McCormick's NBAPA Camp Review (Part 2)

In part two of our conversation with NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp director and former Michigan standout Tim McCormick we discuss Trey Burke's and Tim Hardaway's draft stock, Michigan basketball's outlook for next season, and more.

Sam Webb:  I’m curious about what you think about some of the things that we’ve heard about the breakdowns on Trey (Burke).  Some people have broken down his game and they say, he is a little small for the NBA.  He isn’t quick enough for the NBA.  Now these mock drafts have him sliding down to eight or nine in the draft.  Do you think that is some teams posturing trying to lower his stock so he slides, or is there legitimacy to what people are saying about some of the issues that Trey might have in the NBA?  

Tim McCormick:  “I hope that it is true that people think that about Trey Burke, especially Phoenix and Sacramento who pick before the Pistons and need guards.  I think Trey Burke is going to be big time.  He is exactly what the Pistons need.  I watched him play for All Ohio Red when he was playing AAU.  All he did was win games.  I know he was with Jared Sullinger, which helped, but Trey Burke was a winner in AAU.  I saw him play at Northland High School and he just dominated.  He was an incredible player.  He has gotten better every since year.  He has added strength to his body.  He is a really good shooter.  The Pistons have a ton of combo guards already with (Rodney) Stuckey and Brandon Knight.  They need a true point guard.  I would be so excited if Trey Burke were to play for the Pistons.”

Sam Webb:  Chad Ford said he could even see Tim Hardaway sliding ahead of Trey in the draft, which if that makes Trey go to the Pistons I’m right there with you.  I’m interested in what you think of Tim’s NBA potential.  He certainly seems to be an NBA first rounder now.

Tim McCormick:  “I was in Chicago at the predraft camp and watched the guard work out and Tim Hardaway shot the ball better than any of the other guards that were there.  I don’t see any way possible that Tim Hardaway could rise that high.  If you are looking at a prospect that has improved his stock, Hardaway has done that, but if you are playing the shooting guard position in the NBA, you need to be able to put the ball on the floor and create a little bit.  Tim Hardaway does not do that.  I could see him especially because he is probably going to be a late first round pick.  He is going to go to a team that is good and he is going to be in my mind a quality backup player.  I don’t see Tim Hardaway being a starting guard in the NBA at any point.”

Sam Webb:  A guy that a lot of people do see as a starting guard and some people say may slide to the Pistons, maybe, I got a chance to talk to Victor Oladipo a lot in April.  I am curious as to what you think his transition is going to be like.  I know he has been working on his jump shot.  What do you think of Victor’s NBA prospect?

Tim McCormick:  “I had a chance to spend some time with Mike Jones his coach at DeMatha, who is one of our coaches at the Top 100 Camp and said that Victor is such a hard worker that he elevates everybody else on the team.  I like Victor Oladipo in the Pistons’ position picking at eight.  I don’t think I’m a huge fan of him being the second or third pick.  I think there are other players that are better than him.  He really improved his status more than anybody else in college basketball, but I’m just not sold yet.  I think (Ben) McLemore has a better upside.  I like Otto Porter better than Victor Oladipo.  I’m not convinced how he is going to score the ball at the NBA level, but I do think that in transition and on the defensive end, he could really elevate the Pistons.”

Sam Webb:  Last one Tim, look ahead to next year.  I love your perspective on things, you could kind of see what was on the horizon with Mitch and Glenn (Robinson).  Now it is Mitch and Glenn’s team here in Ann Arbor.  You are going to have a freshman point guard battling it out with Spike (Albrecht) early in the season.  What do you see on the horizon for Michigan next year?

Tim McCormick:  “Loaded on the frontline.  Best big trio in all of college basketball.  Derrick Walton is going to have to be very good.  I think Spike is a legitimate player.  You don’t come into that setting and play with that kind of confidence unless you have some special attributes.  Point guard is going to have to be good for Michigan.  I think Spike will start the season at point guard, Derrick Walton will take over as the year goes on.  I think Glenn Robinson was told that he was going to be a small forward and I do believe that.  In crunch time when we get to the Big Ten, I think that Glenn Robinson is going to go right back to the four.  In terms of the Big Ten, Michigan State will be favored.  They have Keith Appling, who is a senior point guard along with Gary Harris, who I think will be a first team All-American.  Adrian Payne improved his stock so much last year.  I’m not sure that he can do much more than he did as a junior.  It is going to be a great battle with Michigan and Michigan State on top of the Big Ten.  I’m also anxious to see where McGary goes.  I’m sure that he has had a big summer of workout.  With (Jon) Horford, (Jordan) Morgan and McGary, it is going to be hard to get all three of those guys the minutes that they deserve and need.”

Sam Webb:  Outstanding stuff as always from Tim McCormick.  Tim, I really appreciate you man.  I’ll be at the camp next year.  Rest assured, I’m coming back home.

Tim McCormick:  “Sounds good man.  It is always good talking to you.”

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