Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver, Kyle Bogenschutz, and FOXSportsNEXT's Allen Trieu all join in on the discussion Monday night. Among the topics, the first two days of the Michigan football camp, top performers, and campers the rest of the week.

Monday's GoBlueWolverine chat transcript focuses on the Michigan football camp, going on all week:

<TomBeaver> Camp is always the best week of the year for me ... that makes me a hopeless recruiting geek

<TomBeaver> I'd rather attend camp in person than go to the games in person ... which makes me a hopeless recruiting geek

<minnerick> is damian harris there?

<TomBeaver> however, camp has changed, alot ... it's 90% for rising juniors and sophs now ... very little to do with the rising seniors

<TomBeaver> Damien Harris is not coming this week, sadly ... a conflict cam up at the last second for him

<TomBeaver> however, me personally, if I had to choose...I'd rather see him at the BBQ, if I had my pick

<TomBeaver> so hopefully he shows up then

<KyleBogie> Hey everyone

<minnerick> sounds like it looks pretty good for Deshawn hand?

<TomBeaver> the one rising seniorto keep in the backof your mindis the Hawaiian DT

<TomBeaver> nothing has changed wrt Handand U-M since he visited there... his interest is "high" but nothing is settled

<minnerick> thats the guy whose coach is close friends with brady?

<TomBeaver> correct

<bbeebe> trifecta

<TomBeaver> the kid is very raw, but an absolute beast

<minnerick> what about the warren harding kid thats from denmark.? I read is us mom loves osu...will it be a big obstacle?

<Crowpuppy> Tom, would they take McDowell, Hand and Vakameilalo?

<AllenTrieu> Michigan is very much in it for Hjalte Froholdt

<minnerick> good!

<AllenTrieu> I don't think US Mom's affinity for OSU will really play in too much. The kid really likes Michigan

<tonyles> IsIs Froholdt a 2015 kid?

<AllenTrieu> Yep. For me, he was the best defensive lineman today

<TomBeaver> Crowpuppy ... mmmm, darn good question ... IMO not right off the bat

<TomBeaver> but for sure he's a great backup in case they lose McDowell or Hand ... and maybe a late pickup regardless???? Just a pure IMO guess there.

<Crowpuppy> Good stuff, thanks.

<TomBeaver> I'm with Allen on Froholdt ... mom told me he cried when he got his Michigan offer ...

<tonyles> Frohold 2015?

<TomBeaver> Froholdt doesn't look spectacular (to me), but he got the QB every time, makes it look easy

<AllenTrieu> Yes - 2015

<tonyles> thanks

<TomBeaver> Frohold 2015!

<minnerick> anymore rumblings on Fournette coming up? or will this die down? of course, Fred jackon has brought us Thomas,bracken and howard from LA?

<TomBeaver> Fournette -- I've not heard anything lately there

<minnerick> what about Malzone? will he be a high rated kid or a nice instate kid. not that star ratings always are indicators,lol

<tonyles> Appears the commitment train could be much slower now.  Perhaps it will be the barbecue before we see another one.

<BlueFan31> Jamarco Jones decided to stay overnight in Columbus.

<dave76> lol, yeah that's soooooo much slower

<tonyles> He stayed overnight here too

<AllenTrieu> Malzone, to me, has a chance to be a pretty highly ranked kid in-state

<minnerick> free tattoo's I think,lol

<AllenTrieu> He just hasn't played a ton yet so that's holding him back, but he can really throw it

<umbob1> The basketball recruiting is much more interesting right now potentially.

<KyleBogie> sORRy guys. Just got off the phone with Jalen Coleman.

<TomBeaver> Malzone - well he's about 6-2.5, not 6-3+ ... we like him alot ... but you know U-M is veeeeeeery deliberate with QBs, offering one at a time, etc. So -- IMO things will go very slowly with a '15 QB ('cept for Rosen of course)

<AllenTrieu> An FYI - I really liked a 2016 RB from NC today, Elijah Deveaux, who has a Mississippi State offer already

<minnerick> so sounds like this staff is sticking with 1 Qb a class?

<umbob1> We are very close on some BBall recruits that will keep this program a top 5 team going forward

<umbob1> Kyle...We are all ears

<TomBeaver> mieeriminnerick -- well we can't speak for them of course ... but IMO yes

<TomBeaver> BlueFan -- me personally, I'll be a little surprised if Jones picks U-M

<BlueFan31> Allen, who would you compare Malzone to?

<AllenTrieu> Don't take this to mean the kid is this good already, but he reminds me of Chad Henne

<BlueFan31> Tom, me too. I think he's been all Buckeye for quite a while. He's just trying to get his Mom comfortable with the decision.

<AllenTrieu> In that, the ball comes out with a lot of velocity, but it's not necessarily the prettiest thing, it's just brute force

<AllenTrieu> He's built a little like Chad to me too

<TomBeaver> he's lie Henne in that he's not overly tall, has gun for an arm ... he's not as broad as Henne but then he's young

<BlueFan31> Alle, that's who I thought of when I watched Malzone's highlights

<AllenTrieu> Now, Alex probably will grow a little yet. I think his dad is still a little taller than him

<AllenTrieu> I think he's a BCS level kid

<AllenTrieu> We'll see if that's at Michigan or not, but the kid is talented

<dave76> Malzone strikes me as the type that doesn't get a UM offer, goes to State and ends up being a Ryan VanDyke

<TomBeaver> Malzone will not, in my IMO, get an offer this week. Remember, he's coming off baseball, so his mechanics are a little baseball-ish.

<TomBeaver> I couldbe wrong of course

<KyleBogie> umbob1/. Jalen is really excited about the offer. Not someone that is going to be making too ealy of a decision. He said this definitely increases his interest, wants to fi (oops)  visit Ann Arbor this summer and said "I could see myself at Michigan"

<BlueFan31> Yeah, have to believe Kyle Kearns and Kevin Dillman are ahead on the QB pecking order at the moment, along with Rosen

<minnerick> so the glennville boys? sounds like there is a chance there...with Ginn's blessings of course?

<AllenTrieu> Malzone just is behind because he hasn't played as much yet. This will be a big year for him and the year where we see what level he gets

offers as. I think he's a Big Ten level guy

<umbob1> Sounds like Booker is a beast

<dave76> I bet that one is still a long shot.  Very long

<BlueFan31> Allen or Tom, is Chance Sorrell camping at UM this week?

<TomBeaver> on the OL ... Edoga was very good today... will he get an offer this week, dunno (I think they'll think about it, dunno if they'll do it)

<KyleBogie> I woldn't put Malzone o the back burner jut yet. He has a live arm, a cannon, and willl continue to improve his footwork, is a two sport athlete, leader, and tremendous competitor.

<AllenTrieu> I don't believe Sorrell is coming, but I could be wrong

<TomBeaver> I don't know why Sorrell'd come

<dave76> He ended up at WMU, right?

<minnerick> how did erick swenson look?

<AllenTrieu> He's uncommitted I think - Sorrell that is

<BlueFan31> I thought maybe he'd have a chance to rpove himself as an offensive tackle

<TomBeaver> Swenson -- very young, not strong .. but the raw ability is there ... he got beat by the good DLs that were there today sometimes, but won other battles. U-M is very strong there of course.

<AllenTrieu> Swenson is so young and he's up with the big dogs, so he does take his lumps here and there, but he more than holds his own. Just needs to

get stronger, but very talented for a kid that young

<AllenTrieu> It's impressive too that he fights for reps. He does get beat here and there, but he jumps back in and competes. He's always played up with

older kids and that shows

<minnerick> he's a 15 or 16 kid?

<TomBeaver> I think Swenson is a RT

<TomBeaver> Swenson is '16 believe it or not ... just a babe

<tonyles> Who is our next realistic commit?  Scott?

<jonpc> of players not named lewan...who could play LT someday?......braden, magnuson, tulley-tillman, fox, samuelson...bars?...tjb puts bars at every position

<minnerick> sounds like michigan is somewhat a dream school for him and his dad? potential to be next LOng or lewan?

<AllenTrieu> Next commit is always tough to predict for me, I have to difer on that one

<AllenTrieu> His Dad LOVES Michigan

<AllenTrieu> Mom is a Northwestern fan. She told me today that it's a house divided, but that she really likes Coach Hoke now that she's met him

<KyleBogie> I feel like a broken record on this so oops, one, but I'll say it again, I still get the feeling a wide receiver is going to pop. That offer is just dangling out there. Think it comes off the bord board soon.

<TomBeaver> Me, I'll be a little surprised if Scott commits at the BBQ< but I hope he does

<BlueFan31> Take this fwiw but I was told that Ben Braden will get a crack at that LT spot next season, along with Magnuson.

<AllenTrieu> Couple other camp observations: 1 - Mike Hart is great as a coach. Very intense and energetic. Wouldn't surprise me to see him on the

Michigan staff some day. He's a great recruiter too.

<AllenTrieu>  2 - All the parents like Brady Hoke. Every one I've talked to is very impressed.

<TomBeaver> Brady has FUN at camp ... he's just a natural recruiter

<minnerick> as far asour receiving core goes will they split funchess out more since really not alot game proven players?

<BlueBMOC> do you guys see any true frosh WR's getting PT?

<AllenTrieu> If one does, it's Da'Mario Jones to me

<TomBeaver> split out Funchess? I doubt it

<AllenTrieu> My other observation was - holy cow is Cameron Gordon BIG now. Looks like a true defensive end

<KyleBogie> bLUEBMOC. I would not be surprise surprised to see Da'Mario Jones get some snaps.

<BlueBMOC> agree Allen, he seems the most physically ready

<TomBeaver> frosh WR? doubt it

<BlueBMOC> maybe a similar role as Darboh played last year

<minnerick> is de mario jones cmparable to manningham?

<AceAP> Mike Hart would be an awesome coach at UM

<AllenTrieu> I wouldn't necessarily bet on it though. I mean, I thought Darboh came in ready too and he still didn't play much, so I'd doubt it, but if one did, it's Jones

<AllenTrieu> Took the words right out of my mouth with Darboh

<TomBeaver> minnerick -- yes, namewise

<BlueFan31> lol

<minnerick> lol

<BlueBMOC> can't wait for the reports to start pouring in about green and D smith

<AllenTrieu> Mario was more smooth and explosive. Da'Mario is bigger and can go up and get the ball. Mario beat guys clean when he got deep, Da'Mario

won't separate as much, but he'll go over the top of guys to get it

<AceAP> I know we look pretty good for Artavis Scott but how do we look for George Campbell. I know its should be pretty well standing but I don't know much more than that

<BlueFan31> DaMario reminds me of BJ Cunningham

<BlueBMOC> agree blue fan

<AllenTrieu> BJ is a pretty good comparison

<TomBeaver> Mario came in as a slot type, a speedster ... daMario is more an Avant type IMO, who with a little mose speed .. he was a RB remember.

<BlueFan31> Allen, how much interest did Borges/UM have in Tyler Wiegers?

<BlueBMOC> which new starter are you most excited to see? for me it's J Wilson

<AllenTrieu> They had some interest in Tyler, but they ended up liking Speight better

<minnerick> is shane in A2 now?

<TomBeaver> BlueBMOC - I hope we don't see him ... you want the safeties to be nice and inconspicuous, lol

<AllenTrieu> To me, if Tyler had waited through the spring and thrown for more teams, he would have gotten tons of offers. I think he's big time

<BlueFan31> Allen, me too. Love that kid's potential

<tonyles> Do all of the incoming freshmen arrive in AA soon?

<jonpc> wilson is important one

<TomBeaver> Dowdy and his mom are staying my my hotel ... talked to him about tomorrow... he's ready for the Big Hawaiian

<minnerick> does peppers start as a true freshman?

<TomBeaver> remember, Woodson didn't start as a frosh until midseason, IIRC

<TomBeaver> you don't want a frosh corner starting if you can help it IMO

<tonyles> When freshmen start right away, trouble lies ahead

<TomBeaver> nickel, yes

<BlueBMOC> true he would have to beat out taylor and countess

<TomBeaver> we'll see o,er, how Dowdy does tomorrow ... but he had to duck to get into the front door of the hotel, lol

<jonpc> i'm excited about ross...i think he will bw all B1G

<TomBeaver> Ross - not this year, but eventually, IMO

<AceAP> How does Vakameilalo compare to Mone? Is he a hidden gem

<TomBeaver> Mone is readier IMO, Vaka is raw, but a great athlete for his huge size, and hes not fat at 6-2/300+

<AceAP> Wow that could be a nice tandem on the interior of the Dline. Hand and Mcdowell playing ends and I don't think a single team could run on that line

<TomBeaver> he was actually better off the edge today IMO, because if the OL didn't engage him immediately and he could get up a little head of steam, he was unstoppable

<jonpc> bluebmoc, regarding new starter=wilson, braden, kallis

<TomBeaver> jonpc - yes, the new OLs will be very key to 2013

<BlueBMOC> good choices jonpc - hopefully the two OL inside can open up running lanes

<TomBeaver> it kinda looks like Kalis has a spot pretty much locked up, Braden less-so but will probably win the spot

<minnerick> where do you stand with lattimore and smith?

<tonyles> How about the injured guys?  Will Countess, Poole, Fitz, and Bryant be ready for fall camp?

<BlueBMOC> let's not forget about Miller at center, also a critical position

<TomBeaver> I have a little trouble seeing Lattimore at U-M (IMO), so hope they're NOT a package

<jonpc> if braden doesn't start...does he slide back to OT?

<TomBeaver> Countess and Fitz, yes

<TomBeaver> Bryant has to lose weight again, I hear

<TomBeaver> Poole - not expecting it

<BlueFan31> Braden is a natural tackle. You could see in the spring game that eh struggles with things like getting out of his stance quickly, staying low and pulling as a guard.

<tonyles> Bad news on Bryant.  Thanks

<AceAP> Tom iyo right now if you had to guess who takes the WR spot Scott or Williams

<Mdjohnny5> How did the younger Woodley look at camp?

<TomBeaver> AceAP - Scott, just guessing


1,0does Scott return kicks as well?


<AceAP> Sam just posted a video with Brian  Mone

<TomBeaver> I think allen saw Woodley ... he watched DBs more than me

<AceAP> Scott is a great returner

BlueFan31 Quit (Web Browser closed)

<TomBeaver> But I hear he did well

<AceAP> Correction: Interview with Mone's coach

<jonpc> wheatley, woodley it's all Blue

<AllenTrieu> Tyler Woodley was at cornerback

<AllenTrieu> Had a good day, chosen for elite 1-1s, not a right now offer, but a guy to watch

<TomBeaver> it's Woodley's nephew

<tonyles> So it appears we'll enter fall camp with Fitz at the top of the depth chart for RB.  That's probably a good thing with untest frosh.

<TomBeaver> tonyles - definitely ... he'll get pressure tho, which is great

<jonpc> woodley was incredible in HS.....amazing at Saginaw

<jonpc> go blue ....

<tonyles> Good news with this season is that we pretty much have good depth everywhere except QB (yikes).

<TomBeaver> no you say GO ... then I say BLUE

<BlueBMOC> True Tony, but I would rather have our situation than MSU's situation - no proven qb

<TomBeaver> UM dropback QBs have rarely gotten hurt ... which is why I don't

<TomBeaver> scrambling some, on 3rd down

<tonyles> Yeah, I hope Devin doesn't run much at all

<TomBeaver> but close your eyes and imagine Devin running ... the coaches will feel that way too

<TomBeaver> it'll be scary every time

<tonyles> Pretty much have no choice but to play Shane early as well so he's ready

<TomBeaver> tonyles -- QB backups always play much less than hoped or planned

<TomBeaver> I've given up thinking they'll play any meaningful time

<TomBeaver> as a backup

<TomBeaver> Mo Ways is supposed to camp tomorrow ... looking forward to that ... Malzone'll be there one more day too

<TomBeaver> IIRC

<rgarg1> Tom, is the DT from Hawaii likely to be more highly regarded than Pallante

<TomBeaver> rgarg -- wow, good question .. I'll hand that one off to Allen if he's stil here! lol

<TomBeaver> that's a DURN good question

<KyleBogie> I don't think it's a good idea to burn shane's redshirt for a few snaps in a blowuout. They'll be conserving it as long as they can.

<rgarg1> Tom, reason I ask is that while Mattison has forgotten more football than I will ever know, Pallante seemed like a reach that we could have taken any

    time..why not wait to take a beast from Hawaii??

<tonyles> Well, that's a great plan Kyle, but if Devin goes down I'm not sure who is going in the game.

<TomBeaver> this kid from Hawaii just popped up ... I don't think he was in the picture when the Pallante thing was hot

<TomBeaver> tneyles -- it's the ol Catch 22

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. I'll take a stab at it. The Hawaii kid, Vakameilalo, is 6-2, 300 with good explosion and power. Pallante is a little undersized and more of a technician in my opinion.

<rgarg1> Hi Tom...Hear you man...just seemed like Pallante was a kid to pluck ANYTIME.  Why take him so early?  As such, kid should have comitted on the

    spot when offered

<KyleBogie> tonyles. But how big of a difference will a couple of meaningless snaps make if Shane is pressed into duty? He's going to be a freshman regardless.

<rgarg1> I want Hawaii kid : )

<TomBeaver> Kyle - yes, but rgarg wanted a "which is better" answer, lol!

<rgarg1> hehehehehe

<sosublime> I hope we start getting in on Hawaii kids. They're freaks

<rgarg1> My jedi mind trick cannot work on Tom Beaver

<TomBeaver> I'll be a teensy surprised if Vaka gets offered this week (but who knows) ... but down the road? Not surprised

<KyleBogie> LOL. Here, i THNK at the college level, technique is more important than just bull rushing. I wouldsay that I think there's more potential for big impact from Vakameilalo.

<rgarg1> Kyle...what is the word on the street with Jamarco Jones and a scott??

<rgarg1> room for him seemingly if we luck into Hand and McDowell

<TomBeaver> rgarg - I can take that one ... word on the street is there's no connection between the two

<rgarg1> Tom...your response to me suggests A scott to good guys and Jam Jones to OSU

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Allen is ground floor on that one but in my opinion Jone s is up in the air. I've always thought, at least recently I should say, that Jones

really has taken a liking to Michigan's class and notices the talent he'd have around him. Will it matter? Not sure. Scott is old cold right now, but I think he

caves eventually. The question will be is that last scholarship taken or not.

<TomBeaver> If U-M lands Hand and McDowell, then I agree that taking Vaka too would be very hard to do

<tonyles> Well, we can only take about 7 more commits, so we need to pace ourselves with only 1 per month until February.  LOL

<TomBeaver> onyles - yes, we'll tell them that! Were the paying customers after all!

<tonyles> Of course, the 2015 guys could start committing in the bunches come this fall.

<sosublime> Other than Hilliard are there any other 2015 kids that might get offered?

<TomBeaver> the 2015 class will be very small, remember that ... the first truly small class in a long, long time

<sosublime> Will that create room for a big 2016 class?

<bbeebe> 2-Db,1-Lb, 2-Dl, 1-Wr left for this class?

<TomBeaver> sosublime- this week? hmmmm, not of the kids we've seen, but then I might be wrong ... Edoga will be considered IMO,  even Kinnell a little ...

<gerrygarner> Kyle, I heard Jalen Brunson will be on campus soon, any truth to that?

<TomBeaver> then we'll see about Dowdy tomorrow

<tonyles> 2015 will only be about 13 guys right now, per Kruser's depth chart.  Doubt it goes too much higher than that because attrition will be low now

 that Brady's players are here.

<TomBeaver> bbeebe - I think that's a good layout, but it's flexible of course

<TomBeaver> tonyles - there'll be a LITT LE attrition, but 15-16 in the end?

<KyleBogie> A lot of effort being put into Jalen Brunson right now, they've been working on him. We'll have an update with him soon because he will be

here sooner than later and it lokks like an offer will be extended.

<skuzzim> 2014 lb projections

<KyleBogie> Also, another 2014 offer for basketball could go out this July. Keep your eye on Jordan Barnett. I'll have a story on him in between all of this camp madness, probably Wednesday.

<TomBeaver> Sam (or is it Allen?) doesn't think OSU will offer Furbush, which might then deliver him to u-M

<gerrygarner> Thanks Kyle. If you had to rank Chatman, Barnett and Vince Edwards. HOw would you rank them personally? Assuming Barnett would be a

    Forward too

<TomBeaver> well guys, that's about all I have. So another day of camp tomorrow! and THANKS

<tonyles> Thanks Tom

<Jro34> So Bill Greene said he did get information from a trusted source about Hand, anything more to add?

<KyleBogie> I haven't seen Barnett live so I'll kind of hold off on that one. I rank Chatman ahead of Edwards though, and I believe that's separated by levels

<KyleBogie> As Sam posted ysesterday or Saturday, Hand is not committed.

<KyleBogie> I'm out of here too eveyone, gotta get a workout in before we hit camp again tomorrow!

<KyleBogie> Thanks for stopping by, hope you're all enjoying this!

<Jro34> I get the feeling we will be starting our 2015 class in the next week!

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