VIDEO: Brady Hoke's B1G Statement (Part 2)

Michigan football coach Brady Hoke addresses the media at Big Ten Media Day. Full Transcript Included.(Part 2)***VIDEO***

Q. What were your thoughts when you initially heard Michigan being compared to cancer, and what was the reaction from Grant Reid when you called him and offered him tickets to the game?

MICHIGAN FOOTBALL COACH HOKE: Well, number one reaction is we were glad. We were excited for that young man. And being a father, our children are so important and you try and put yourself through what that family has gone through. So him beating Michigan in this context, we were all for it. But it's just something -- I'll be honest with you, it was something that we had talked about, Justin Dickens (Michigan Sports Information Director) and myself, because our kids do an awful lot in Mott Hospital, C.S. Mott. And our daughter was five months in the hospital when she was born, and so you just imagine what that family was going through. And I spoke to Grant a little bit. He's doing well. He was excited.

Q. I was wondering if you shored up that backup quarterback position yet, and should Gardner go down this fall, what was the plan going forward for that?

COACH HOKE: Well, we looked around to try and find maybe a guy who had graduated early and could transfer. We looked at some junior college prospects. And we just didn't feel comfortable enough. In 32 years or 33 years of coaching, I try and think how many times you've gotten to your second quarterback on the teams that you've coached. Hasn't been very many. I think Brian Cleary and obviously Shane Morris are two guys that we feel very good about. And so it would either be one of those two guys if anything would happen.

Q. What is it about Devin Gardner that makes him maybe a better pro style quarterback than Denard Robinson?

COACH HOKE: I think typically when people talk about pro style quarterbacks, a lot of times they talk about the heights. And they also talk about the running quarterbacks obviously is how they've performed in the gun, read zone, counter, whatever it might be. But I think Devin has a nice dual threat capability, because he probably spins the ball a little tighter. I think his height helps him over the line of scrimmage. So I think those reasons.

Q. How has the bankruptcy in Detroit and the situation there affected your community and the players that are from that area?

COACH HOKE: Could you ask it one more time? I didn't quite hear the beginning.

Q. How has the situation in Detroit, the bankruptcy, the economic, affected yourprogram and how your personnel that are from the Detroit area?

COACH HOKE: Sure. I think that, you know, everything's a little different for every kid. Every individual, every family. It's a little bit of a different path they all have taken. Obviously we're pulling for Detroit. We're pulling for the city and the state to get together or the federal government, because it's a great town. It's a great city. For our kids, I think every situation is different, but I think all our kids, you know, maybe they haven't thought in detail enough about it. But it's all been positive.

Q. Is there any change on Jake Ryan's status? Has he accelerated his return during his rehab?

COACH HOKE: I think we're very excited about his progress. So I don't think anything's really changed besides he's done a great job of being very committed, very disciplined to getting himself back through the rehab and everything he's doing. We'll find out a little more as we keep going and getting closer. But I think sometime in October I think would still be a likely date for him.

Q. How much importance do you put on instate recruiting? You get a lot of Detroit, Michigan guys. How much focus do you put on that?

COACH HOKE: We put a lot of our efforts in the state of Michigan. That's important to us. And that's something that -- the high school coaching is very good. The caliber of the athletes we really like. And also they understand playing at the University of Michigan. So that's always a very important part for us in our recruiting.

Q. Your schedule is pretty loaded up for November particularly this year. Is that a good thing for a team where you're going to bringing guys along on both lines throughout the year, especially that interior of the offensive line?

COACH HOKE: The goal is, every week you have to get better if you're going to win championships. And the good teams I've been fortunate to be with, that's what they've done, from week one to week two and so on. So as far as the back end of the schedule, we've got a great schedule. And if we keep coaching and doing the things we need to do for our kids, then I think we'll be competitive and it will be a lot of fun.

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