K.J. Williams, Michigan talking verbal?

Michigan was back in the school of 2014 Bethlehem (Pa.) Liberty high school wide receiver K.J. Williams earlier this week. If recent phone conversations are any indication, could a commitment come soon? GBW catches up with his coach.

Michigan assistant Dan Ferrigno has made trips to Eastern Pennsylvania a major priority throughout the spring, routinely checking in on 2014 Bethlehem (Pa.) Liberty four-star wide receiver K.J. Williams. Ferrigno was in the school yet again on Monday morning, continuing to wow William’s coach, John Truby.

“I love coach Ferrigno,” Truby told GoBlueWolverine. “He’s a heck of a guy. He’s very straightforward and just tells it like it is – what he wants and what he’s expecting out of things. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with in the recruiting process with K.J.”

Smack dab in the middle of spring football practice at Liberty, Truby and Williams aren’t spending too much time mulling over a potential college commitment. Coach and star did manage to spend a few minutes discussing his recent phone conversations with coach Ferrigno and the Wolverines, conversations indicating a decision might not be far off for Williams.

“They just went over what the next steps are in the cycle as K.J. does give a verbal and things that will be expected of him,” said Truby. “From what I hear, K.J. said it went pretty good.”

Coach Truby has sent several players off to play division one football during his tenure at Liberty. Though the schools aren’t all the same, one constant in it all is the fact that he doesn’t want to inflict any added pressure on the players. Instead, Truby is helping guide Williams through the process, knowing full well it could all be over at any given time.

“I try not to get engaged too much in that conversation with him because I want to leave it up to the kid,” he said. “I really try to keep my opinion out of it as much as possible. I wasn’t recruited as highly as K.J. was. I wasn’t a four-star athlete as K.J. is, and wasn’t to save my life.

“With K.J., you’re just trying to give him some tips, what to look for -- I know he does like Michigan, he had a great time up on his visit. But as far as is he close or is he not close -- I’m not quite sure. Honestly, he could give his verbal tomorrow and it wouldn’t surprise me.”

Alongside Michigan at the top of William’s list is Syracuse. The Orangemen continue to pursue the 6-3, 200-pound playmaker, banking on their roster filled with former Liberty standouts to help push them over the edge. Truby says the Orange are still, “up there,” for Williams, enjoying the familiarity he felt on his last visit to New York.

Ultimately, Williams has quite a bit to ponder. Looking to major in sports management off the field, on the field, Truby believes the Wolverines transition offensively is giving Michigan an added feather in their cap.

“He’s very interested in a place that he’s going to be able to graduate from and also I think just, offensively, a place he’s going to be used,” he said. “I know we’re switching around our offense trying to get him the ball as much as possible and he wants to go to a place where he’s not going to be watching, like Ohio State’s zone read every play. He wants to get off the ball a little bit faster and I think that’s what he likes about the pro set that Michigan looks like they’re going back to.”

Not the type of kid to let any sort of hype or rating get into his head, Williams continues to maintain his focus on his upcoming senior season, still wowing his coach with his work ethic throughout spring practice.

“It’s just an absolute pleasure to have him on the field,” said Truby. “He, like right now, I just got done watching him do 110’s and he’s first every single time with the wide receivers, just completely selling out, doing everything he’s got to do. The kid wants to be great and I think that’s what I like the most about K.J. When he comes on the field, it’s business time, and it’s a pleasure to watch.”

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