LeBron: Michigan in Looney's "Top Tier"

At one point it appeared that campus visits would play a major role in determining Milwaukee (WI) Hamilton PF Kevon Looney's of finalists. But with his cut-down date fast approaching the five-star prospect other factors will hold more significance.

Sam Webb:  It has been an outstanding spring/summer for you.  You were already a high profile guy coming into the summer, what aspects of your game do you feel have improved over the last three to four months?

Kevon Looney:  “Over the last three or four months, I would say that I became a better catch-and-shoot shooter.  I have been working on my ball handling a lot and I got stronger.  I gained about 10-15 pounds since the end of the high school season.”

Sam Webb:  One of the things that I’ve really noticed about your game, obviously a great rebounder, shooter and all those things.  But when the ball doesn’t come your way you don’t get frustrated you just go get it off the glass or find other ways to contribute.  Just talk about that a little bit.

Kevon Looney:  “Yeah my dad always talked to me that I have always got to make an impact on the game.  Either it is defense, blocking shots or getting rebounds.  When I played with scorers, sometimes I don’t get the ball, so I got to go get it off the glass or maybe push it and make a play for somebody.”

Sam Webb:  I think your point guard was #3, what was his name?

Kevon Looney:  “Yes, Demonte Jefferson.”

Sam Webb:  He likes to shoot.

Kevon Looney:  “Yeah, he is a great scorer, so I got to let him shoot his shot.  He’s helped us win a lot of games, so if he is on, he is on and if he misses I can go get it off the glass.”

Sam Webb:  You talk about being better at catch and shoot guy. I saw you get one off a baseline out of bounds play, you just bounced out and hit a three.  Are you feeling more comfortable with those shots?

Kevon Looney:  “I always felt comfortable with my three point shots.  I’m starting taking more.  Before I was a little streaky, I’ll hit some or I’ll just miss completely.  I’ve been more consistent.”

Sam Webb:  When we last talked we were talking about some schools making an in home.  I think Duke and some others… what were the schools that made it in home again?

Kevon Looney:  “Duke, Florida, Wisconsin, Stanford was supposed to come, but they had plane issues and could not make it.  Those were the three.”

Sam Webb:  You said those schools are clearly starting to stick out with you.  Have you kind of focused on a top group of schools yet?

Kevon Looney:  “No not specifically.  I got a group of probably ten right now that has been calling a lot that has my phone number.  Not every school has my number yet.  I’m trying to cut it down to five by (the end of) July.”

Sam Webb:  What was the whole phone number thing? You wanted to eliminate the distraction?  What was the strategy behind that?

Kevon Looney:  “First, my dad took all the calls.  I just wanted to focus on basketball continue to get better and now I want to make a decision and let them call me now.  I’ll take the calls, they can call me whenever they want.”

Sam Webb:  You mentioned that Michigan was really a school that was coming on with you.  Where does Michigan stand with you at this point?

Kevon Looney:  “Michigan is in that top tier of schools.  Michigan, Duke, Florida, Michigan State, Tennessee, Georgetown, they all in the top tier right now.”

Sam Webb:  How did they get in there because it seemed like for a minute there that they were on the outside looking in?  What was it about them that made them get in there?

Kevon Looney:  “Michigan was always there.  They had actually slowed down their calling and stop coming out.  I don’t know what they thought.  Then he picked it back up, Coach Beilein came to a high school in the playoffs and since that they have been staying more consistent.”

Sam Webb:  Since you’ve been here have you had a chance to talk to Mitch McGary or Glenn Robinson III?

Kevon Looney:  “No I haven’t.  I played against them when I was a freshman.  We played against those guys, they were really, really good.  I talk to them seldom.”

Sam Webb:  When you watched them this season did you get an idea for how you might fit in, have they talked to you about how you might fit in?

Kevon Looney:  “They told me to watch Glenn Robinson play.  He plays a three, a forward and I watched how he has an open style of offense, everybody has a chance to get into the flow of the offense.  I like their style of play.”

Sam Webb:  You talked about narrowing it down to five at the end of this month.  There are some schools that you have in the ten you haven’t visited.  Do those schools have a legitimate shot of making your top five?

Kevon Looney:  “Actually, the only school that I have actually visited were Wisconsin and Tennessee.  My dad is from Tennessee and his brother died and we went down there for a funeral.  So we went to go see Tennessee.”

Sam Webb:  So most of the visits in that ten you haven’t visited?

Kevon Looney:  “No.  It is based all off of relationship.”

Sam Webb:  Do you think in the month of July that you are going to have an opportunity to make some of those visits?

Kevon Looney:  “No I probably won’t.  I plan on making all my visits and after I cut it down to five making all my official visits.”

Sam Webb:  Tell me what you like about Michigan and what questions you still have about Michigan?

Kevon Looney:  “I like Michigan’s style of play.  They’re not too far.  This ain’t a problem, but they’re close to home and my parents like that.  Questions about Michigan, I really don’t have any.  I haven’t seen it… but the atmosphere of Michigan.  I went to the Final Four game and the fans were crazy.  I just want to see the campus.  The question is about campus and how it looks.  But as far as coaching and style of play, I feel I’ll be a good fit.”

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