Michigan Catches Marshall by Surprise

Earlier this week Michigan became the latest school to extend an offer to Long Beach (Calif.) Poly DB Iman Marshall. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the 2015 standout to discuss his interest in the Maize & Blue, his visit plans, his relationship with JuJu Smith, and more.

Sam Webb: Let's get a feel for your game, so pretend you're a scout or a coach in the stands and you're watching Iman Marshall on the field do his thing. Kind of tell me what you see. Give me a scouting report.

Iman Marshall: "Somebody physical that really really has passion for the game, and really does what he needs to do on the football field, and has a high IQ. He understands where he needs to be at the right time to make plays."

Sam Webb: What is your height, your weight, and your 40 time?

Iman Marshall: "I don't know my 40 time, but I'm 6'1", 186-lbs right now."

Sam Webb: Is it definitely corner for you, or might you be a safety? What about position-wise moving forward?

Iman Marshall: "I want to play corner; I want to play defensive back."

Sam Webb: I understand that things are really blowing up for you on the recruiting scene. Do you know how many offers off the top of your head that you have?

Iman Marshall: "I have sixteen as of right now."

Sam Webb: I won't ask you to recite all of those, but can you just give me a few of the more notable ones off the top of your head?

Iman Marshall: "Michigan, Oregon, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Washington, Florida State, Colorado, Utah, USC, UCLA, Washington State, Oregon State, Cal. Those are the ones I think – yeah."

Sam Webb: Did you grow up a fan of any particular school?

Iman Marshall: "Yeah, staying in Southern California you do grow up a SC fan, because all you see is SC around you, and stuff like that, and that's what you see on TV, so that's what I grew up as."

Sam Webb: When did you first start hearing from Michigan?

Iman Marshall: "I heard from them during track season. The coach came by and talked to my coach and stuff like that. He told him he's going to be around and he's going to come check on me and stuff like that. So this was a day he checked on me and he offered me."

Sam Webb: Were you expecting it, or did it kind of catch you by surprise?

Iman Marshall: "It caught me by surprise. I wasn't really expecting it. I was expecting it in the foreseeable future, but not as of right now."

Sam Webb: Who is the coach from Michigan that is recruiting you, and what's kind of the early sort of vibe like with him?

Iman Marshall: "He's a great coach, he's a great coach, and the coach that's recruiting me is Dan Ferrigno, the tight end and special teams coach, as well as Greg Mattison, the defensive coordinator. They're good coaches. I like what they talk to me about, and the vibe is great. The vibe with me is great."

Sam Webb: So what do you know about Michigan, if anything? I mean, are you familiar with the program at all?

Iman Marshall: "Yeah, I heard they hold a big crowd of 100,000; their fan base is humongous; the defensive coordinator was a former defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, so that's really as much as I know of, but I have to do more research on it."

Sam Webb: There's a former All-American from your school that went to Michigan. Do you know, or are you familiar with, Donovan Warren at all?

Iman Marshall: "Yeah."

Sam Webb: Have you ever talked to him before?

Iman Marshall: "No I haven't talked to him before. Not yet anyway."

Sam Webb: Let's talk about recruiting in general. When you get ready to sit down and make your choice, what are going to be the most significant factors in that decision?

Iman Marshall: "Academics, most important, academics, and does the program help what I'm trying to pursue in Business Communications and Finance? Does it correlate to Business Communications and Finance? The fan base, and my family's opportunity to see me as well."

Sam Webb: Does that mean that distance from home is going to be a big factor for you?

Iman Marshall: "Not really, but me and my family are going to have to discuss that."

Sam Webb: What about timeline? Do you foresee waiting until Signing Day of your senior year, or will you be one of those kids that decides early?

Iman Marshall: "I'm probably going to wait the process out and see what I need to see – just look over everything, analyze everything that I need to."

Sam Webb: Do you talk to any of the other players on the time? You have a lot of guys getting recruited. Like, do you talk to Juju Smith, for instance, about what's going on with him?

Iman Marshall: "Yeah, yeah, we always talk. We talk all the time; practice, outside of practice, at school, we talk all the time."

Sam Webb: Do you guys every talk about going to school together, or is that not really part of the discussion?

Iman Marshall: "We have had conversations about going to the same school, but at the end of the day you have to do what's best for you, and your situation, and he has to do what's best for him in his situation, so if we choose the same school, then hey, but at the end of the day I have to choose what's best for me."

Sam Webb: Do you anticipate that you'll be able to, at some point, get out on a visit to Michigan?

Iman Marshall: "Yeah, yeah. I'm definitely going to take a visit out that way."

Sam Webb: Do you think that will wait until your senior season, or are you going to do that beforehand?

Iman Marshall: "I'm not sure yet. I can't really tell you that as of right now, but I'm most likely going to make my way out there."

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