Marshall has Message for New Suitors

Southfield (MI) DE, Lawrence Marshall believed that other schools would stop pursuing him after he committed to Michigan. He learned very quickly that he was mistaken. After fielding recent interest from two of college football's power programs, he has a message that he believes will officially serve as a future deterrent.

In today’s recruiting world it’s commonplace for a verbal commitment to signify the beginning of the real race for a youngster’s signature, and not its end.  That’s why it should come as little surprise that Michigan pledge Lawrence Marshall recently began fielding interest from new suitors.

Florida came by and USC came by the other day,” Marshall reported.  “Florida offered me. They were talking about come on a visit and stuff like that.  USC was talking about, ‘we really like you.  We want you to come out on a visit.’”

A month ago those invitations may have been appealing.  Now they just lead to one big question.

“Why did they wait so long,” Marshall asked.  “I wanted (USC) forever.  I don’t know what took them so long to come down here.”

There may not be a single school in the country that hasn’t had some level of contact with prospects committed to other schools, so the days of viewing such practices as morally repugnant should be a thing of the past.  Ultimately it’s up to the committed prospect to head the pursuit by other schools off at the pass.  That’s what Marshall said he intends to do with his response to his newest suitors.

“I’m a Michigan Man,” he said firmly.

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