Jenkins Keeping an Open Mind

Pittsburgh (PA) Baldwin OT, Sterling Jenkins plans to hit the road this summer to find out more about the programs on his ever expanding list. Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State will be among the stops. The Big Ten schools may be the current standouts, the class of 2015 star has legitimate interest in looking outside of the region.

Sterling Jenkins’ recruitment has picked up significant steam in recent weeks, but that hasn’t distracted him from his plan to work on his game over the summer.  His path to improvement began with last weekend’s Nike Football Training camp in Columbus, Ohio.  While there he squared off with a few of the country’s top pass rushers.  The task of stopping them was rendered more daunting by the wide-nide alignment they were rushed from.

“I absolutely hate when they do that,” a laughing said Jenkins regarding the extreme outside positioning of the ends.  “But pass protection is something that I have to work on a lot, definitely.  (Joseph Henderson) is definitely really fast and somebody that I have to learn to protect against.  And Da'Shawn Hand… I thought it was nice to see the #1 prospect.”

The aforementioned match-ups proved to be tangible growth experiences for a youngster that is only scratching the surface of how good he can be.  The Keystone State star’s potential has an increasing number of coaches salivating.  Arizona, Vanderbilt, and Virginia Tech are the latest schools to extend offers.  As his list of suitors grows more crowded, the task of standing out will become all the more difficult.  That where strong relationships, and Michigan is among those already well on their way to building one.

“I’ve called (Michigan) a few times and I want to go up to visit,” said Jenkins.  “I talked to Coach Funk a few times and I plan to visit up there.  We’ve been keeping in touch. (Funk) is definitely a really knowledgeable guy.  You can tell that he is really wise and knows about the game.  I think he is a teacher first instead of just a guy that will scream at you and scream at you.  I think that if I was with him or anyone like him I would actually learn something instead actually going out there and just doing what they say.  I think I would take more from it than just football knowledge.”

“So I like the coaching staff (at Michigan) so far.  I’m not really a fan of cold weather, but I like their coaching staff and I know that they have good personality traits as well as coaching traits that I could take from.”

In addition to Michigan Jenkins also plans to visit Big Ten brethren Ohio State and Penn State this summer.  A connection to the Nittany Lions has given the traditional power a unique “in”, but he plans to take his time vetting all of his suitors thoroughly before arriving at a decision.

“My uncle played at Penn State back in 80s when they were really good,” Jenkins stated.  “My grandma wants me to stay in state.  Sort of Michigan and Ohio State, and Penn State (stick out) like I said before, but (any school that) offers me, I’ll do all of the research that I can to see if they’re the right fit for me. I want to be able to compete and I also want to be able to be the best lineman I can become.  I really don’t have a problem with traveling. And when it comes to (the depth at the respective schools), I’m not really concerned too much.”

“I think I will make (a commitment) as late as possible because in every really important decision I make, I want to have the most information on it that I can. I want to make the most informed decision and make sure that I’m really sure of my decision.”

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