LeBron: Robinson Promises More Aggression

Michigan sophomore Glenn Robinson III has been busy this summer preparing for a season where he is expected to step into a leadership role. GoBlueWolverine sat down with the explosive forward at the LeBron James Skills Academy in Las Vegas recently to discuss his offseason growth, the offensive changes in store for the Maize & Blue, his work with Kevin Durant, and more.

Sam Webb:  This summer, take me through your summer up to this point and how your game has grown.  Where have you seen your game grow the most?

Glenn Robinson III:  “When I got back home after school, I got up every morning at 5 a.m. and put in about 500 shots.  I got my trainer lifting wise and I put in great results over the summer.  I put it up on Twitter/Instagram so people can see it.  Coming to these skills academy.  I actually went to Michigan and moved in, but I was only there for about three days.  I went to Kevin Durant and then came back to Michigan for a day or so and then flew right back out here.  I’ve been traveling a lot.  I’ve only made it to one open gym with the team, but when I get back I’m sure things will pick up a little bit.”

Sam Webb:  Just talking to Mitch (McGary), he talked about one of the aspects of your game as a freshman was being a little deferential to the upperclassmen.  Obviously (the coaches) are going to look to you this year to be more aggressive.  Is that something you feel more comfortable with right now?

Glenn Robinson III:  “Yeah it is.  Being at these camps you have a lot of great players and these guys and everybody out here knows that you can score the basketball…l that’s why you are here basically.  They are looking at a lot of little things that we do.  So I try to even if I don’t score a lot in the game or play how I’m used to playing still do the little things right and still try to get some eyes looked at and same thing with Mitch.  Coming into this year, I know that it is going to take me to step up as a leader, be more aggressive do more of the little things and just be a leader to those freshman, those five or six freshmen coming in.”

Sam Webb:  When you went over to the KD camp, was there a pro or some pros that you kind of connected with that helped you out a lot?

Glenn Robinson III:  “Exactly.  I didn’t know Kevin Durant and going to that camp, me and Kevin we competed every day.  We played one on one and I guarded him in all the games and he just gave me some words of wisdom of his and just ways to pick up my game and improve as a player.”

Sam Webb:  Looking back what was your biggest take away?  Was it a mental thing, a skill thing?

Glenn Robinson III:  “Maybe I was just so surprised how he could handle the ball, score and he is so efficient at 6’10”.  I feel like something that I can do being a bigger guy having smaller guys on me, being able to keep my handle.  That is one thing I worked on a lot this summer and being efficient as a player.  It has a lot to do with mental toughness and he preached that a lot and I kind of took that away from him.”

Sam Webb:  Dre and I talked about you a lot over your high school career, a quiet assassin, but now you have a lot of eyes on you.  You mentioned some freshman, even some of the other  guys being around.  You and Mitch, they kind of look at you guys, do you guys feel that and how are you taking to that role?

Glenn Robinson III:  “We do.  I told you about the first open gym.  I’ve only been to one open gym, but you could tell that me and Mitch, we really stepped up.  We played a role in that open gym.  I was a lot more aggressive and playing the way I normally play since high school.  I didn’t really step back last year, but I really understood my role and someone I kind of compare myself to last year was Kawhi Leonard.  That type of player and being that role player.  You could definitely tell the difference and I’m just ready to get started.”

Sam Webb:  We saw in the tournament how you guys can run some offense through Mitch, but the versatility that you bring, it seems like a lot of the same things, they can run some of the aspects through you.  Do you feel that?

Glenn Robinson III:  “Exactly.  I can come off the ball screen and Mitch, so you can run the offense through both of us.  Also, we have a great team around us, full of shooters, full of people who know how to play the game.  It will be another exciting year for us.”

Sam Webb:  I asked Mitch where he’s seen your game grow, but what about him.  When you look at him where are the growth points in his game that you see.

Glenn Robinson III:  “He has always been that hustle type player, but his jump shot is really improving.  It is looking good.  It is looking efficient.  Also, he has slimmed down and is running the floor.  Coming off those ball screens, he is cutting hard to the basket, Finding open seams,  and he is hard to stop down there once he gets the ball.”

Sam Webb:  We’ve seen the torch be passed from guy to guy, when the older guys left last year, when Stu Douglass and Zack Novak left, they talked to Trey (Burke) and Tim (Hardaway).  What did those guys say to you and Mitch going out the door about next year?

Glenn Robinson III:  “One of the things you said.  It is going to be our team, we’re going to have to step up and be leaders.  I talked to Trey and Tim, but I really looked up to Tim because when I first came onto campus my freshman year, he was the first guy to come up and pick me up at the dorms and drive me around.  That’s a guy that has really been a big brother to me and I just talked to him yesterday.  He’ll be out here in Vegas I believe.”

Sam Webb:  It is funny you mentioned that because BA (Bacari Alexander) and even Tim they talked about very early on, competition in practice between you and him got kind of heated.  Real heated.  Take us inside practice, what happened and how did you guys go from that to big brother?

Glenn Robinson III:  “Two great competitors.  That’s all it was on the court.  We had a couple of little scuffles and a couple arguments, but once you stepped off that court we were still back to little brother/big brother type of thing.  Two great competitors going out there competing against each other and that’s basically all it was in practice.  It was a lot of fun going up against him, especially with me being a freshman.  Some of them probably thought I was going to step down to the challenge, but I actually stepped up to him and was looking forward to it.  Tim is basically a big brother for me and he has taught me a lot of different things and I still talk to him on a daily basis almost.”

Sam Webb:  Are you going to do the same thing with the freshman?

Glenn Robinson III:  “Oh yeah.  I’m real close to Zak Irvin, him being from Indiana, I’ve known him for a long time.  I’ve already done some of the same thing that Tim taught me and took me around, I did with Zak.  Hopefully, we can have that type of question.”

Sam Webb:  For you and Mitch, without saying any names, are you guys doing any recruiting out here?

Mitch McGary:  “We try to talk to some recruits.”

Glenn Robinson III:  “We got to keep Michigan up to date.   A little bit when we see some of the high schoolers.  We friendly guys and we talking to everybody around.  I don’t know if it is that much recruiting but just being kind of guys.”

Sam Webb:  I saw you throw a dime to Sam Thompson for a three, did that feel a little weird out there?

Mitch McGary:  “Yeah…naw, playing on the same team as Sam, I said what’s our team name.  I was like, we got to have a team name.  He was like, let’s call us Ohio State.  I was like, naw, we can’t do that Sam.”

Glenn Robinson III:  “It was weird.  He was my roommate at Kevin Durant Camp.  He is a nice guy, a cool guy, I respect him.”

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