Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Kyle Bogenschutz and Tom Beaver ask and answer questions on the Columbus NFTC, Michigan Basketball College Practice Camp, and upcoming Michigan football camp. FOXSportsNEXT Midwest Recruiting Analyst Allen Trieu also joins the chat to offer his impressions from Sunday's action and future prospect rankings.

Chat transcript including plenty of discussion on Michigan football and basketball recruiting from the weekend, looking to the summer, opinions, and more:

<KyleBogie> Happy Monday everyone!

<Michman0414> Hello

<offskooring> happy MONDAY!!!!!

<offskooring> so...this new dude at the b-ball combine? something?...forgive me if way off

<zbforged> So Kyle, who is the next commit to drop?

<rgarg1> Kyle, can Michigan actually get D hand AND A Jackson...Would you epic

<wolverinerx> Kyle, any idea who the next commit might be?

<zbforged> Next recruit to drop, my bad.

<KyleBogie> Paris Bass. I didn't get to see a lot of him, Sam and Dre saw him more, but from what I could tell he was very athletic, has a solid build with great length and performed really well. Nice inside and out game.

TomBeaver is now a Room Moderator in michigan

<snic2u> hey tom

<TomBeaver> Hi guys

<KyleBogie> zbforged & wolverinerx. For some reason I can't shake my opinion that that wide receiver spot isn't going to last much longer. Wh Who that might be still remains to be seen but I just get the feeling someone will pull the trigger.

<TomBeaver> U-M is officially tight on schollies now ... and that's a good thing to throw in the mix as part of the recruiting pitch

<lindal2341> Hi Tom

<lindal2341> And all

<TomBeaver> You're never gonna get all the top kids on your list anyways, and this 'scarcity' makes U-M just a little more attractive

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. I think it'sstill too early to tell on Adoree Jackson but he and Peppers clearly do have a connection. With Hand, I dont think that is out of the realm of possibility and bU Bunting/Ferns were all over him yestersday in cOLUMBUS.

<TomBeaver> You see that Hand does like to have a little fun with the press, so expect him to be 'entertaining' to the end

<KyleBogie> Yeah Tom, Hand is quite a personality.

<bluewolve> What is Parker Westphal's time line ?  Would they still take him if they get another DB ?

<zs05wc> I hope people don't twist Hand having fun with the press into the whole "attention seeker" thing.

<TomBeaver> I think all the low-hanging fruit is picked wrt recruits now, except maybe Westphal - but he's given no hint of an decision timeline

<TomBeaver> zs05wc - I think he's truly staying engaged, and he enjoys it ...

<KyleBogie> RE: bluewolve. Parkerr, excuse me, Parrker, just tweeted the other night that he should "get his top 10 out there" so i'm not sure if he's a candidate for deciding to commit because the spots are scarce at this moment.

<TomBeaver> Bogie - agree ... to me top10 indicates he's a ways away from narrowing it to one

<TomBeaver> if they get Westphal to the BBQ< and that could happen ... then maybe they can move him along as far as a timeline

<Michman0414> When to the freshman report

<Michman0414> do

<zs05wc> Would they look at Adoree for offense if they fill up at DB?

<KyleBogie> Great point Tom. BBQ will be a good chance to, not pressure, but state the case for an earlier timeline/commitment for Westphal.

<tgodofthunder> Is McDowell transfering for sure, and if so does it help or hurt Michigan?

<TomBeaver> I'd look for that ... the BBQ thing, then HOPEFULLY a decision within a couple months of that ... or sooner ... that's just a stretagy, not a prediction

<TomBeaver> I should have him on the Visits List as a possible BBQ'er ... it's an omission not to have that

<KyleBogie> RE: tgodofthunder:. I don't believe the McDowell news is confirmed at this point. Lawrence Marshall and Malik are close regardnles of where he plays football this fall so I don't think it hurts or helps.

<KyleBogie> RE: zs05wc. If the DB spots are full I believe Michigan would still consider taking Adoree as a DB and if necessary consider offense BUT for a guy like him you just take him and figure it out in my opinion.

<TomBeaver> Agree with Bogie on that one ... it certainly wouldn't hurt, but it's not big deal as far as improving chances ... IMO it's more that he seemingly doesn't like where he's at school that much - at least that's the rumor

<Mdjohnny5> Is Brandon Lee still planning on camping?  I see him on the list, but the kid has like 15+ offers now.

<tgodofthunder> thanks guys

<TomBeaver> Mdjohnny5 - all those on the camp list are merely tentative ... most years the correlation with the actual attendees isn't very good until right before it starts

<TomBeaver> the closer to the start you get, the more accurate it is ... meaning those saying it now, versus a month ago, etc

<Gobleu> Seems to me that our depth is starting to improve.  with more depth comes more flexibility in taking elite players regardless of position.

<TomBeaver> lee's statement that he's camping was back in March ... so who knows

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<Michman0414> Any issues with eligibility for the incoming fer... freshmen?

<TomBeaver> 0414 - not that I've heard or can think of

<KyleBogie> Michman0414. Nothing I've heard of at this point

<Michman0414> Good news. Thanks

<zs05wc> Is Michigan BBall recruiting going to surpass MSU?

<TomBeaver> At this point I'd like to get Westphal in the fold and then wait for Hand and the west coast supers, and call it a day ... oh and Scott of course

<dtree12> sounds like a good plan Tom

<zbforged> What about that safety from Glennville?

<TomBeaver> zbforged - oft times the Glenville kids stay a little under the radar, then break later

<TomBeaver> Kyle - besides Hand, who was the best player in Columbus?

<Gobleu> Tom, I agree, but would still like to see one more OL in this class.

<KyleBogie> re: zs05wc. Not sure how you want me to answer that or how to go about it but Michigan and this coaching staff have something special going on.

<AllenTrieu> Can answer any NFTC or Midwest questions you guys have

<TomBeaver> Allen - besides Hand, who was the best player there?

<zbforged> Allen- How did Micheal Ferns look?

<skuzzim> what are the odds/percentages that we would get an additional five star

<KyleBogie> Tom, if I had to choose based on what I saw, Monte Nicholson is my choice. He was fantastic as a receiver and lockdown when he flipped over to DB occasionally.

<dtree12> Allen, why ar e Ohio fans all ashsholes?

<KyleBogie> Thanks for joining Allen!

<TomBeaver> Nicholson - very interesting ... how tall is he now?

<zs05wc> Allen are you at Dr. Grins this weekend?

<Crowpuppy> Allen, Tom or Kyle, might A. Labus be a late offer guy for UM?

<TomBeaver> Allen - I'm also interested in the Ferns thing ... why no Golden TIcket?

<djpgolf42> Is it likely/possible that Ferns gets a golden ticket?

<AllenTrieu> Ferns - Liked him! Big and fast. Always knew that though. Athelticism has never been a question, level of competition and immediate readiness more of the questions

<AllenTrieu> I am NOT at Dr. Grins this weekend. June is camp month and that monopolizes my life

<AllenTrieu> Austin Labus - very much a longshot IMO

<TomBeaver> Of course LBs are sorta a waste at The Opening ... it's no place for them at a 7-7 tourney ... but I bet Ferns was really disappointed, I think he wanted it

<Crowpuppy> Thanks Allen

<AllenTrieu> Ferns may get a late golden ticket. IMO - he deserved it

<KyleBogie> Nicholson looked like a solid 6-2 but more athletic than the last time I saw him in the fall. He was out jujping *jumping everyone for the football, was quick in and out of his releases, glided down the field on go's -- I really liked him.

<AllenTrieu> Not sure how many LBs they take and where they're at, but numbers could be a reason too

<TomBeaver> Nicholson - very interesting

<dave76> Like interesting, as in let's see if UM goes after him hard now?

<zs05wc> Is Nicholson more of a FS or SS type?

<TomBeaver> niho ... er, Nicholso - he's a skill guy, so not a SS

<KyleBogie> Tom I should add that I was with the WR/DB's essentially the entire session. Got a close look at Nicholson, as in every rep, and he and Damon Webb were the best ones over there.

<skuzzim> allen/tom, how interested is very interesting nicholson in u of m

<djpgolf42> What was the general thought at the Nike Camp regarding Hand, Michigan tied with Va Tech or something different?

<AllenTrieu> Nicholson is going to get BIG. He may not be a sstrong guy now, but might be down the line. He's huge

<AllenTrieu> Oh yeah - you asked who the best player there was other than guys probably don't want to hear this, but it might have been Damon Webb

<dave76> Can't win 'em all

<zs05wc> Meh, Peppers takes that sting away.

<KyleBogie> Webb looked great Allen. I thought the MVP choices of Nicholson and Webb for WR/DB were spot on.

<zs05wc> Also Hand dismissing Ohio.

<TomBeaver> Allen - I'm always fascinated by how the coaches can foresee that ... last year at camp he was good-not-great but obviously they could see the potential whereas I only saw he was good-not-great

<TomBeaver> Nicholson I mean

<AllenTrieu> Yeah, you know, I still don't know that I think Nicholson is going to be GREAT. I think he has talent, but he's a kid I could see outgrowing the position. He's pretty big

<TomBeaver> I don't think Nicholson is in a hurry ... and how that plays into U-M's class remains to be seen

<KyleBogie> We'll have full video on Nicholson's performance from yesterday too. Maybe Tom will chancge his mind! LOL.

<rgarg1> Allen...still stings with Damon Webb.  Thought he was all Michigan.  People say we took too many CBs for his liking, but he is a SUPER

<TomBeaver> yeah, I'm talking about a year ago of course

<TomBeaver> webb - the one who got away, definitely

<Aair16> ouch

<TomBeaver> Hand dissing Ohio is cute (to me) ... I think he knows his audience

<AllenTrieu> I was pretty surprised with Webb's decision. In fact, someone handed me the story that morning by telling me he was committing to Ohio State and I didn't believe them, so I took a nap and he committed while I was asleep haha

<rgarg1> Allen, any thoughts on why Webb went to OSU so early

<Mdjohnny5> Still don't buy the "too many CBs" excuse; the kid just fell for Urban's schtick.  Lawrence Marshall did the same thing, but has an easier time admitting a mistake.

<rgarg1> Just for some reason seemed Webb was all Blue

<TomBeaver> Webb - not a guy who fell thru the cracks .. he'd made many visits to U-M ... so that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes

<KyleBogie> That's a great story Allen

<AllenTrieu> Why he chose OSU? I believe them when they say the depth chart was a part of it. I also think OSU constantly being at the school and constantly showing him attention did get to him too.

<AllenTrieu> They did a good job recruiting him

<TomBeaver> Alen - who's your Best Kid Saturday, other than Hand

<AllenTrieu> Tom - I think it was Webb

<bloodyknuckles09> Aklk.

<dave76> I think he said Webb

<offskooring> welll, if osu wants osu and THAT...then so be shouldn't be so heart hardened

<TomBeaver> K ... gotcha

<bloodyknuckles09> Allen. for 2015 where dio you see Harris Ranking wise

<AllenTrieu> I assume you mean Damien Harris. I think he has a shot to be top 50 nationally

<AllenTrieu> Teams are going to key on him this year, I want to see how he handles that. Also want to see him against better competition, which I think we will get to see this year, but he's a very very talented kid

<zbforged> Is the Butler coach from North Carolina bringing anyone this year to camp?

<KyleBogie> Phsyically I think Brian Cole from Saginaw looked good and quicker than I expected yesterday. Curious to know your thoughts Allen???

<tgodofthunder> Allen, what was your take on Bunting?  Do you think he has a shot moving up in the rankings?

<bloodyknuckles09> Thanks

<rgarg1> Allen, Kyle, Tom: Everyone talking that if Michigan recruits this well after 8-5 season, can you imagine a 12-1 season.  WOWOWOW

<TomBeaver> Tru, er, Trieu -- important that we see him in A2 again this summer ... IMO

<Crowpuppy> Allen, where abouts do you see M. Weber falling nationally, rank wise?

<AllenTrieu> Bunting - Great frame. Catches it well. Still growing into his body a little bit, so I want to see how he runs and moves when he fills out. I think he needs some time. I don't think he's as ready as Funchess or Butt, hence he's ranked lower than where those guys were right now. He definitely has a chance to move up though.

<AllenTrieu> Brian Cole - Really liked him. I was happy. You never know when you like kids on film and then see them in person. I thought he lived up to the hype

<rgarg1> Seems like so many recruits are talking how 'real' our coaches are.  So refreshing to hear that

<AllenTrieu> Mike Weber - He's only really played one year and he was coming off an injury, so to me, I'm probably going to rank him fairly conservatively until I see more of him this year

<TimWhatley> Mods - what are your opinions on WR recruiting in '13 and 14? A lot of these guys seem like the same type of player. Is that by design, seems like a quicker guy/slot guy would fill in perfectly, although these flex TE's may have replaced the slot in this new offense

<AllenTrieu> I see a gap between Harris and Weber if I'm being honest

<Crowpuppy> That would've been my next question, thanks Allen.

<TomBeaver> Allen  - what do you think got Bunting his Golden Ticket (since he was nursing a bit of a hammy) ... trying to figure out why some got theirs, others not

<rgarg1> Allen, were you surprised Marshall went to OSU and ended up a wolverine?  Gave folks hopes on Webb!

<wolverinerx> what is a golden ticket?

<djpgolf42> Are there politics i.e. a kid committed to a Nike school (OSU) vs. an Addidas school (Michigan)

<dave76> FOr Willie Wonka's Factory

<AllenTrieu> Bunting was hurt, didn't do 1-1s and still got the ticket... it pretty much shows the selection process for E11/The Opening is based a lot on hype and how they can sell the event

<Bossgobbler23> Golden Ticket = The Opening

<Gobleu> A guy we don't hear much about is AJ Williams.  Any word on weather he is being groomed for one of the tackle positions, or will he see playing time at TE?  How does he fit in the mix with Funchess and Butt?

<AllenTrieu> There were always rumblings about Marshall wavering and his family not being happy with OSU. Webb, not at all

<TomBeaver> Allen - that's an answer I was afraid to hear, hoped you'd have a logical rationale, lol

<wolverinerx> thank you

<offskooring> webbs=$$$?

<KyleBogie> TimWhatley. I think Jones has a chance to be really productive, good mix of size and speed. Harris is the super in 2014. If they can add a slot type, quick guy in 2014 I like the group and the future.

<AllenTrieu> Tom - unfortunately it's either that or I have no idea what I'm looking at because some of the selections and non-selections seem a bit puzzling

<TimWhatley> thanks Kyle

<AllenTrieu> I haven't heard anything about AJ Williams and tackle. Seems like he'll continue to be like an extra OT playing TE

<rgarg1> Do you guys think we get Jamarco Jones?

<offskooring> oppop

<TomBeaver> Elite 11 was scary in that way last summer ... so don't like the way things are trending in this regard

<AllenTrieu> I think there's a shot at Jamarco, I really do. Many think he's going to Ohio State. Jamarco says he thinks it's funny that anyone thinks they know where he's going, because he doesn't even know.

<AllenTrieu> Can't see him picking ND. Think it's OSU, Michigan and MSU. Last visit will go a long way

<TomBeaver> Jamarco Jones -- Allen may know better, or Kyle, but I'm breathing in and out on that one ... U-M not out of it, but doesn't have a real edge there  either

<norplas> Would UM take KJ Williams right now or are they waiting for Scott and/or Holmes

<kinmedic> Do we have a realistic shot at A Scott?  I know he'd like to wait, but do you think he would feel the close of the position and want a spot?

<rgarg1> Allen..UM more than punchers chance at Jamarco?  Everyone seemed to think MSU or OSU

<NCgoblue7> Anyone think Wheatley Jr becomes a big-time recruit?

<KyleBogie> Also TimWhatley, the tight end recruiting has been so good that getting them involved in the receiving core/in the middle of the field should benefit the wide outs overall . Funchess and Butt are terrific in my oopinion.

<AllenTrieu> Tom's assessment is right on - no edge there, but there's hope and it's that Mom really likes U-M and the academics

<TomBeaver> norplas - Sam insists U-M would take KJ, and he knows what he's talking about on that one

<dave76> He already has a Bama offer doesn't he?  Wheatley

<AllenTrieu> Wheatley Jr. will be a highly ranked kid IMO

<AllenTrieu> Yeah - Bama has offered

<rgarg1> Tom: Good guys must really like KJ williams as Scott is a stud

<TomBeaver> And he's likely to be Blue of course, my IMO

<NCgoblue7> Will Wheatley go blue or listen to other schools?

<NCgoblue7> gotcha

<dave76> Sam says he would be shocked if Wheatley doesn't end up in AA

<Aair16> devin thinks the world of jake butt

<norplas> Would they take KJ and Scott

<AllenTrieu> Both - he'll listen to others and then end up at Michigan

<AllenTrieu> Whealtey Sr. wants to stay out of it and let his kid make his own choice, but sometimes he can't help himself haha.

<Aair16> hes going to see the field and devin will find him

<NCgoblue7> That's not surprising

<TomBeaver> Trieu, re Jones ... usually mom liking academics, in the end, isn't the most important thing ... U-M has lost lotsa kids in that category ... hope Jamarco gets hooked too in his last visit

<BlueFan31> Sam has said that we'll only take 3 WRs. Next one to commit will be it

<Crowpuppy> Is Jones a tackle?

<AllenTrieu> Agree Tom - that's why I say there's no lead for Jones, but Mom's approval is a good start

<TomBeaver> Wheatley - it'd be shocking if he wasn't Blue in the end ...

<rounds> Who is the next bball commit?

<dave76> The MSU deepth chart has to be attractive to him.  Way moreso than UM's

<Mdjohnny5> Allen, any mid-west guys we should keep an eye on that UM has been checking up on?

<KyleBogie> WR recruiting. This is why I believe that last wide receiver spot will be taken sooner rather than later. Someone will say enough is enough and pull the trigger.

<kinmedic> do we have a realistic shot at Scott?  Will he feel the crunch and commit?

<TomBeaver> dave76 - maybe ... U-M isn't deep in tackles

<AllenTrieu> Jones, to me, it depends on who else you have there. At MSU, he'd almost certainly be a tackle. For Michigan, with the guys they've signed recently, I think he'd be a swing guy who could play wherever they needed him

<dave76> is he a true tackle?  Some say no

<norplas> Would love to get Jones just to hear the Buck fans whine

<rgarg1> AAir..Do you think Darboh and Cheson emerge this year

<TomBeaver> Scott -- he'll probably BBW, er, BBQ< so we'll see what he thinks after that

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<rounds> Where is Godin and Wormley playing?

<dave76> SDE

<kinmedic> Why are the thoughts that we will go after 1 or 2 more LBs?

<AllenTrieu> Mdjohnny - usually some guys pop up at camp. This year, I think it will be more young guys that pop up. Watch out for Andrew Dowell, a RB from St. Eds in Ohio. Love that kid. Think UM will end up recruiting him hard

<Bossgobbler23> Is Hand a possible BBQer or just a summer visit?

<unhet> Tom-Has MSU ever gotten a non-Michigan player pursued by UM, OSU +ND. I'm old and don't remember any.

<KyleBogie> RE: rounds. Tough to decipher at this point. If it's someone in the 2015 class my guess would be Kennard. If it's in the 2014 class, I'd go with Kameron Chatman . I say Chatman with a little more confidence thatn I have with Kennard BTW.

<rgarg1> Kyle..what is your gut on our 3 WR?  Scott, KJ, or Holmes?  Everyone seems to want Scott

<AllenTrieu> Camp sleeper - Drue Tranquill, a S-LB from Ft. Wayne. He's going to camp and I think he has a shot to be the James Rogers/Jake Fisher etc camp surprise

<TomBeaver> unhet - good question

<Aair16> i think either certianly could...Darboh has a slight edge..but neither IMO have a big role

<dave76> So it's Gallon and Funchess catching the majority of the balls this year?

<Aair16> we'll have a te in the slot more times than not...if its zone coverage delio is will always be in there ahead of those guys

<TomBeaver> Aair- folks have a hard time believing that, lol

<unhet> I'll take that as a tentative no.

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Personally, my OPINION is Scott. I know KJ appears to be closer but I really do think Scott is intrigued by potentially playing with teammates in Ann Arbor but also joining a really talented class.


<AllenTrieu> Also David Moorman - 2015 OT from Northville, I love that kid. Watch out for him at camp too

<rgarg1> Aair...Gallon, Butt, and Funchess main targets

<NCgoblue7> Best shot at joining bball class....Bluiett, Booker, or Looney?

<rounds> Anxious to see who grabs the starting TB spot.

<kinmedic> Would kill for scott.  To have a speedy slot with all our big guys would be dangerous

<KyleBogie> Agree with Allen big time on Tranquill. We'll actually havea story on him this sweek. Big kid that really impressed at the Midwest Elite over a week ago. big time baseball prospect too.

<TomBeaver> IMO for KJ he also has to decide if he wants to face the stiff competition ... at least I would if I were him lol

<rgarg1> Kyle...WOW.  Great to hear

<dave76> That has to be what is holding KJ back, right?

<rgarg1> One thing I have notices is that GREAT players LOVE the idea of playing with other star players.

<KyleBogie> NCgoblue7. Booker.

<dave76> truth

<Aair16> delio is going to catch a ton of balls this year.

<NCgoblue7> is he small forward?

<AllenTrieu> Gotta run, but I will try to stop into the lunch chat tomorrow too. Thanks everyone!

<dave76> Kyle - chances we get Booker AND Chatman?

<dave76> thanks Allen!

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. THAT, my friend, is what wil lbe huge for the 2014 bball class and could get the ball rolling with commits...

<al7gblue> dileo = wes welker

<Aair16> He is a damn good football player. He is in the right spot everytime, he reads D best of anyone

<KyleBogie> Thanks Allen!

<dave76> except he doesn't catch that many passes

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<snic2u> Thanks allen

<rounds> Any idea who the starting OL will be?

<TomBeaver> thanks Allen!

<KyleBogie> dave76. Look for a story on that TOMORROW. But the chance of it has definitely increased. Some legs to a story like that

<dave76> mmmmmm.........I like the sounds of that

<rounds> Chatman is the type of player that Coach B drools over because of his versatility.

<rgarg1> UM basketball coaching staff top 5 recruiters in the country?  They seem really awesome on the recruiting trail

<NCgoblue7> I miss Tom's computer being here

<Aair16> I'd say Darboh plays more snaps bu i would be suprised if Butt didnt have more impact

<TomBeaver> SURE - KALIS, Miller, Braden on the inside, most likely ... tho Glasgow could beat someone out, Miller or Braden, IMO

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Can't answer that question because I don't really get to focus on other schools and how they do things. All I can say is that this staff has a presence about them that is very impressive to both parents and recruits.


<Aair16> we will hear a ton about jake when practice starts

<TomBeaver> THere are a LOT of great recruiting basketball staffs ... being TO p10 would be the goal IMO, not TOp 5

<rgarg1> Aair...Butt is that good??

<TomBeaver> Getting to the Finals, tho, gives them suc h an edge right now ... and I'm sure they'll take advantage

<Aair16> according to our qb. no question.

<Aair16> sure fire future all b10

<NCgoblue7> Does Shane Morris get more than 10 snaps this year?

<kazoowolve> that is awesome news re: butt

<KyleBogie> Regarding Chatman and his cmamp performance by the way. Chatman is the best player on one of the best teams in the entire country and plays in tournaments every weekend against some of the top talent assembled. He didn't dominate the camp ilike some may have expected him to but that doesn't mean he's not every bit the player he's ranked as. Busy spring for him, long trip, early rise, news surroundings, different teammates.

<rgarg1> on..That Final 4 run put Michigan B-ball on the MAP.  Throw in possibly 2 1st round picks this year and likely next year..WOW

<TomBeaver> Jake Butt was such a natural at the opening last year .. all he needs is experience and more strength

<KyleBogie>  he defers first before being aggressive -- I personally can't wait to see him in July.

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. I love Jake Butt as a tight end. I think he is the perfect blend of a tough guy inside and sikill guy in passing game.

<rgarg1> Aair...Devin Gardner seems like he is maturing by the day.  Kid will be a 1st round pick some day man

<bigcox7> How good is Runyan JR? Is he a likely offer?

<TomBeaver> I've always been a Devin fan ... don't sleep on him challenging for All Big Ten ... my IMO

<Aair16> Way too much has been made in other places about Devin needing to grow up, be a better student of the game, leader, mature...

<rgarg1> Tom Beaver..agree with you my man.  Devin can be the truth

<rgarg1> Always remembered when Tom called Devin Terrele Pryor in high school (in terms of talent; pryor is mentally crazy).  I think Devin can have an even bigger impact

<offskooring> devin seems to have a right head upon him

<Aair16> Devin set foot on campus as muture as they come, a great leader, and very smart

<TomBeaver> We should be able to find out re RUnyon ... he's supposed to camp

<rgarg1> Kyle..Hoke and Mattison seem like Magic on the recruiting trail.  We go 8-5 and they are KILLING it

<zs05wc> Could Funchess and Butt end up on the field at the same time?

<Aair16> he in his mind won the qb comp..and it wasnt close in his mind. Drob got the job and 4 weeks later was front runner for the heisman

<bigcox7> is it likely we only take 1 OL next year?

<TomBeaver> Aair -- that's from people who don't know or understand Devin at all ... don;t know he is thos ethings

<Aair16> All the time he was being pushed by people around him and some big name coaches to yes devin had a lapse for a few months.

<KyleBogie> i THINK there will be a lot of two tight end stets in the future

<TomBeaver> well guys ... I'm gonna call it a night ... I'm up in Pregon this week, time to see what's to eat around here

<al7gblue> chances that DG leave after this year seems to be rising if I'm reading the tea leaves correctly

<zs05wc> I kind of want to see Funchess replace J Jackson tho.

<KyleBogie> Thanks Tom!

<rgarg1> AAir..if we could go back in time...what would have been like if Devin played QB and Drob Slot/RB

<Aair16> Devin LOVES Michigan, loves college, loves being exactly where he is. So I wouldnt think he leaves early

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. That is a question that will be debated for YEARS to come especially if Devin has a big year like I expect him to.

<KyleBogie> Aair16. If he has a huge year, don't be surprised...

<Gobleu> Thanks, Tom.  Let me know if you need a food recommendation in the Portland area.

<rgarg1> Kyle...Realistically can we grab Jamarco Jones, Scott, Hand, westphal, McDowell, and Furbush?

<zbforged> Who's the deep threat this year?

<al7gblue> doesnt he have enough credits to graduate? If he has a huge year at QB, seems like a forgone conclusion that he would leave.  Hope not

<rgarg1> aair...if Devin possible top 10 NFL draft good?

<kazoowolve> he already walked for graduation

<Aair16> Kyle - I know two agents that are dying to land DG

<KyleBogie> He already has graduated, referring to dEVIN, is currently working on a post graduate ddegree I believe...

<Aair16> hes getting a ton of attention. George put a very positive review out on the street.

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. I think all are possibilities but landing EVERY single one doesn't seem likely just based on numbers alone.

<al7gblue> kid has done good in the classroom, that's great to hear

<rgarg1> Kyle..let a brother dream : )

<KyleBogie>  I'm out of here as well. Thanks for coming as wlalwyas. I hope you've been enjoying the coverage!

<kazoowolve> thx Kyle

<Gobleu> Thanks, Kyle.

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