2015 Texas LB offered by Michigan

Michigan continues to toss its recruiting net far and wide -- and they have just offered 2015 LB Malik Jefferson out of Texas.

Malik Jefferson, LB out of Mesquite, Texas -- arguably the top prospect in the class of 2015 in Texas -- looks at the offers that he is receiving and is quite appreciative of everyone single one of them.

"I am just very happy about what is happening to me right now," he told GoBlueWolverine. "It is an honor when I get an offer, because it doesn't happen to every kid in the country."

It is of course early in the recruiting process for the 2015 kids, and the young man wants to get to know all of the schools that are showing interest in him. Jefferson lays out how he wants to approach the schools that are coming after him.

"I want to make sure that find out as much information on each school that I can," he said. "I am trying to build relationships with them as well as staying in contact. It would be nice to be able to visit these schools, but that might be difficult. So I go on the school's website, or go on You Tube, to do more research on these schools, to find out more about them."

Michigan has decided to throw their hat in the ring and offer him a scholarship.

"Coach Funk of Michigan came to visit (Tuesday)," he said. "After that he offered me. Michigan is a nice school, and they are a school I will evaluate. I didn't know they were interested in me like that, so now I will be calling Coach Funk so we can talk."

With 11 offers in hand, Jefferson has a set of criteria as he looks at the type of school that fits him.

"I am looking at location as to where the school is. I want to see what type of football program they have. It is important that the coach is going to be there for the long haul. I want to know the type of relationship they have with their players. The style of defense I like to play in is the 3-4 standing up and coming off the edge."

With all the attention he has received, some doubters of his skill set have also emerged. But his stats speaks to why many are so impressed with him. Last year he had 105 tackles, seven sacks, five forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries, and four block field goals.

"I have people that don't think I deserve the attention I am getting," he said, "but I don't worry about them. I make sure that I continue to work hard and get better at what I do. So I focus on my team and myself getting better, and staying humble."

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