Wheatley Jr Will Make Own Decision (w/ Video)

After a standout performance at the Sound Mind Sound Body Academy, 2015 Fayetteville (NY) Manilus TE Tyrone Wheatley Jr. took time out to discuss the growth of his game, his recruitment, and more. He knows about his dad's deep Michigan ties, but he insists they won't determine which college he attends.

Tyrone Wheatley Jr. Profile

Sam Webb:  Talk about the camp and how it went for you?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “I had a good time.  I felt like I did pretty good.  I got some work in at tight end.  It was good.  Got some one-on-ones and guys started feeling jealous and so they were trying to hurt me, so got out of there and went and got two reps over on O-line-D-Line.  I won and got a couple of coach’s cards.  I think it was a good day.  I had a good time.”

Sam Webb:  Have you gotten any closer to figuring out what you want to do at the next level or are you still playing it by ear?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “I’m just playing it by ear.  I really want to play tight end.  That’s where I’m putting my work in right now, but I feel like I’m a lot better at defensive end.  I just go into that naturally.  We’ll see how things play out.”

Sam Webb:  Scholarship offer wise, how many and what schools?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “I have six right now.  I have one from Syracuse, one from Penn State, Washington, North Carolina, Alabama and Michigan.”

Sam Webb:  You said you picked up some cards today… what coaches did you hear from the first time today?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “Oregon State and I forgot the other one, it was a local school.”

Sam Webb:  You talked about working on your game this summer, what aspect of your game do you think you’ve think you need to improve?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “I’ve got to get faster.  I got to keep working on bending my knees.  I’m a tall guy.  When I was younger, I was a lot better than the other kids at breaking my knees, bending my knees at the top of my breaks and everything.  Now I’ve just got to keep working on that.”

Sam Webb:  What is it like now that the offseason is here and the coaches are not coming into school anymore or that kind of thing?  What is your contact with coaches like? Has it died down?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “It is kind of quiet mostly.  I’ve been keeping in contact with Washington.  Coach Tuiasosopo, he is the man.  I really like him a lot.  I’m going to try and get out to the Washington-Illinois game this year.

Sam Webb:  Who again is recruiting you for Michigan?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “Coach Mallory is recruiting me, but I have been talking to Coach Ferrigno.”

Sam Webb:  Tell me about Coach Mallory because I know he has been by the school.  What is the interaction and vibe like with him so far?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “He is a good guy.  I like him a lot.  It is interesting, his whole family’s story.  All his brothers played and everything.”

Sam Webb:  What about Coach Ferrigno I know he was out here today watching you, what is it like with Coach Ferrigno?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “He is the man.  I like him a lot.  He is a great dude.  When I went up to my unofficial at Michigan, he sat down and broke down a lot of film with me.  He basically just showed me what my role would be on the team and showed me all the routes and broke down everything.  He is a lot of fun.  He is a great guy.”

Sam Webb:  I know you are wide open and looking at a bunch of schools.  Your dad is out here with a Michigan football shirt on.

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “That’s him.  Every time he is like, ‘Michigan is my state, every time I come home I’ve got to rep it.’”

Sam Webb:  When the other coaches see your dad with the Michigan football shirt on, do they say anything about that?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “No.  They are just like ‘really Wheat, come on’.  He has no say.  He is not influencing me.”

Sam Webb:  He told me this and you tell me if it is true.  He said he always gives you a few little jokes about what you are going to do at the next level.  He said that with every joke there is 10% truth.  Is that the case?  Is that how he is with you?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “Yeah that is how he is.  There is always some truth in the joke.”

Sam Webb:  I’m asking you about what he is saying, but what about mom.  What is your mom saying about the whole thing?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “My mom is like, we got to make sure about all the educational stuff.  She has everything.  She is researching the schools, GPA, what classes, everything.  She has it down to every nick and knack.  It is exciting for her.  We go to the schools and ‘oh what’s this and oh what’s that, let’s go over here.’  Asking a million questions, I think she is enjoying the process.  It has been a lot of fun.”

Sam Webb:  It is early, but has any favorites emerged for you yet?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “No not really any favorites.  Alabama is Alabama, it is real nice to see all the facilities and stuff, but everywhere you go they are going to have pretty much top notch facilities and everything.”

Sam Webb:  Any other visits you going to take this summer?

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “I’m going to try and get out to Washington sometime, but I think that is going to be the last visit for this year.”  

Sam Webb:  Everyone has a little say.  I’m surprised Coach Fred Jackson has not contacted you at all.

Tyrone Wheatley, Jr.:  “Freddy Jackson, he is that silent assassin (laughter).  He just gives me the look when he sees me.  He jokes around about my dad and stuff with his playing days.  He’s like, 'you’d better not do that Wheatley' (Laughter).”

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