Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

Transcript of GoBlueWolverine's Monday night chat with Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz. Several good questions on depth at cornerback, Leonard Fournette compared to Derrick Green, who might scoop up the last defensive back scholarship, and more.

<KyleBogie> Hey everyone!

<KyleBogie> How's it going??

<offskooring> Jaylen Johnson, what level of interest is there on both sides?

<KyleBogie> offskooring. I think it's interest on Johnson's part and right now he is on the radar with Michigan. There's other guys ahead of him.

<eblesh14> hey Kyle seen the interviews on The Opening.  Any further behind the scenes tidbits etc you can think of as they would relate to us.

<gerrygarner> have you had any contact with blueitt yet?

<BigE14> rank the 5 DB's (Jackson, Nicholson, Smith (E), Smith (J), Westphal) from highest to lowest probability in terms of taking last DB spot

<KyleBogie> eblesh14. GREAT question. j I would add that Richard Yeargin was VERY sincere in his interest and couldn't hide the smile when talking about Roy Manning. Fournette seems eager to get to know Michigan more.

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Sam was all over that one , yes. Butler has not been dropped and in my opinion, because they hired within, it doesn't hurt their chances too much. Does it help Michigan a little bit? Sure, I'll say that.

<KyleBogie> BigE14. Another really good question. Personally, I think JuJu and Adoree are going somewhere together so that might leave Michigan out at the end. MY OPINION. I'd still go with Westphal but as a safety.

<BlueFan31> Kyle, is Yeargin a SAM or WDE?

<Tdawg2> i thought a while ago that Westphal would be one our first commits of this class..  i was way off!!!

<BigE14> Anything new on McDowell front in terms of changing HS/playing this Fall or relative to recruiting

<BlueBMOC> Has westphal played any safety in high school?

<KyleBogie> Bluefan31. Personally lookking at Yeargin, he looks like a defensive end in college. We'll see. Michigan is recruiting him as a SAM.

<KyleBogie> Tdawg2. Same here!

<DerpRedwine>   hey

<BlueFan31> Thanks Kyle. With tweeners like Ojemudia, Noah Furbush & Lawrence Marshall already in the fold, Yeargin seems like overkill. Would like Dwight Williams with that last linebacker spot

<KyleBogie>BigE14. Headed to Southfield, I believe that is for certain and done at this point. Should be fun, and since he's transferring from a private school to public he can play right away.

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. I don't believe so no, but I could be wrong.

<DerpRedwine> Does anybody know if the hockey recruits this year are actually gonna show up, or is the Canadian junior league taking the best of 'em?

<BlueBMOC> does nicholson visit before the season?

<Tdawg2> Kyle , how does Fournette compare to D Green??

<KyleBogie> BlueFan31. Valid point. A smallerish/quicker linebacker at the other outside spot could be the way to go.

<BigE14> Cool...That's great news for him....Thanks!

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. Sam spoke with he and his mom, I know they're trying to get him up for the BBQ but I dont believe anything is confirmed at this point.

<DerpRedwine>  notice

<BlueBMOC> thanks Kyle,hope he at least visits for a game day

<eblesh14> Tommy B in the house!

<TomBeaver>   Hi Guys

<KyleBogie> Tdawg2. Honestly, last year watching Green at The Opening, he was kind of out of shoape. He really dedicated himself after that. Fournette is more well t put together at this stage. He catchesthe ball a little better tI think. Very interesting there.

<TomBeaver> Had to download a new version of Java

<Tdawg2> thannks Kyle,  i wonder what Green's weight is now

<TomBeaver> Agree on Fournette v Green. 7-7 action only shows limited features for a RB of course ... but Fournette was a big, fast, smooth stud of a back

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. If the final spot isn't taken , I think he will. HE does appear to be concerned about depth schart though...

<DerpRedwine> Why is it the latest thing to tey and compare recruits to someone else?

<KyleBogie> Welcome Tom! I hate when the java update comes up like that.

<DerpRedwine> no one knows how these guys are going to pan out

<DerpRedwine> Fournette: I say there is a 5% chance he comes here

<TomBeaver> Nicholson - IMO it'll be ND ... but he's so close to him mom, U-M is maaaaaybe a little far in its orbit from Pittsburgh, IMO

<TomBeaver> Derp - disagree, at least 6 %!

<KyleBogie> DerpRedwine. It's a very hard thing to do. For us, it's good to at least prvide a comparison to give you guys the best picture as possible. But I agree, no matter what the ranking is, there's a lot of factors once they get on campus.

<DerpRedwine> OK that makes me feel better

<BlueFan31> Derrick Green is comparable to Monte Ball imho

<eblesh14> higbe welcome!

<DerpRedwine> But iot almost seems an obsesson of late to play the comparison game. Just to say something. TRhere'

<TomBeaver> Yeargin BTW is a DE in college IMO ... but I'd sure as heck take him!

<DerpRedwine> There is really no comparing htese guys at this stage.

<TomBeaver> Yeargin'd be a great fit at U-M BTW, as would Nicholson

<KyleBogie> DerpRedwine. It's fine to COMPARE, not fine to say HE'LL BE THIS GUY LIKE A CLONE. Just because there's a small comparison doesn't mean it's the same player or will be the same player.

<KyleBogie> Tom. You and I are on the same page with Yeargin. He is HUGE. And only getting bigger.

<mazenblue21> Anyone else concerned by the lack of weight on Jourdan Lewis?

<TomBeaver> I'm more okay with not-landing either Juju or Adoree after last week, if U-M doesn't land either

<Tdawg2> Higbe,  whats Michael s weight these days??

<BlueFan31> Yeargin would certainly be a huge ""win"" for Roy Manning on the recruiting trail.

<Tdawg2> not very impressed with those 2 Tom??

<higbe> he is 305.....

<TomBeaver> I liked Andrew Williams alot - he'd fit at U-M too

<Tdawg2> nice,  i bet stronger then ever to!!!

<TomBeaver> and then Nicholson and Yeargin

<KyleBogie> Bluefan31. NO DOUBT.

<DerpRedwine> Did Michael ever play with Baribie dolls?

<mazenblue21> Tom- Who is more likely to make an impact as a true frosh....Jake Butt or Damario Jones?

<TomBeaver> Tdawg - they're both excellent, don't get me wrong ... but they are more 4 star guys than 5 IMO ... or at least that was the case last week

<TomBeaver> star

<higbe> never ----even with 4 sisters...he had Tonka trucks and fire trucks

<BlueBMOC> biggest need in the 14 class left?

<BlueFan31> Nicholson is going to be an All American free safety someday.

<KyleBogie> Tdawg2. Oops, meant mazenblue21. I'm not. Kid is a playmaker.

<DerpRedwine> Did they ever have alemonade stand?

<TomBeaver> BlueBMOC - IMO it's the DEs .. Hand and McDowell ... those 2'd seal the DL situation for the next few years

<TomBeaver> mazenblue - neither IMO ... but Jones'll get more a shot because he'll be at WR

<DerpRedwine> Here;s what I want to know: Was Michigan his first choice, or did the Rich Rod do a great job of getting him here?

<KyleBogie> mazenblue21. Jake Butt to me.

<TomBeaver> Derp - who?

<DerpRedwine> Scholfield

<DerpRedwine> Schofield

<BlueBMOC> you say juju and adoree ""dropped"" in your eyes, how did Hand aquit himself?

<mazenblue21> Kyle- I agree on Lewis being a playmaker and i probably should not lump him in with TRich but supposedly TRich is biggest problem is lack of weight and Lewis is what 159 according to mgoblue

<DerpRedwine> So the cass tech dbaks wigh, collectively, 300 pounds?

<KyleBogie> mazenblue21. I understand that comparison. I just don' see it as an issue for him. He's skinny, but well put toegether in certain areas.

<mazenblue21> i would bet my home that barring injuries that Jeremy Gallon is All Big 10 this year

<BlueFan31> Mgoblue took those weights from the recruiting sites. They aren't updated

<DerpRedwine> What kind of home you got?

<TomBeaver> Hand -- well I saw Hand last year, and have always thought he wasn't "the top player in the country" ... still - I'll take him! He's a true rush end, and has a high ceiling (but has to get stronger), whereas Andrew Williams is more a SDE, and Yeargin is untested at DE ... and McDowell is a DT or strong DE

<DerpRedwine> a dumpster? A teepee?

<mazenblue21> Kyle- I would be less concerned with Lewis on offense than on defense...which I think ultimately where he may end up with Peppers coming next year

<TomBeaver> There are NEVER accurate height and weights posted on ... they will NEVER do that, and never have ... that's deliberate

<mazenblue21> Tom- but usually they are exaggerrated not under weight..that is what scares me

<DerpRedwine> BUT, Lewis is small, correct?

<BlueBMOC> i always look forward to fan day at UM to gauge accurace heights/weights

<KyleBogie> mazenblue21/. I'd love to see jourdan on offense...

<higbe> Michigan was late to offer him...he was down to Iowa...ND...Penn State and Oragon

<TomBeaver> If Lewis moves to O, it won't be this year

<DerpRedwine> Thanks, Higbe

<DerpRedwine> So UM recruited hinm well, then? How much did you influence his decision?

<KyleBogie> Tom. Great point Tom.

<mazenblue21> iunless he plays ST....i don't see Lewis playing this year...with Avery, Countess, Taylor,  Hollowell, and probably Douglas ahead of him at thi point and

<mazenblue21> plus you have Thomas playing nickel this year

<TomBeaver> mazenblue21 - agree

<KyleBogie> mazenblue21. Competition is elevated, yup.

<mazenblue21> finally kids like Lewis don't have to be thrown into the fire before ready

<BlueBMOC> agree mazen, would be best to have him RS

<mazenblue21> poor Avery and Talbott played way too early

<Tdawg2> Tom do you see enough attrition to happen for us to take 3 to 4 more commits??

<BlueFan31> While I like the idea of having Lewis on offense in the slot, we need athletes like him on defense too  :)

<kazoowolve> This staff likes to RS the big guys. Not so much with the skilled players. If he can contribute, they will play him IMO

<BlueBMOC> I'm excited to see norfleet in the slot this season

<TomBeaver> Personally I thought the Opening was so-so this year ... ... talent down a little compared to last year ... 'cept for all those Polynesian linemen, lol .. they were awesome

<eblesh14> Higbe I remember you talking about the ND recruitment and not being too big of a fan on how they came off.   If you could what was your feeling on Oregon?   What was there vibe as far as recruiting?  Just curious as we here about ND and PSU and even Iowa but would be interested in the ducks pitch so to speak

<TomBeaver> Tdawg- re attrition - I can't see it, but I guarantee it's there

<mazenblue21> Dawson, Stribling, Douglas, Peppers, Watson, Countess, Taylor, and Hollowell..pleanty of athletes on defense

<DerpRedwine> Is UM going to offer the Samoan who was dicussed much?

<TomBeaver> Derp - no

<TomBeaver> IMO

<mazenblue21> right now we have Canteen, Jones, and Norfleet in the slot and that is it

<TomBeaver> he's very raw, and U-M doesn't really need another NT in this class

<TomBeaver> Jones in the slot? Hmmm, doubt it

<kazoowolve> What if Lewis is better than Dawson, Stribling and Douglas at CB. I think that is likely

<BlueBMOC> is pallante almost a lock for a grayshirt?

<Tdawg2> speaking of schools recruiting, Alex Anzalone s dad is my kids piediatric..   He had nothing good to say about Ohio and B kelly.   Especially ohio

<mazenblue21> so we have Norfleet and Canteen

<BlueFan31> Mazen, the offense is different. We will be in two TE sets much more than ever before. No need for a 4 deep at slot receiver

<TomBeaver> mazenblue21 - why do they want slotWRs?

<BlueFan31> and Canteen will split out wide sometimes too

<higbe> Oregon, Penn State and Iowa were great experances......very professional...never bad monthed any team or coach

<TomBeaver> Canteen can do either IMO, agree

<mazenblue21> i know...i am just saying Lewis is too talented not to be on the field..and offense may be the best chance..if he is one of the best DBs...keep him there

<mazenblue21> I just don't see anyone on the current roster not named Countess...keeping Peppers off the field next year

<zs05wc> Who is Jones?

<kazoowolve> dmario, I assume

<mazenblue21> DaMario Jones...WR

<zs05wc> Ah, got it

<TomBeaver> What do you think they average score is gonna be in the big games as far as U-M scoring? I think 25-27 tops ... they'll control the clock if possible, let Devin make a few plays on 3rd down ... and depend on the D

<mazenblue21> Devin is going to have a HUGE year

<BlueBMOC> i think Raymon Taylor has a big year, especially with teams avoiding countess on the other side

<mazenblue21> I think they score 30+ this year..a year away from controlling the clock IMO

<unhet> I prefer 40, to around 14

<kazoowolve> This team will be much, much better in the red zone than last year's team.

<snic2u> As usual there will be a few games the offense will have to win for them

<TomBeaver> BMOC - we have to see if Countess is back 100% ... we all assume it, but we don't KNOW it

<eblesh14> I think Devin BLOWS UP as well.   And as stated above I think Gallon is right there too.   I think Devin to Gallon is going to be taht special connection we have not seen in years

<BlueBMOC> true, even if he isn't ready at the jump, avery can fill in nicely

<mazenblue21> Gallon is the most underrated player on the roster IMO

<TomBeaver> kazoo - I agree there, with the red zone thing ... they were kinda clueless in the red zone last year ... they seemed not to have a plan for it (I mean, I'm sure they did, but it seemed to involve alot of futile running-up-middle of the foose-ball, lol ... just a fan's viewpoint)

<snic2u> funchess should have a much bigger role this year also

<TomBeaver> snic2U - agree ... and Gallon will have a big year too

<kazoowolve> they were TERRIBLE in the redzone last year. I hated 1st and goal from the 7 yard line

<eblesh14> I agree maze i think gallon really just goes crazy this year if healthy

<BlueFan31> That old coaching adage...You know you have a good o-line when you can run the football in the redzone

<mazenblue21> I hope Fitz is ready to go but even if he is healthy it is hard for me to not see Green on the field

<mazenblue21> Green is one determined dude!

<eblesh14> I am usually not the delusional homer but this year for some reason when I really just think about the roster and the schedule I just think we are in for a BIG year this year!  Just think that the pieces are there finally

<TomBeaver> I think, lookin at the schedule ... coaches are gonna figure they can beat EVERY team going into OSU just by not making too many mistakes

<BlueFan31> Alabama, Oregon, Georgia...all ran the ball well in the redzone

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