Snoop Dogg's son can "Hustle & Ball"

Michigan dropped in to see 2015 Diamond Bar (Calif.) wide receiver Cordell Broadus this week. GBW catches up with his coach to talk about the Wolverine's visit, Broadus' game, the early stages of his recruitment, and his father's support for the program.

Fanning the country for talent, the Michigan coaching staff is putting a special emphasis on recruiting the west coast, specifically prospects in the sunshine state. Wolverine assistant Dan Ferrigno dropped by Diamond Bar (Calif.) high school earlier this week to inquire about 2015 wide receiver Cordell Broadus and relatively unknown cornerback, Kanye Bell.

“He came by and got some transcripts and watched some film on Kanye and Cordell and really liked what he saw,” Diamond Bar head football coach Ryan Maine told GoBlueWolverine. “And then I gave them some brochures and information on Michigan and all of that.

“He just told me he’d be in contact with them. They’re not like other schools though. They really take their time on the process and make sure that each offer means something so I explained that to Cordell.”

Currently holding offers from Arizona State, California, Duke, Oregon State, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, and Washington, Broadus is familiarizing himself with what the Wolverines have to offer, thanks, in part, to his coach, who has more connections to Ann Arbor than he originally thought.

“There’s not much you can say, it’s the Michigan name, you know?” said Maine. “All of the history and all of that. I played at the University of San Diego so my coach was Jim Harbaugh and so we started talking about Jack Harbaugh -- the dad -- because him and Jack used to coach together and I know Jim has Michigan ties.

“Just the cool stuff that happens pregame at Michigan and the crowd and all that. I told Cordell, they pack over 100,000 in that stadium every game and he was like, ‘for real?’”

Catching seven touchdowns for just under 600 yards in his sophomore season, including a stint on the other side of the ball at defensive end where he collected four sacks, Broadus might look like every other high level recruit on the football field. Away from the gridiron though, Broadus just happens to be the son of famous rapper and producer, Calvin Broadus, aka, ‘Snoop Dogg.’

“Dad’s been great,” said Maine. “When I first met him he told me, ‘I’m going to be a supportive father and I’ll stay out of your hair and anything I can do to help.’ This Saturday we had a youth football camp that he put on and there was like probably over 100 kids there that were ages eight to 12 and he was out there sweating in 100-degree weather with the kids and getting after it -- just so passionate.

“This past season after every one of our games he would shoot me a text with an encouraging note and just saying, ‘thank you for all you do for my family.’ He’s been very supportive and nothing but a blessing, real positive guy.”

As can sometimes be expected of children coming from a wealthy family, a sense of entitlement could linger -- not with Broadus, even surprising his coach who thought he had an idea of what to expect when he arrived at Diamond Bar as a freshman.

“I’ll be the first to tell you this, and I told Cordell, when he first came here I’m like, ‘oh great, I think you’re going to be a prima donna,’” said Maine. “And then the more I got to know him -- you know when he goes to camps or something he brings back cleats and gloves for our players, he brings lunch for some of our guys everyday. He’s just such a humble kid. It was my wife’s birthday a couple weeks ago and he asked me, ‘what are you doing today,’ and I told him it was my wife’s birthday and he goes, ‘get her on the phone, I want to call and wish her a happy birthday.’ He’s very caring about others.

“And it really comes from mom and dad too. Mom keeps him so grounded and humble and makes sure that he’s always saying thank you and yes mam and yes sir to people. And dad is always telling him never pass an opportunity, never burn bridges because you never know who’s going to be there for you. They’ve really instilled some good values in him.”

To this point Broadus has only taken visits to in-state schools, UCLA and USC. Growing up a fan of the Trojans -- his father even pictured in a USC jersey online -- Maine says this recruitment is far from over and the 6-2, 190-pounder is open to all.

“It’s very early,” said Maine. “I know he’s grown up being a huge USC fan but he told me that he’s probably not going to commit anywhere until his senior year. His family has a big influence in that as far as I think next year they might go take a look at some unofficial visits to some schools.”

Broadus is attracting interest from all over the country, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish being another school out east very interested in his services. Based on who his father is, Broadus is a little worldlier than most 16 year olds, making him unafraid of looking near and far for the perfect college destination.

“Notre Dame was here the other day and he was really impressed with them too,” Maine said. “He doesn’t have a problem leaving Los Angeles -- I know that for a fact. He’s definitely open to go anywhere.”

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