Campbell Updates Recruitment

Detroit Cass Tech 2015 QB Jayru Campbell gives his latest thoughts on U-M, MSU and Alabama.

Detroit Cass Tech 2015 quarterback Jayru Campbell has been interesting story for Michigan recruiting fans. It's no secret that U-M has recruited his high school for a number of years, including 2012 commits David Dawson and Jourdan Lewis.

But despite the connection with Cass, Michigan has yet to offer Campbell and it looks like he is starting to look elsewhere. Campbell confirmed he will not be attending Michigan's annual Barbecue at the Big House later this month. While he is not ruling them out as a potential college team—he hasn't heard much contact from the U-M coaching staff lately, either.

"I would like to (hear more from them.) But they don't want to," Campbell said on his contact with Michigan.

While Michigan seems to be falling out of Campbell's favor, he has other notable schools of interest. His offer list includes: Michigan State, Notre Dame, Alabama, Wisconsin and Eastern Michigan. And Campbell had positive things to say about the Spartans.

"Michigan States loves me and I love Michigan State as well," Campbell said. "The coaching staff I love them to death. Coach Mark Dantonio is a cool guy. All the coaching staff they treat me, Mike Weber and Joshua Alabi like they really want us. So I appreciate that from them. I will definitely be going to State soon. I'm not sure when though."

Another team of interest is Alabama, who Campbell visited last month with his Cass teammates and played in their team 7v7 passing tournament.

"It was good," said Campbell on his visit to Alabama. "We got a chance to compete against other teams from all across the country. We went to the semifinals and lost to team we already beat. I was disappointed. At the same time, we had fun and we did our thing. It was nice competing against other players."

And what were his thoughts on the Alabama coaching staff?

"I just wanted to pretty much show them that I didn't get any worse," Campbell said. "I am only getting better. And I think Nick Saban had mentioned it to me and coach Bobby Williams they had mentioned that I had gotten better. So it was nice to get that compliment from them. I will just continue to keep working hard."

In the meantime, Campbell is preparing to have a hug junior season for Cass, who are looking to win their third straight state championship.

"I am trying to build a relationship with the coaching staff. I want to see how the practices are run, the environment, see if I really fit in or not. I just want to see how the intense the practice is. I want a chance to talk with the players and see their experience far as in college."

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