Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver takes several questions on football recruiting and the upcoming Michigan football season, including why 2015 WR George Campbell is different than others, the Big House barbecue, and keys to the season. Kyle Bogenschutz answers a couple pertinent basketball recruiting questions.

<TomBeaver> Hi Kyle

<KyleBogie> Hey Tom

<snic2u> Evening Tom and Kyle

<TomBeaver> Kyle has made himself into The Expert on Michigan hoops recruiting. Congrats Kyle!

<BlueBMOC> Hey guys, how's everyone doing

<TomBeaver> My first venture into recruiting, back in the late 60's and early 70

<TomBeaver> s and - oops, and early 70s was into hoops recruiting, because there was more info on it than football recruitins

<KyleBogie> HAHA! I wouldn't go that far Tom but definitely trying my best

<TomBeaver> many fewer kids to cover of course, and AAU meant more opportunities for analysts to see kids

<KyleBogie> It really is a gold mine of info if attacked the right way

<BlueBMOC> Could be a big couple weekends coming up here

<TomBeaver> BBQ will be fun, but I don't expect anything too dramatic to come fom it

<snic2u> Kyle what is Michigan's realistic chance with Kennard?

<TomBeaver> If Malik McDowell shows up it'll all be worth it

<TomBeaver> And George Campbell

<BlueBMOC> does McDowell plan to take officials?

<TomBeaver> I don't think Fournette will likely end up at U-M ... but if he shows it''ll be U-M's shot at getting him seriously interested

<TomBeaver> Yes IMO McDowell will take officials ... he's in no hurry, and is good enough that schools will wait ... DLs are scarce

<KyleBogie> snic2u. Everything I hear from my own sources has Michigan up there and a downplay of Kentucky fandom equalling a cat commitment. Brian Snow has other info that makes him believe it's UK unless they screw it up.

<snic2u> so at this point 50/50 at best lol

<TomBeaver> Re Kennard - the other thing, as Sam pointed out, is how long would U-M wait? So there's a timing issue too

<TomBeaver> Mr. Newkirk!

<KyleBogie> snic2u. I certainly wouldn't say it's "looking terrible" yet but I'm less optimistic on it now. We'll see.

<BlueBMOC> saw that the university is applying for a liquor license for the outdoor nhl game

<TomBeaver> back when I was in school the stadium had an informal liquor license for all games, lol ... at least that's how I remember it

<KyleBogie> Tom. Kennard will have a top 5 or top 10 out this summer and wants his decision overwith either next spring or definitely next summer .

<Gobleu> Tom, I see you are moving to Oregon.  Would that be Eugene or Portland?

<Josh Newkirk> Hi Tom! lol

<TomBeaver> I'm moving to the thriving metropolis of Florence!

<Gobleu> Wow.  Florence is a nice town, but the coastal towns get quite a bit more rain than we get in the valley.

<TomBeaver> Florence is on the coast directly west of Eugene

<TomBeaver> I'm addicted to the ocean, so we'll see if I can put up with it

<Gobleu> I know Florence well.  I love Sandpines which is a golf course on the North side of town.

<TomBeaver> the house I'm renting is just 50 yards from the beach ... the last tenant broke his lease after 4 100-mph-storms last winter, lol

<TomBeaver> but I grew up on Lake Michigan, so Pregon, er, Oregon rain is childs play

<BlueBMOC> games will start at 9 am for you

<TomBeaver> BMOC - well I'm in LA now so that's been the case for several years now

<TomBeaver> RIght now I'm atually just down the road from most of U-M's LA recruits ... but not for long

<snic2u> I'm with you tom Lake Michigan has some brutal storms

<TomBeaver> snic2u - I never thought twice about it ... but when I was living in Spring Lake and driving to North Muskegon to teach in the mid-late 70's, that was pretty intense

<TomBeaver> The Causway north of Muskegon was pretty severe

<TomBeaver> I think the BBQ, to refrain, is U-M's chance to really cement themselves in the minds of McDowell and Campbe;ll ... two 5-star guys

<snic2u> ep and its no fun in a snow squall either.  that part of 31 can be really ba

<snic2u> bad

<Jro34> So what would you put the odds of us landing both Hand abd McDowell at? feels like 80% to me lol

<snic2u> when is campbell deciding?

<TomBeaver> Campbell -- if he picks U-M, we've not seen a WR like him in A2, IMO

<TomBeaver> And McDowell -- think Alan Branch

<pjh1243> what sets campbell apart?  Wouldn't a high upside comparison for him be Braylon Edwards?

<BlueBMOC> who would you compare campbell to?

<TomBeaver> Jro34 -- we'll know alot better after the BBQ, if both show

<TomBeaver> Campbell -- tall (6-6), thin, fast and athletic ... I cannot think of a comparison

<TomBeaver> Branlon was strong, physically dominating ... that's not Campbell

<snic2u> megatron? Brandon Marshall?

<BlueFan31> Randy Moss?

<TomBeaver> Moss is 6-4, isn't he?

<BlueBMOC> do the coaches look at taking another qb if devin blows up and goes pro after this season?

<TomBeaver> BMOC - we , er, he won't go pro after this season, IMO

<BlueFan31> Correct. Moss is 6'4"

<zs05wc> Campbell compare to Beckham-Green?

<TomBeaver> Campbell is a true 6-6 I'd say, or damn close to it

<BlueFan31> Wow...

<BlueFan31> A skinny version of Megatron

<BlueBMOC> hope you're right Tom, 2014 could be huge if it wasn't for that darn schedule

<TomBeaver> BMOC - U-M will be powerful however, they'll be up to the task

<TomBeaver> THIS is the season that'll surprise folks, IMO. On O they'll depend on Devin to make some 3rd down plays, and to keep mistakes down -- I think he'll do that. And the D will be good.

<pjh1243> Comparing McDowell to Alan Branch is quite exciting.  I guess the comparison makes sense seeing as scout has McDowell listed as a 6'6 300 pound DE

<BlueFan31> Hand is not scheduled to be at the BBQ, correct?

<TomBeaver> correct, Hand is not expected

<BlueVeins> Branch was my favorite player on that 2006 D.  Total stud that year.

<BlueBMOC> is peppers going to make it?

<BlueBMOC> to the bbq?

<Jro34> are we still in the lead for Hand? Ive heard in recent weeks we are pulling away from the pack

<TomBeaver> Peppers -- I think he's trying

<zs05wc> Drake Harris coming?

<TomBeaver> Hand -- well, assuming that he takes his time, then other schools will have a chance to make a run at him ... so an early lead is only 'golden' if the kid is gonna decide soon, or if he's close enough to visit alot. Neither is true in this case

<TomBeaver> SO, I'm not pessimistic, but it's not a done deal IMO

<TomBeaver> As a comparison, think Peppers -- he went ahead and got it over with

<BlueBMOC> has Hand given a time table?

<TomBeaver> Drake Harris - yeah, most-all of the commits'll be there

<TomBeaver> Hand plans to decide late

<BlueBMOC> at an all star game?

<TomBeaver> So, U-M is the leader in the cubhouse for Hand I believe, but they're only on the 9th hole in his recruitment

<bigcox7> If the BBQ were in May instead of the end of July how much better would it be attended?

<pjh1243> What is McDowell's timeline?

<BlueFan31> BBQs in michigan in May could mean 50 degree weather and rain :)

<TomBeaver> BBQ in May ... well the LC tradition for a summer Junior Day is what Hoke is following here ... the May think was an RR invention, so that's no gonna happen

<michigandot> I think Campbell measured in under 6'4" at the Opening...where is the talk of him being 6'6" comin g from?

<TomBeaver> McDowell is not in a hurry ... but he's of course close enuff to stay in touch, make visits, etc. So taking his time is less or a worry there, etc. IMO

<BlueBMOC> Is nicholson attending the bbq and have we ever landed a kid from gateway?

<bigcox7> with everything moved up in recruiting it sounds like RichRod was on the right track

<bigcox7> in regards to the BBQ I men

<bigcox7> mean

<TomBeaver> Nichols - Nicholson - I do not think he'll be there ... he'll be at the ND game

<BlueFan31> I could've sworn that RR's BBQ was in late July as well. Carr had a Junior Day in May but it seems as though Hoke has done away with the Junior Day thing

<BlueVeins> Right Michigandot, and think Tom even posted a follow up upon seeing that even being there sometimes you can get it wrong.

<TomBeaver> Nicholson looks like the twin of Glenn Robinson loo,lol ... they are similar personalitywise too

<bigcox7> Westphal, anything else new on him?

<BlueBMOC> hopefully he has game like gr3

<TomBeaver> michigandot -- they did their measurements in bare feet (ergo Webb measured 5-10 lol)

<TomBeaver> RR invented the BHBBQ, and did it in May to separate himself for the LC late-July Junior Day, which goes back to Bo Days even IIRC

<TomBeaver> The upcoming BBQ is a "junior day" ... kids who have not had the academic tour will get it on that day

<TomBeaver> I think they biggest improvement in 2013 is gonna be a dramatic reduction in turnovers ... and so, BTW, that'll be a big part of the battle tween Green and Fitz ... can Green not-turn it over (we know Fitz'll hang onto it)

<TomBeaver> I think Hoke'll shoot for being one of the best in turnovers, and will stress that ... and Devin actually is not a TO type guy

<BlueBMOC> can't wait to see what braden/miller/kalis can do for the run game

<dave76> Color me extremely worried about the 3 new OL's.

<TomBeaver> the run game'll be good-not-great this year, but better than last year ... IMO

<BlueBMOC> absolutely dave, i'm more concerned about their pass pro

<dave76> yes

<BlueFan31> I'm not too worried about Miller or Kalis. That LG spot seems to be up for grabs though

<dave76> That said, guard play was not good last year

<BlueVeins> Tom, I think Hoke/Borges "let the kids play" WAY more than Carr did.  Compare say ND '04 (didn't let Henne even try to throw it) vs. ND '12 – let Denard turn it over time after time until we lost

<pjh1243> makes sense on TO's.  In action last year Devin seemed to have a good sense of "No one is open, time to run"

<BlueVeins> senior QB vs. frosh QB - but there are plenty of other examples

<dave76> Denard was all they had vs. ND last year

<BlueVeins> Dave76 - true, but they tried to beat ND through the air.  Both ND and Alabama gameplans were right ways to attack those defenses on paper, in theory.  But poorly matched to the personnel we had.

<TomBeaver> I think Devin'll scramble some ... but that's not that much of a TO risk IMO. AND, I think they'll want him to protect himself, so IMO the scrambling will be on passing downs, for first downs ... the QB run play will be a thing of the past I bet

<BlueVeins> they expected Denard to take next step with the lights on in the passing game and he just wasn't capable

<dave76> Agreed.  That DL chewed through the UM OL.  Which worries me this year

<TomBeaver> BlueVeins -- which, of course, we all knew loo, lol. But the past is past

<BlueBMOC> i think the threat of the pass will help in containing the pass rush

<BlueVeins> Dave - I disagree with that.  UM probably controlled ND's defense better than any team save Alabama.  Just stupid turnovers.  We ran it on them all game

<BlueBMOC> if that makes sense?

<snic2u> Denard is not a qb its a shame he thinks he is

<BlueVeins> Tom - think you are right...until OSU or the game before to give OSU something to think about.

<BlueBMOC> anyone visiting this weekend?

<TomBeaver> And I think the front 7 of the D will be very stout, so IMO the D will lead the team, with the O's job more or less to not create TOs

<TomBeaver> I believe the coaches are on vacation until the BBQ, more or less

<BlueFan31> With only 4 or 5 spots left to fill in the '14 class, it seems like there won' be much recruiting chatter until our remaining targets begin to take official visits this fall

<TomBeaver> BlueFan -- more or less ... there are always surprises of course, but I can't think of a remaining target who plans a summer decision

<TomBeaver> I thnk this is a good year to play ND, and playing them at hop, home to boot

<TomBeaver> I think ND fans will understand why their team is dropping Michigan ... too damn many losses

<BlueFan31> Biggest question mark on D is still our secondary. Need to see that Countess is actually fully recovered and that Wilson can handle the free safety spot

<BlueBMOC> agree Tom, ND lost alot from last year

<TomBeaver> actually, IMO ND had gotten themselves into too tough a schedule, so I don't blame them or dropping us ... and it gives up a chance to have more creative schedule

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - agree, but the past rush should help that

<TomBeaver> pass rush

<TomBeaver> and the CBs will be solid

<BlueBMOC> hopefully wilson makes a big jump

<TomBeaver> OKay Linda, you get one question, then I'm calling it a night ... I'm a little under the weather ... I'm on vicodin for an infected tooth

<TomBeaver> OKAY guys, calling it a night. THANKS as usual

<gerrygarner> Kyle still feel good about Blueitt?

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. That is one that is looking fo, I mean, good, for Michigan.

<KyleBogie> Gonna follow Tom's lead though and sing , sign, off for the night. Thanks for dropping by!

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