U-M Wants Bluiett & Booker to Play Together

Indianapolis (IN) Park Tudor SF, Trevon Bluiett will trim his list down any day now, and Michigan is among those that will definitely make the cut. The Wolverines are hoping to convince the Hoosier State star to team with Devin Booker to form a dynamic Maize & Blue duo.

The finish line for Trevon Bluiett’s long recruiting journey is finally starting to come into view.  The four-star wing with the old-school game getting closer and closer to naming his list of finalists.

“He is just really narrowing things down,” Bluiett’s father Reynardo said.  “It should be pretty clear to him what he wants and doesn’t want, and what he likes and doesn’t like in programs.  As far as a timetable, we haven’t set one, but I know he said he wants to (commit) before the season.  I’m fine with that.”

Michigan has long been a strong presence in Indianapolis Park Tudor star’s recruitment.  It appears it will remain that way until the very end.

“Michigan is definitely still up there,” reported Mr. Bluiett.  “If he has a (top) four, they’re in the four… I do know that.”

Both father and son have grown quite familiar with the Wolverines over the past year plus thanks to multiple visits and frequent phone conversations.  The correspondences have served to increase the comfort level substantially.  That begs the question… what’s left for them to find out John Beilein’s program?

“Not much,” Mr. Bluiett replied.  “The only thing I tell him to keep being aware of as personnel.  Look at personnel in front of you and that may be coming in with you.  You’ve got to do the numbers.  That’s clear.  That’s something you can see and actually put a hand on.  That’s all he is trying to do is watch that.  There is nothing wrong with a little competition, but you want to at least have a chance to get in there and have a fair shot.”

With Michigan’s intense pursuit of Moss Point, MS combo guard Devin Booker, many have openly questioned whether that would limit the Wolverines’ chances with Bluiett, and vice versa.  It’s a topic that the coaching staff in Ann Arbor has met head on.

“They mentioned (Booker and Bluiett playing together),” stated Mr. Bluiett.  “It would be no problem for them at all.    That’s something (Trevon) was thinking about.  That’s something that as a parent I made clear to him… you want to check out personnel and things like that.  They (like the idea) of those two being able to play together.”

The versatility exhibited by both players is what makes such a scenario possible.  Booker is a scoring guard with legitimate point guard skills.  Bluiett, meanwhile, is one of the best all-around players in his class, with the ability to fill up multiple columns on a stat sheet.  That’s exactly what he has done during the AAU season.  Bluiett is the engine for Spiece Indy Heat, one of the top teams in Nike’s renowned EYBL.  That’s evidenced by the talented youngster’s impressive numbers; top ten in points, top ten in three pointers, and top ten in assists.  That gaudy accomplishment makes his omission from the Nike Skills academies all the more puzzling.  It certainly was an unexpected development for the Bluiett’s.  Where possible he hopes to use some of his sudden free time to squeeze in some visits.  If he can’t get them in this summer, the trips will just have to wait until he can get out on his officials in the gall.

“He is going to try to get out and check out four or five schools, but it’s been kind of hard,” said Mr. Bluiett.  “He was waiting on that camp call.  This weekend would have been great, but he thought he was going to get a nod at a camp, so that kind of took that back.  So it’s not as easy as it sounds to get all of those visits in there, but he would like to get four or five of those done.”

“Michigan (will be one) for sure.  I’m not sure about anywhere else. Georgetown was one that he thought about for this week, but it didn’t go through. I know UCLA wanted him to come out last week, but that feel through. It’s tough, but we’ll get them in eventually.”

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