Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

In Monday's GoBlueWolverine chat, Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz discuss the upcoming Michigan football visit weekend, the vibe with Leonard Fournette, how the 2014 class might finish out, and several updates on the basketball recruiting front.

Monday's GoBlueWolverine Chat transcript talking Michigan football, recruiting, and a little basketball recruiting as well:

<KyleBogie> Hey everyone!

<bloodyknuckles09> Hey Kyle

<BBA10> hey kyle

<KyleBogie> Exciting week with Big Ten media days and of course the bhbbq in Ann Arbor.

<bloodyknuckles09> When you talked to G Fournettes dad, what type of impression did you get from him. When he isn saying he isnt a lock is that just talk or do you really think he is wide open?


<KyleBogie> Bloodyknuckles09. He seemed sincere. It was a prompt, quick reply saying "no sir." Could he be keeping that aspect close to the vest? Could. I believed him when he said Leonard told him he's wide open though.

<gerrygarner> any more rumblings on the hoops recruiting front

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. The final evaluation period will be huge for the young kids or guys that Beilein needs to see. Will touch base with Bluiett this week to get a better feel of things with he and his dad.

<fishtaxi> 3

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. Based on timeline and a desire to play together, Bacon and Sanders remain options in a package deal type of scenario. Will be interested (interesting) especially if Beilein walks away impressed.

<fishtaxi> whats up with looney/

<gerrygarner> thanks Kyle. In your opinion, will Sanders get an offer? It seems like a foregone conclusion that bacon will

<gerrygarner> when they visit

<rgarg1> Kyle.  IYO, who does UM get in 14 and 15 classes for basketball?  If gun to head

<rgarg1> Higbe..can Kalis and Braden and Miller man the middle this year/

<KyleBogie> fishtaxi. Based on conversations I do believe Michigan will be in Looney's top five. Guaranteed? No. I think it's intriguing for him because he

could come right in, start, do his thing, and go to the NBA at Michigan. No one else at his position after Glenn leaves.

<higbe> they can...but...Fall Camp will be a tough one...a lot of competion in the middle

<Denali00> Kyle - what do you think of Noah Dickerson?

<fishtaxi> Awesome but her cant get an offer if he doesnt visit

<BlueBMOC> do you believe looney is truly a one and done/

<KyleBogie> gerrygarner. When I saw him in January I thought Sanders was good enough for an offer and he actually gave me more of a "wow" factor than

Bacon. Up to Beilein AND we'll see if they visit.

<higbe> michael's getting a ride home this weekend from Cris Bryant...big mean and ready to compete

<BlueBMOC> It would be great if Bryant is ready to contribute

<rgarg1> does C bryant look

<TomBeaver> Hi Guys

<rgarg1> Sanders a kid Beilen is looking at intensely in terms of film eval

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Always with the gun to the head! Tough right now. in 2014, Bluiett and Booker, in my opinion, will come. We'll see how the rest of it pans out. 2015, too early to tell at this point, don't have a strong feel/opinion right now.

<TomBeaver> I personally think Chris is gonna have a little trouble beating out all the talent on the interior now and going forward ... we'll see of course

<KyleBogie> Denali00. REALLY physical post player and would be a terrific compliment to what Ricky Doyle brings to the table in the 2014 class. Would still need a perimeter oriented big though. Enough schollies for that? We'll see.

<rgarg1> Kyle...can Michigan get to the Final 4 again this year?  Seems like Kentucky has an nba roster and will be tough to beat

<TomBeaver> Final FOur pishaw -- that's cho, child's play now ... we need 'em to WIN it

<rgarg1> a fan of Doyle?  Some were critical of him at a recent camp

<fishtaxi> rgarg how did that work out for ky last year ?

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. I think that's the plan BUT it'll be interesting to see if his athleticism holds him back from making the jump after one year. He's so

productive I think he'd be looked at as a valuable prospect to the NBA.

<BlueBMOC> thanks Kyle, I think a couple years will be beneficial for him - similar to what Mitch and glen are doing

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Sanders is a kid Beilein is watching closely LIVE on the sideline. Same with Bacon but I think Beilein weill love Dwayne based purely off his versatility and skill.

<fishtaxi> I hear coach urb was going to kick a walk on off for pooping in a toilet

<BlueBMOC> anyone watch the replay of the Northwestern game on espnU yesterday

<skuzzim> does will belien limit how many one and done he brings in at a time

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Kentucky is loaded, Kansas will be great just because of that feshman class. I think Michigan definitely has a chance to do it again but

again, they needed a miracle comeback and shot from Trey to make/keep the dream alive so the ball has to bounce your way.

<KyleBogie> Michigan has the talent, pieces, leadership to get to the final four again. I think Derrick is going to be just fine and Mitch for an entire season

will be a real shot in the arm.

<TomBeaver> skuzzim -- I believe they'll be conservative with that ... but with McGary they'd decided to dip their teo in that area (their toe)

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. Doyle won't pass the look test aside from his freakinshly long arms. He finishes everything inside but can he do it against bigger players

and on a consistent pa, basis, we don't know that because he doesn't play AAU.

<rgarg1> blueBMOC...Hell of a catch by Roy Roundtree.  Demens was a

<rgarg1> BEast]

<KyleBogie> BlueBMOC. I agree but with Looney it's the opposite, he's the highly rated, can't miss guy where as Glenn and Mitch were more the "late

developers" that were not expected to make the jump.

<TomBeaver> This will IMO be a call football camp where not many spots are actually up for grabs ... it'll be more how you'd LIKE to have it. I guess we'll see

which WRs break into the 2-deep with Gallon and Dileo

<BELLO> Tom-is Fournette a real possibility now?

<BlueBMOC> agreed, I forgot about the hit Ross had on kolter on that 4th and short

<rgarg1> Tom, is Fournette a Mallett type of talent

<TomBeaver> BELLO -- maybe after this visit he will be, we'll see ... I don't think he's considered an actualy real-possibility at this point ... and if Derrick Green ha a good frosh season then thet'll make it hard to land another guy

<TomBeaver> Still, it's exciting

<skuzzim> between fournette, juju, adoree; which would be most likely to become blue?   What are the odds that one of the three will commit?

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. I think Beilein and the coaching staff are going after the best players available at all times. If they can bring one in ever class or every

other class I think it can work.

<TomBeaver> rgarg - Fournette - dunno if he can pass it 100 years, er, yeard, er, yards

<rathbone> no more competition than bama and LSU

<gerrygarner> tom, is michigan recruiting 2015 football prospect Brian Cole as a cb or wr

<skuzzim> Do you think we will pass more or less than Bama when this offense matures?

<BlueBMOC> even getting him on campus is huge

<TomBeaver> He looked like a smooth striding beast in 7-7 ... but is that a true test for a RB? NO ... he certainly passes the p, the look test tho, and the run-test ... if anything, even moreso than Green did a year ago

<TomBeaver> Cole - WR at this point

<BlueBMOC> how many WR do they take next year? Can't see more than 2

<TomBeaver> I'd think 50-50 run-pass

<TomBeaver> d be the goal, yardage wise

<TomBeaver> WRs for '15 .. year probably 2 ... also depends on hi, on how Darboh and Chrssun look

<skuzzim> What are the actual heights for Harris and Ways respectively?

<TomBeaver> Harris is 6-2+, Ways is 6-4 I'd say

<TomBeaver> If ways isn't 6-4 then he's just a little under

<bigcox7> So any updates on Nicholson or Westphal?

<TomBeaver> So over an inch of difference between them

<TomBeaver> Nicholson and Westphal both plan to take their time

<skuzzim> Is ways near the speed of terrell or walker

<KyleBogie> And Ways , physically, looks HUGE.

<TomBeaver> skuzzim - no

<TomBeaver> he looks close to looking like a TE lol

<TomBeaver> Terrell was FAST, and Walker was a 4.6 guy but quick and a smooth strider

<TomBeaver> Walker did that kick blocking thing remember, so he was quick off the ball

<skuzzim> was there ever interest in Malik Hooker

<TomBeaver> hooker - sure, orta, but things developed faster with other kids

<TomBeaver> sure, sorta

<BlueBMOC> 1st day of camp is Aug 2nd?

<skuzzim> will ways become a te

<TomBeaver> is there any other unsettled unit besided WR? Not really ... DB sorta but we know who the players are

<rathbone> OL

<TomBeaver> What day is the first day of camp? Isn't is utually a Saturday or Snday?

<TomBeaver> Sunday?

<higbe> sunday

<BlueBMOC> gotta be the 4th than

<TomBeaver> Guys, I have to bug out early ... I'm at my daughter's and she's got a picnic set up here

<TomBeaver> THANKS for everything!

<TomBeaver> Kyle can handle things more than me anyways! He's the young gun!

<skuzzim> higbe, does your son note much difference in the depth of people to practice against

<Mdjohnny5> Hey, would love to hear the opinion of Chuma Edoga vs Runyan Jr, Edoga has quite an early offer list but didn't earn one from camp.

<higbe> we'll find out in a week

<higbe> Spring practice....not going as hard as Fall Camp....

<skuzzim> how much of fall camp is full contact?

<skuzzim> Higbe, one last question.  How often does your son take a true break from working out?

<KyleBogie> Thanks Tom.

<higbe> the first week not much....then after that game on...the last week is not much..

<skuzzim> Kyle, is there any change in the headwinds with regard to Hand or McDowell

<higbe> he got one week off after spring practice..and next week they have off....1 week off after the Bowl game...thats it..

<skuzzim> seems that they would need a little more recovery time.  not that I have ever trained like they (the players) do

<skuzzim> Kyle, is Cole considered a Mi lean

<rgarg1> Higbe..with conditioning , can Logan Tulley Tillman be our next OT stud

<norplas> higbe left

<skuzzim> higbe is off

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. I don't feel any.

<1vfap> higbe left, off right....he is everywhere

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. He seems really interested in Michigan but I haven't gotten the feel that he is just gonna fall in love with them and commit early.

<skuzzim> Kyle, do you feel that osu will make further inroads in michigan

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. I think like with any school and new coaching staff there is some momentum on the recruiting trail early, like what's happening at Kentucky. I think things will go back to normal after a while. Both UM/OSU are just trying to make points (although Hoke won't ever leave Ohio alone).

<BELLO> so anyone at OSU arrested in the last 15 min?

<KyleBogie> BELLO. LOL!

<norplas> I read a frosh OL at ohio has been booted

<norplas> Tim Gardner

<kn212003> Kyle - Any off the radar kids that could get a late offer if Michigan (football) whiffs on their last couple of Supers?

<skuzzim> has Johnson raised his stock much in basketball

<KyleBogie> kn212003. No one that jumps out but history says he would be from Michigan or Ohio. The young man from Hawaii that camped will still be on the radar if anything should go amiss late with the DL targets.

<KyleBogie> skuzzim. Jaylen Johson?

<BBA10> ````````````````

<kn212003> So Michigan finishes with Hand, McDowell, Nicholson and ......

<BELLO> Kyle do you think Peppers makes the BBQ?

<KyleBogie> BELLO. Sounds like it's a good chance.

<rgarg1> kyle..having peppers would be HUGE for Fournette and some other kids

<rgarg1> Kyle..seems like so many analysts were really tough and critical of Hand

<BELLO> that would be huge

<BELLO> I'll take Hand in a minute

<rgarg1> bello..I agree totally

<BELLO> I think McDowell is the one that may or may not live up to his billing

<KyleBogie> ragarg1. Peppers would help quite a bit in my opinion.

<KyleBogie> rgarg1/ Hand just didn't go out to The Opening and "light the world on fire" so they evaluated based on what theysaw there. Doesn't make him any less of a prospect. Having said that, do I think he's close to Jadeveon Clowney? No.

<rgarg1> Kyle, is Westphal going to pull the trigger yet ; )

<KyleBogie> oK Guys, i'm going to call it a night as well!

<KyleBogie> rgarg1/ I thin k Parrker made a mistake in waiting...

<rgarg1> Kyle..good guys would still take him

<rgarg1> or will someone take his spot Kyle

<KyleBogie> Thank you for dropping by! Next weeks chat should be full of good info.

<BELLO> thanks K

<KyleBogie> rgarg1. There's better guys out ther eand now he has to prove himself as a safety, in my opinion.

<KyleBogie> Thanks again! 

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