Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz discuss and answer questions on upcoming visits, the Big House Barbecue in July, Kyle sheds some light on Luke Kennard, as well as talk of who may be the next to join the class of 2014.

<KyleBogie> Hope Monday wasn't too hard for everyone!

<KyleBogie> And Hi!

<Crowpuppy> Monday, blerg.

<gerrygarner> any late rumblings on hoops recruiting

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Not sure if this had been established before but there won't be a commit watch this weekend when Luke Kennard gets his offer. Michigan is still "near the top fof his list" but there won't be an on the spot commitment.

<BELLO> Kyle do you feel the sam way as Sam with Jamaro?

<BELLO> Jamarco

<KyleBogie> BELLO. I actually haven't talked with Sam about Jamarco BUT my opinion is that he's really warming to the idea of becoming a part of the class. I'm sure people are in his ear talking about Michigan's past couple of recruiting classes on the o line but I get the feeling the commits are having an effect in a positive wy on him. Do I know if he'll commit? No. I'm getting more optimistic about itthough. Just my feel.

<umbob1> Kyle, if we offered Kennard a year ago, would he have commited to mich by now?  That is sarcasm

<steelers604> I know that we look good with Westphal, but has he set anything specific as a date?

<minkusdominkus> Are they still recruiting Andrew Brown or has that ship sailed?

<KyleBogie> umbob1. HAHA! Well played. He and his family are very excited to get back up to Ann Arbor for the team camp at the end of June. They'll be staying two nights and visiting Krispy Kreme as soon as they get to town. They've really warmed up to Ann Arbor, enjoy their time here.

<KyleBogie> steelers604. I maintain that Westphal still sappears to be a ways away from making a decision. I think getting him up for the bbq in July will be a good opportunity for the Michigan coaches to say "we don't have many spots, if you want it, let's do this" kind of thing.

<TomBeaver> hi Guys

<BlueBMOC> when is the bbq?

<Crowpuppy> Hey Tom

<TomBeaver> whenever you light it up and invite us!

<KyleBogie> minkusdominkus. They're still hoping to get Brown on campus.

<BlueBMOC> i have the food if you bring the beer!

<TomBeaver> BHBBQ is always the last weekend in July

<KyleBogie> BHBBQ. What Tom said, and Hi sir!

<TomBeaver> The last weekend in July Junior Day goes back 20+ years at U-M

<BlueFan31> Buckeye nsiders are confident that Jones will be wearing scarlet & grey. Let's hope he pulls a Winovich  :)

<minkusdominkus> thanks, kyle

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - I have my fingers crissed

<steelers604> what is your opinion on forbush, I have heard positives and negatives about the kid

<TomBeaver> If U-M snags Jones, that'll be the steal of the year for us

<TomBeaver> steelers - from what I understand,U-M loves the kid ... he's a big guy now at 6-4/235

<bigcox7> Is there any reason why we cant have two BBQ' one in the spring and one in July?

<BlueFan31> I'm really interested to see if another o-line prospect emerges at camp

<TomBeaver> can't imagine a guy that big playing MIKE

<KyleBogie> bluefan31. The amount of negative things you'll hear about Michigan in the Columbus area isn't just coming from fans...Definitely some negative recruiting going on

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - a 2014 prospect? hmmm, that'd be a surprise

<bigcox7> Is Erick Smith invited to BBQ?

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Might be kind of cold to do one in the spring. Plus there's already the spring game.

<TomBeaver> bigcox -- I think you water the brand down by repeating it ... they of course do do many junor visits

<steelers604> first 2014 bball recruit to drop?

<TomBeaver> Erick Smith -- you'd think so

<KyleBogie> steelers604. Still tough to tell at this point. Kameron Chatman in my opinion.

<TomBeaver> steelers - that's Kyle's wheelhose ... Kyle?

<umbob1> I am sure I missed this...does Hand and Marhsall play the same position

<TomBeaver> umbob - proly

<gerrygarner> What's your guys feel on Ballage? Do you see him as part of the class?

<minkusdominkus> kyle, can you expand on the negative recruiting comment?

<TomBeaver> Ballage? hmmm, I'm not holding my breath

<TomBeaver> my breath

<BlueFan31> I'm still not totally convinced that Jamarco is a true offensive tackle prospect, which we are very much in need of, imho

<KyleBogie> minkusdominkus. OSU spends a ot of time putting down Michigan in conversations they have with recruits that both schools are in on.

<gerrygarner> Is Ballage leaning towards another school or is it more of a Michigan cooling on him?

<TomBeaver> he'd certainly be another excellent big back ... my guess is the next big-back Wolverine will be Damien Harris tho ... just my guess

<bigcox7> Obviously we would be close to full, but is Alex Bars a guy they would take no matter what if kelly goes pro and he wanted to come to us?

<gerrygarner> thanks Tom

<TomBeaver> Alex Bars - I'd certainly think so

<minkusdominkus> would it be fair to say that michigan also does its share of negative recruiting?

<TomBeaver> Is Jamarco an OT? that's a good queston ... I'm guessing, yes ... just a guess tho

<KyleBogie> minkusdominkus. Based on conversations I've had, the Michigan staff does a good job of keeping the focus on them, not anyone else.

<minkusdominkus> thats really great to hear, thanks kyle

<TomBeaver> minkus - not really ... tha's no ... that's not U-M's schtick

<minkusdominkus> thanks, tom

<TomBeaver> it seems they will point out depth charts, etc ... but they sell what U-M has, not tear down what others don't - for the most part

<BlueFan31> Negative recruiting can definitely backfire if you're not careful. Have to really know your audience.

<TomBeaver> Brady doesn't really like to talk badly of anyone anyway, that's not his style

<umbob1> except the chickens in south bend

<TomBeaver> umbob -- that was said tongue in cheek ... and besides the domers served up a big fat softball on that one

<umbob1> I was kidding.  I have heard Hoke talk a few times at those events.  He is all about Michigan

<TomBeaver> BTW, my pure opinion - I'm glad to see to ND game go by the wayside ...I'm not sure it helped either program that much

<gerrygarner> Any potential with the Jalen Brown visit this week or is that a long shot

<BELLO>  6'4/5 tackle mmm...just saying

<TomBeaver> Two big rival games is enough ... rotate other schools through besides that, my IMO

<TomBeaver> Jalen Brown - another one I'm not holding breath on ... but maybe he'll fall in love

<umbob1> Unlike MSU and OSU, I actually loved tailgating in South Bend and their fans were very similar to Michigan fans IMO

<Denali00> Any new Zimmerman recruiting news Tom?

<minkusdominkus> Is there any chance at Adoree AND Juju?  Or are they just going with one more DB?

<TomBeaver> umbob - that part was nice ... the peope were nice

<KyleBogie> He tweeted (Jalen Brown) that he thought the visit was "great" and now he heads off to Michigan State.

<TomBeaver> Zimmerman -- well maybe Kyle can chime in there ... but there is some longtime U-M interest there I'm told

<TomBeaver> minkus -- I think they'd certainly find room for both

<TomBeaver> both are both-ways guys

<KyleBogie> Denali00. If Zimmerman visits, I think it's a situation like Chatman where you would start to feel more optimistic. Z has a great vibe with Vall and mom isn't pushing him in any direction.

<bigcox7> I thought Jalen's visit was tomorrow?

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. Earlier today.

<TomBeaver> he's off to MSU so it was a pretty short visit...

<skuzzim> Mods, can anyone clarify the Florida rumors regarding Adoree

<minkusdominkus> would they prefer one over the other (adoree/juju)? I know OSU is hopeful about getting smith

<TomBeaver> skuzzim - I think that was mistaken identity

<BlueBMOC> Will Peppers play in an AA game?

<KyleBogie> Brown said over a half hour ago that he's headed to East Lansing now.

<TomBeaver> K

<KyleBogie> Must have been short!

<TomBeaver> he wasn't ni A2 that long, he arrived there noonish?

<bigcox7> Maybe they said the were full?

<minkusdominkus> if you had to guess, who do you think the first 2015 commit would be?

<skuzzim> if they (u of m) does not get hand, how likely would anymore dl other than McDowell

<bigcox7> How committed is Mone?

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. I think they would still take a DL. How likely? Would have to see who they turn the heat up on.

<BlueBMOC> Mone = Alan Branch 2.0?

<KyleBogie> minkusdominkus. George Campbell, if I had to guess.

<minkusdominkus> that would be nice...

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. No indication for any worry there.

<skuzzim> I thought McDowell was more like Branch II

<TomBeaver> skuzzim - I can see that

<TomBeaver> McDowell and Branch

<BlueBMOC> was hoke coaching DL when branch was here?

<skuzzim> Tom, you should.  It was an idea you originally stated

<TomBeaver> minkus - no

<TomBeaver> lol

<minkusdominkus> ive never really participated on the chat before, so tonight im getting my moneys worth

<skuzzim> Besides Jones, when is next likely commit.  Any commit expectations at time of bbq

<TomBeaver> skuzzim - I think the BBQ will be veeeery interesting

<TomBeaver> Jones - I will be a leeeeetle surprised if he picks U-M ... I know Sam is more optimistic

<TomBeaver> Sam

<bigcox7> How many WR will we take in 15

<TomBeaver> '15 will be a small class ... so 1? 2?

<skuzzim> Back to bigcox

<skuzzim> back to bigcox's question.  How solid is Mone

<minkusdominkus> do we know yet if hand is coming out for the bbq?

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. Nothing seems to be changing but I still have that feeling that a wide receiver is going to drop and fill the last slot.

<TomBeaver> that would be a great BBQ then

<bigcox7> Kyle so you think it will be williams

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. I think he is solid.

<goblue101> Tom, do you see Artavis Scott going blue at the BBQ?

<TomBeaver> well, that'd be a dream BBQ

<KyleBogie> bigcox7. I could see it being anyone. Just think one will step up and say "I'm taking it."

<kazoowolve> maybe we get our first 2015 commit at the BBQ

<KyleBogie> The commits have been all over Mr. Scott of late too

<TomBeaver> I think he'll think aout er about it, at least a little

<skuzzim> what names would make the bbq veeeery most commitments

<jonpc> tom, i expect a bunch of db's go to dymonte, hill, stribling, maybe dawson....what say u?

<BlueFan31> Imho, Reon Dawson would make an excellemnt free safety

<kazoowolve> Mattison wants some big corners. Maybe those guys you mentioned aren't one, but we are recruitng big corners because we want big corners

<Bossgobbler23> Have any of you guys spoken to Mone lately?

<goblue101> If Scott were to commit, how much influence would Scott and Cole playing for Michigan influence Campbell?

<goblue101> i said influence twice, sorry haha

<BlueBMOC> i saw a comparison of peppers to Patrick Peterson at the same stage, is that a fair comparison?

<kazoowolve> Campbell may be recruiting Scott, i am thinking

<TomBeaver> Mone -- not gonna be easy to reach that guy

<jonpc> Jourdan Lewis will be interesting.....that kid can play, but he is smallish

<TomBeaver> I'll be surpried if he doesn't stick to U-M

<KyleBogie> goblue101. I think Cole alone helps with Campbell regardless of what Scott does. Plus I think Campbell loves Michigan.

<bigcox7> How likely is Hillman?

<KyleBogie> kazoowolve. That is more of an accurate statement.

<KyleBogie> jonpc. LOVE JD. He is just a playmaker.

<TomBeaver> Hilliman - another one not holding breath about, personally ... that's a guy who talks highly about OSU

<TomBeaver> goblue101 -- IMO Campbell doesn't need toooooo much convincing ...just opinion

<minkusdominkus> should we expect to see the young wheatley in a winged helmet in the future?

<TomBeaver> Patrick Peterson - let's hope so, lol

<KyleBogie> minkusdominkus. I oagree excuse me, believe, that you will.

<kazoowolve> A 11-1 reg season and a BCS win would send 2014 and 2015 classes through the moon

<TomBeaver> young Wheatley in a winged helmet ... it'd be a shock if that doesn't happen, lol

<jonpc> i think James Ross goes after 3 years,,,thus the push for more lbers,,,along with poole's injury...i think he will be that good

<BlueBMOC> young wheatly a TE or DE?

<bigcox7> so we want a te next year too

<minkusdominkus> so, UDel, then?

<TomBeaver> kazoo -- agree, tho the '14 class'll be almost done beforehand

<BlueFan31> Darius West just committed to Kentucky. Sparty loses another recruiting battle for an Ohio kid

<kazoowolve> yeah, but there will be a couple slots left for supers from Cali or somewhere

<TomBeaver> BlueBMOC -- I think DE, but we'll see of course

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. One or the other, still plenty of time.

<TomBeaver> bigcox - I'd think so, re a TE next year

<BlueBMOC> i know we are a ways out, but when does fall camp open??

<TomBeaver> fall camp is always the first week of August

<BlueFan31> Stoops' ties to the state of Ohio is really hurting B10 programs like Sparty & Iowa

<TomBeaver> big vsit day tomorrow ... Ballage,

<kazoowolve> thats awesome

<kazoowolve> re: Stoops mopping up the scraps in OH

<TomBeaver> Ballage, and it looks like Jacques Patrick, Dre Brown

<TomBeaver> well guys, I gotta go find smething for dinner i the fridge ...

<TomBeaver> THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, as always

<goblue101> Thanks Tom!

<Bossgobbler23> Thanks Tom!

<jonpc> kzoo...Oklahoma is in a funny position.....they live and die by Texas...a fool's bargain....

<KyleBogie> I'll hang out until 9 guys

<goblue101> Kyle, is the amount of recruiting that guys like Shane Morris, Speight, and Ferns have been doing, is that normal amongst recruits? I know that recruits talk and stuff, but it seems like the amount that these guys do is crazy. Do other recruits that are going to other schools recruit as hard as the guys we have seen the last couple years?

<minkusdominkus> the recruits recruiting recruits really started with morris, right? how much did hoke influence that, or was that really all on morris/ferns?

<jonpc> kyle....who is the best HS footballer that you have seen in person....for me, it was ty wheatley

<kazoowolve> Seems like ohio had some kids in the near past that recruited as a group. That whole Block O thing was lead by their center. They didn't have social networking, and that was just 5-6 yrs ago

<KyleBogie> Hard for me to say how much kids are doing it at other schools since I'm not following it closely but it really seems like this is something that has been amped up the past few years. I talked to Ian Bunting in Columbus and he said the chemistry is so important, and he's right. You could have so much talent on a team but if all of thsose guys don't wanna work, sweat, and play togtether, it won't matter.

<KyleBogie> jonpc. Jabrill Peppers (as a sophomore). Kyle Kalis would be next.

<kazoowolve> Kyle, how good is Tyriq Williams?

<kazoowolve> sorry Thompson

<KyleBogie> That's the thing now a days, with twitter, maybe we just notice it a lot more than we did before? Regardless, I think these kids do a great job and go above and beyond to build a strong class.

<KyleBogie> kazoowolve. I havent had the chance to see him in padds in a real game yet but just watching him run around at camps or compete in 7-on-7's, I think he is terrific and someone that will earn an offer eventually. He is a freak. He'll be a linebacker in college but have a tremendous ability to cover, people.

<skuzzim> earl campbell.  the best rb in texas hs football hx.  also played most of the time on d at nt

<minkusdominkus> has the staff influenced these guys to recruit their peers or was that really all on the kids?

<KyleBogie> minkusdominkus. I think numbers could be provided in some instances but for the most part the kids are doing all of this on their own.

<goblue101> So how likely is it that Fournette ends up taking an official to UofM? Sorry if this has been addressed. I know he says he wants to...but how sincere is that?

<KyleBogie> goblue101. That's a "I'll believe it when I see it" type of thing in my opinion/.

<minkusdominkus> i figure that the staff has to be involved in so far as to let the kids know who the targets are, but thats great to hear

<minkusdominkus> how important has the manning hire been to recruiting this class?

<ProfessorBlueOmar> Is Scott dropping at the BBQ? If not, KJ is taking his spot

<KyleBogie> minkusdominkis. It's been huge. Roy has a way of relating to the players not only as a young coach but as a guy who played at Michigan.

<minkusdominkus> and a young kid, as well

<KyleBogie> professorblueomar. I think that'll be the chance for Scott. Will he bite?

<KyleBogie> I still owouldn't be surprised if a wide receiver just decided betweeen now and then either.

<minkusdominkus> thanks for the chat, kyle

<KyleBogie> Ok everyone, I' , I'm, taking off as well. Transcript will be posted tonight!

<KyleBogie> Hope you enjoyed it minkusdominkus! Thanks for coming by.

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