Lewan on a Strict Diet

Michigan senior offensive tackle Taylor Lewan talks about his new diet and the results because of it.

CHICAGO--Taylor Lewan has dedicated his life to football. And part of his dedication is his new found diet of eggs, whole wheat pasta, chicken breast, tuna, olive oil and fruits & vegetables.

In fact, Lewan said he consumes 12 hard boiled eggs, six cans of tuna and 12 tablespoons of olive oil daily with the aforementioned foods.

Lewan admits it's not easy, after all, he is 6-foot-8, 308-pounds and loves to eat the unhealthy things in life, including his personal favorite-- ice cream.

However, the diet is already starting to pay off, as the Michigan All-American has gained six-pounds of muscle this past month while losing one-pound of fat. He started the diet shortly after the Capital One Bowl earlier this year, but said he has taken it to a whole new level the past three months.

"I feel great. I feel unbelievable," Lewan said.

Never shy to joke, Lewan said he does indeed cook all his own meals.

"I consider myself a chef master now," Lewan said. "No I don't, I am a terrible cook. I can grill. I can grill with the best of them. But I am no good. …I can cook chicken. I can cook steak. All the basic meal stuff like a salad. I can hard boil an egg. I can do all those things. That's really all I do."

Lewan said he wanted the strictest diet possible to make the best gains heading into senior season.

"My speed has gone up. My agility has gone up. My strength has gone through the roof as far as lifts. …It's been going pretty well," Lewan said.

"Pretty well" is an understatement; since Lewan has started the diet he said he has lost five percent body fat. While he won't say where his body fat percentage was before the diet, he was a little more forthcoming on his gains in the weight room.

"I am a 420-pounds plus bencher now from 395-pounds," Lewan said. "Last time we tested squat I did 500-pounds seven times. Just little things whether it's back or stuff like that—I can just lift more weight now."

Lewan's diet is definitely paying off and his biggest gain may be his speed, as he is now at an elite level for an offensive lineman. "It was less than five (seconds.) I'll tell you that," Lewan said with a smile.

Lewan and the rest of the Wolverines will open the season at home against Central Michigan on Aug. 31.

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