U-M Among Favorites for Canteen

Elkton (MD) Tri-State Christian Academy WR Freddy Canteen earned a Michigan offer after a stellar performance at the Wolverines' summer camp. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster earlier this week to discuss his leaderboard, the factors in his decision, his decision timeline, and much much more.

Sam Webb: Take me through the day (Tuesday). Everything obviously went pretty well for you.

Freddy Canteen: "I came through, trying to get an offer. I came and did the drills, 1-on-1s and 7-on-7s and performed well. The coaches were able to watch me, and they took advantage and gave me a scholarship."

Sam Webb: At what point did you notice that the coaches were kind of noticing that you were balling out?

Freddy Canteen: "When they were talking to me. They had a lot of interest, and they kept pulling me out, talking to me, and then I got a chance to talk to the head coach, and we had a good conversation. That's when I kind of knew."

Sam Webb: A lot of guys see those eyes on them and it starts to feel like pressure. For other guys it's kind of exciting. How was it for you?

Freddy Canteen: "I'm used to it. I don't really get nervous or anything of that sort. I've been playing for a long time, and I just take full advantage of every opportunity that I get, and that was an opportunity for me to display my talents for a national powerhouse."

Sam Webb: Before camp had you been talking to Michigan? Had you heard from them at all?

Freddy Canteen: "My coaches heard some things from Michigan, but I never really was in contact with them. But I never really didn't know anything about me until after (Tuesday)."

Sam Webb: So what other offers do you have on the table right now?

Freddy Canteen: "Tennessee, Rutgers, Maryland, Hawaii, U-Conn, and Temple."

Sam Webb: Now that Michigan is on the list, how do they kind of fit in on your list of schools?

Freddy Canteen: "They're high with me. They're high with me."

Sam Webb: Give me an idea of what you're looking for in a program. You have a lot of good schools after you. When you get ready to make a decision what are going to be the big factors in that choice?

Freddy Canteen: "I'm going to say how comfortable I am with the school, how my parents feel about the school, and then the program and the academics."

Sam Webb: Based on what you've seen at Michigan – I know it was your first time, but based on what you saw (Tuesday), what did you like about it?

Freddy Canteen: "I really like the coaches… the wide receivers, and you know, just the feel I got talking to the coaches. But like you said, it was my first time out there, so I have to get out there again and really get a full understanding of what the program is about."

Sam Webb: Did they talk to you about position? You could be a slot… you could play on the outside. What did they say about that?

Freddy Canteen: "Yeah, they said I could play both outside and slot, and they're going to use my speed, and things like that. That's pretty much it; they didn't really get that in depth."

Sam Webb: Speaking of speed… what's your height, weight, and 40 time?

Freddy Canteen: "6-2, 170-lbs, and 4.4."

Sam Webb: When I talked to your coach (Tuesday), he said both you and Brandon Watson were looking to make decisions this summer. Is that kind of what you're thinking right now?

Freddy Canteen: "Yeah, I want to commit before my senior season; I do. I want to go into the season committed, and when I commit, I just want to be solid on everything, so it's either going to be this month or next month. I don't know yet."

Sam Webb: You're going to be a mid-year guy, right? You're going to go in January?

Freddy Canteen: "Yeah, I'm going to leave in January."

Sam Webb: What other places do you plan on going to now? What other camps or visits do you have scheduled?

Freddy Canteen: "I have to leave (Tuesday) for Rutgers. I don't know about any other camps to be honest."

Sam Webb: Your coach said something about USC, some guys going out to USC. Are you going out there?

Freddy Canteen: "I don't think I'm going there."

Sam Webb: You said your parents are going to be big in this. Are you going to be able to get out to Michigan so they can see it? I know Michigan has a barbecue next month. Did they talk to you about coming back up there?

Freddy Canteen: "Not yet. I'm going to call the coach and see what they're talking about. I talked to them on Twitter a little bit just about the day I had (Tuesday), and then just having a conversation with them."

Sam Webb: Did they talk to you about how many receivers they're going to take? How many receiver spots do they have left?

Freddy Canteen: "I know they have about two or three committed already, but pretty much they said they're looking for a speed dude, so that's why they offered me, and I can come in and probably play early."

Sam Webb: Are you looking at how many receivers they have? Is that going to be a big deal for you?

Freddy Canteen: "I mean, not really. I feel like I compete with anybody so I'm just looking at what will be best for the situation for what I'm bringing to the table and things like that."

Sam Webb: You get a chance to line up against Brandon all the time. Who has won the most of those matchups between you and him?

Freddy Canteen: "Me all day. Brandon knows! (laughter)."

Sam Webb: He said he's a little too physical to handle like that.

Freddy Canteen: "Please, Brandon is lightweight, and he knows it."

Sam Webb: But that makes you better right, going against him?

Freddy Canteen: "Yeah, every day, we're going at it. That's why he goes out there and do what he does against the best receivers people put up against him, and that's why I can go out there and beat every corner I line up against."

Sam Webb: Last one. You said Michigan is high up for you. What other schools should I put as high up there on your list right now?

Freddy Canteen: "Rutgers and Tennessee."

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