying to get it done."

As Bluiett's game continues to evolve, he is showing that he is not just a one dimensional player but that he has many facets to his game. Trevon has the ability to play not just out on the perimeter but also down in the post.

"If there is a bigger defender on me I will try and bring him out," he said, "and I know what to take advantage of. Usually a small guard tries and guards me, and the best option is to put him in the post. I have been working on my post game -- that is coming along well."

With the way Trevon has excelled he has obviously caught the attention of many colleges. He now is making sure to make a list of what he wants in a college --both while he is playing and as far as life after the game.

"Most importantly, I look for schools with a good academics. Basketball is only here for a short time. You can keep that degree forever. I need to figure out what I am going to do after basketball." And also, "I want a relationship with the players and coaches on and off the court as well."

Building relationships with some of the coaching staffs recruiting him is what Bluiett has been doing on the phone, and the Michigan staff has certainly done their part.

"We text two or three times a week, me and Coach Lavell Jordan -- we talk about NBA games. He knows not to take it too hard with the recruitment part because he knows how stressful it can be. So we just talk like we are friends. Coach Beilein texts me every now and then. I have a pretty good relationship with both of them."

The 2014 prospect has also had a chance to watch the way the Wolverines play and to see how that would fit into the way he plays.

"They play a fast pace game -- every time they get the rebound they are pushing it. And their pick and roll game -- they do that all the time, with Trey Burke on every single possession against Louisville. I also like coming off screens."

The one aspect of his game he really craves more of is athleticism -- it is something Trevon continues to try and get better at.

"I would say I am still lacking that," he said. "Eventually it might catch up to me. I have to keep working on that. Being quicker, jumping higher, and staying in front of defenders -- that type of stuff."

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