Looney's AAU Coach Breaks Down His Game

Scout's No. 2 PF Kevon Looney's AAU coach Shelby Parrish breaks down his star players' game and more. ***W/Video Highlights***

Milwaukee Hamilton High 2014 prospect Kevon Looney is rated the No. 2 power forward in the latest Scout-100 basketball rankings. He is ranked the No. 9 player overall in the country and is coveted by top programs including Michigan, Duke, Michigan State, Florida and Wisconsin, to name few. At 6-foot-8, 208-pounds, Looney is an athletic wing and will be narrowing his list of schools to a top-5 later this month. GoBlueWolverine's Josh Newkirk had an opportunity to check in with Looney's AAU coach Shelby Parrish and get his thoughts on Looney and what he brings to the table as a player.

Josh Newkirk: What are your overall impression of Kevin Looney as a player?

Shelby Parrish: "He's a great teammate and whole lot of versatility. On our team he is a utility guy, He can do whole lot of everything. He can handle the ball. He can rebound. He defends. We can facilitate the offense through him. And he is also a good leader. He is probably the team favorite of everyone."

Josh Newkirk: He is not a selfish player out there. but does he have the ability to score whenever he wants to?

Shelby Parrish: "In his high school season he had 50, 48 and averaged 28 points per game. So he defitley can score whenever he needs to score. He had a stretch where he had eight games above 30 points, including a 50, 48 and 44 point performance. So he can score when he needs to score. On our team we got the little guy who shoots the ball a whole lot. That's his strength is scoring. So Looney does other things."

Josh Newkirk: You work with Kevon first hand and every player has flaws. So what do you think he needs to work on to become a better player?

Shelby Parrish: " He needs to continue adding strength. He needs to trust his jump shot. He really shoots it well. He and I workout and he makes 300 makes a (three-point line) a day. So he is able to do that. Just trusting where he gets better and he trusts his jumper."

Josh Newkirk: You might give a biased response to this—but is he worth all the hype? Is he legitimately one of top players in the country?

Shelby Parrish: "He is one of the best players in the country. I have been to every camp the past two years. I have been to the NBA camp, LeBron James' camp both times. His sophomore year I went. His junior I went. I saw and he is there with all of those guys. They're probably some guys who are not in (those camps) that are top-10 guys, but he is definitely one of the top players in his class."

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