Monday GoBlueWolverine Chat Transcript

GoBlueWolverine's Tom Beaver and Kyle Bogenschutz tackle questions on the newest Michigan commitments in the class of 2015 and what it means moving forward, the ramifications it has on the 2014 class, new offers in 2015, a dabble of basketball recruiting and more in Monday's chat transcript.

<KyleBogie> Happy Monday!

<TomBeaver> Hi Kyle. Hi gyuys.

<joeblue67> Any special inside info for us early arrivals?

<Denali00> Hi

<TomBeaver> gees we did that for the 4:59 guys already!

<joeblue67> DAMN

<TomBeaver> Me, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for a hot start so we can keep this great recruiting momentum going

<joeblue67> Amen

<TomBeaver> The Damien Harris thing was a little out of the blue, yes?

<KyleBogie> Been a wild couple of days on the recruiting trail that is for sure

<TomBeaver> No overriding reason to get a '14 RB now IMO

<TomBeaver> Concentrate on Hand, McDowell, and a safety ... and call the '14 class complete, IMO

<KyleBogie> Completely agree on the 2014 RB thing Tom. No need for it at all.

<TomBeaver> The thinig with Kinnel is that he's had a series of good camps this summer ... he was good-not-great at U-M's, but great at others and noticed

<bloodyknuckles09> Crazy thast the 2015 class is already1/3 full

<TomBeaver> lol ... what's the holdup on '16? C-MON!

<bloodyknuckles09> Ya we need Swenson to drop and get that ball rolling

<TomBeaver> Of course they have to keep recruiting those '15 commits ... that S-Day is a loooong ways off

<Denali00> What about 17'?

<TomBeaver> that's 7th graders, right?

<bloodyknuckles09> Hoping they form a bond like this current class which helps them recruit eachother until S day

<Denali00> Can never be to early.

<KyleBogie> bloodyknuckles09. I think that is exactly what's going to happen in 2015.

<TomBeaver> knuckles -- well neither Harris nor Campbell are near each other or that close to A2

<TomBeaver> I personally would thnk U-M would not want a '16 kid to commit

<TomBeaver> but don't know that for certain or anything ... it's just so damn early

<bloodyknuckles09> Aside from Crawfir...Crawford who do you think is the closest to dropping in the 15 class

<Denali00> I know it's a dead issue now Kyle..but did u ever get ahold of Fournette and see what the deal was?

<TomBeaver> I'll tell you what tho - to get two top 100 15 kids this early (maybe both Top 50) -- amazing

<TomBeaver> it's kinda unheard of

<bloodyknuckles09> Ill take the Campbell commit over Fournette visiting any day

<TomBeaver> knuckles - well, watch Kinnel now maybe, who knows.

<TomBeaver> knuckles - definitely

<KyleBogie> Denali00. One of the weirdest things to ever happen to me in my career. Havecalled and texted ca, various times with no response

<Denali00> I get the impression he was only coming if Peppers made it in and had no real interest in UM.

<KyleBogie> Denali00. I'm gonna stay on it just because I'm so curious at this point but I think the situation pretty much speaks for itself! LOL.

<KyleBogie> Definitely don't want to speculate.

<TomBeaver> Bogie -- the whole trip may have been pretend ... or something changed their minds awful suddenly

<TomBeaver> who knows ... things do happen. Recruiting is squirrelly

<TomBeaver> But to then shag Harris, I mean shag Harris - I mean snag Harris - amazing

<KyleBogie> Yup, couldn't even speculate if I tried though

<Denali00> He belongs in the SEC

<bloodyknuckles09> I know its hard to miss on a top top kid...but if there is any place we can afford to get shut down this year it was RB..esp with the Harris commit

<TomBeaver> Denali -- someone coulda gotten sick, who knows

<bloodyknuckles09> Everywhere else they have targeted they have been getting who they want

<TomBeaver> well it's not like Fournette was a kid they thought they had any chance with a month ago ... the visit came up suddenly and surprisingly... after The Opening

<bloodyknuckles09> I have only been followubng recruiting for 6-7 years and this is by far the most fun it has ever been

<Denali00> Maybe..but to not even respond in some way afterward seems a bit bizarre.

<TomBeaver> knuckles - yeah ... there was a stretch of great recruiting for 7-8 years after the NC ... but this is the funnest since then

<Denali00> Remeinds me of Marquise Hill. Remember him?

<TomBeaver> lol, yep

<TomBeaver> there have been a lot of squirelly ones ... it happens

<bloodyknuckles09> How is Kinnel talent wise. How does he stack up against some of the other DBs we have been recruiting

<Denali00> One of the shadiest things I've ever seen.

<dave76> Tom, can you give a comparison of what type of WR Campbell is?  Not necessarily a former UM guy, I mean, is he Julio Jones-type?

<TomBeaver> Kinnel was good at the U-M camp ... but I think he really impressed at others, including OSU

<KyleBogie> BLOODYKNUCKLES09. On Kinnel, to me he's a safety andnothing else. Very good size for his age so I wonder if he'd be able to play corner at thenext level.

<TomBeaver> Campbell -- yeah that could be good ... tall, skinny kid with blazing speed

<Denali00> Kyle - anything brewing on the bball recruiting front?

<TomBeaver> Kyle - you could be right on the safety thing

<TomBeaver> hadn't thought of that

<KyleBogie> Kinnel has good instincts, learning awareness and technique as all young players are. Had a feeling Michigan would offer

<TomBeaver> We're counting on Kyle to deliver Zimmerman ... that's the main job for him, ol, lol (kidding!)

<KyleBogie> Denali00. Some new names out there, in the class of 2014 is PF Devin Robinson, new name in 216 2 , excuse me, 2016 is T.J. Leaf from the Compton Magic. Really skilled plaeyr that cn score with the best of them.

<TomBeaver> Kyle may have blown it on Kennard, but we'll forgive him if we get Zimmerman lol (kidding!)

<KyleBogie> Im actually headed to California for a vacation wednesday to wednesday and I'll be stopping by the Adidas Nations camp this weekend, Trevon Bluiett, Stephen Zimmerman, Sedrick Barefield, Hyron Edwards, and other TOP guys so I'll have more next week.

<TomBeaver> what part of Cali?

<Denali00> Are we going after Bragg?

<skuzzim> how do you think we will recruit ol moving forward withour the large vacuum on our depth charts

<KyleBogie> RE: Kennard. I think the Kennard's have been as sincere as anyone I've ever spoken with about the job Michigan has done recruiting him. That being said, difficult to escape Kentucky on that one. Who knows.

<TomBeaver> skuzzim -- they could still use OTs

<KyleBogie> I'll be staying in Laguna Niguel

<KyleBogie> denali00. ABSOLUTELY. That kid is a beast and Michigan is oin on him, trying to get him up for a visit in August or September. He'll end up being one of the best players in his class in the entire country.

<TomBeaver> nice place ... Laguna is super ... I'll be driving to Oregon

<Denali00> God to hear

<Denali00> Good

<TomBeaver> big surf this week too, get to the water

<bloodyknuckles09> Where do we stand wtith Tim Settle and do you get the feeling that landing Hand would really give us a boost in his recruitment

<KyleBogie> Well safe travels to you then Tom! I intend to ht the beach several times !

<TomBeaver> I don't think, re OLs, that Sterling Jenkins will be scared away ... there aren't many pure OTs in those OLs

<TomBeaver> knuckles -- sure, landing Hand would deliver Settle IMO, if they decide they want to offer him

<TomBeaver> but obviously they haven't decided to offer him yet

<bloodyknuckles09> Why do you think we havent offered him. is it lack of filkm ?

<Denali00> Do you think Zimmerman visits in August?

<TomBeaver> knuckles - I don't think that's why

<bloodyknuckles09> Not that I trust all recruiting rankings but 1 site has him at the 7 player in the 15 class

<TomBeaver> all '15 rankings are wild, wild guesses

<bloodyknuckles09> but i trust the coaches..esp on DL

<TomBeaver> FSN has worked hard on theirs which will be coming out ... but it's very tentative on the '15 kids

<KyleBogie> Denali00. They're going to try, and I believe they're sincere in their interest. It's a wait and see but I'm not overly optimistic he will

<KyleBogie> The Zimmerman's travel schedule has been hefty over the last few months.

<bloodyknuckles09> Honestly I would rather sites wait longer and be more accurate then just taking the top names floating around and throw them in an order

<bloodyknuckles09> Like Cornell as the #1 player in the country

<dave76> and Campbell as #3, LOL.  I kid, I kid

<Denali00> Thx guys!

<bloodyknuckles09> lol..underrated recruit in that class

<KyleBogie> A lot of the time the early rankings, at least the high ones, are to entice kids into attending their camps/all-star games down the line. Something I've noticed anyway. I prefer how we're doing it, giving full evaluations.

<TomBeaver> knuckles - Allen would like that too, but there's a lotta pressure to jump the gun these days

<TomBeaver> Kyle - I just posted a CHAT! ad on the board, lol

<TomBeaver> Me personally BTW, I'm actually more excited about HArris than Campbell

<bloodyknuckles09> real fans have a reminder set in their phone

<TomBeaver> Harris is gonna be really good

<skuzzim> rb harris or wr harris

<TomBeaver> RB

<KyleBogie> I was just about to do the same Tom, arrived home a little late and it slipped my mind until a minute ago! LOL.

<TomBeaver> Damien Harris is the real deal IMO

<TomBeaver> Drake too of course, tho he has to get into a weight room

<skuzzim> and he reminds you of Beanie Wells

<bloodyknuckles09> Do you think there would ever even be a discussion to move Campbell to safety like Jamie and Scott were saying he could land

<TomBeaver> skuzzim - from camp I mean ... those are the 2 big backs who have camped who have really stood out that I recall

<bloodyknuckles09> I prefer a cgame changing WR

<KyleBogie> Have to agree with ya on Harris Tom. Watching Harris at camp last summer he looked the part and even in some of the drill work he still looked raw or like he had neve done certain drills with footwork or running routes. When it's all together, look out,.

<outcastinohio> Is Drake's weight issue strictly because of basketball or is he not putting in the work?

<TomBeaver> kniuckles - IMO he's a WR

<TomBeaver> outcastinohio - IMO it's hoops ... but physically he's also immature

<drockblue> Drake works out four mornings a week and is now a solid 180.

<TomBeaver> what he has is 'a knack' to get the ball

<skuzzim> did you feel that damian harris gave much thought to osu

<TomBeaver> he has athleticism

<TomBeaver> skuzzim - well everyone was getting a little worried ... but obviously he really didn't, since he committed without having visited since the MSU game last fall too

<skuzzim> has osu ol recruiting kept pace with u of m ol recruiting under hoke

<TomBeaver> now, IMO, we have to get this season going ... that's what I'm antsy for

<TomBeaver> I'm anxious to see how Devin looks, that's the main thing

<SonofJorEl> Can't stress enough Tom's point about the importance of winning and having a good season.

<TomBeaver> And what RB will step up

<wolverine33> Tom who do you think will end up winning the RB job?

<SonofJorEl> Tom...can you quantify what a good season would be record wise in your opinion?

<TomBeaver> I'm anxious to smash ND and get into the early TOp Ten

<tonyles> I would imagine they won't be running Devin very much at all with designed runs this year

<rgarg1> Tom...I remeber a while back Detroit free press was saying that MSU is recruiting nationally due to its beating u think we can compete with the might spartans in recruiting?  They are almost international...hehehehe

<Fizzbert> iI'm interested in the OL...can we move people?

<bloodyknuckles09> Im anxious to see how our OL with youngesters plays against ND DL

<TomBeaver> SonofJorel -- to me it's mainly the start, to get into the national conversation ... what happens with the B1G championship or with OSU or with a bowl -- that's important too, but the first 8 games are the main thing IMO

<TomBeaver> I think the OL will be fine

<BlueFan31> I expect the offense to sputter at times arly on in the season until the young guys get a few games under their belts.

<TomBeaver> RB - no idea before camp starts. Don't count out Fitz, IMO

<SonofJorEl> Gotcha Tom...that makes sense

<tonyles> Fitz starting would be best

<tonyles> He's the Senior

<Fizzbert> Braden will be a freshman All American

<Fizzbert> Mark it

<SonofJorEl> Being reported on OSU premium that Malik Hooker has committed to OSU FWIW

<TomBeaver> a frosh RB will simply mean more balls on the ground, most likely

<tonyles> I agree about freshmen RB's

<TomBeaver> Hooker - well IMO U-M is done with WRs

<BlueFan31> Tom unless he's the 2011 Fitz, I can't imagine Toussaint being good enough to keep Green off the field for very long.

<TomBeaver> BlueFan - yeah he'd have to be the '11 Fitz ... but why not

<tonyles> We don't even have the first clue about what Green is at the collegiate level

<tonyles> Or DeVeon Smith for that matter

<TomBeaver> I think the whole thing with this season will be turnovers

<frm710> They weren't kidding when they(staff) said they wanted to get bigger bigger OL and DL, taller WR and DBs.  Simply amazing what is going on.

<tonyles> Keep the upperclassmen on the field and control the ball with few turnovers

<TomBeaver> tonyles -- and let Devin make plays at the end ... IMO

<goblue101> Tom, someone today said that you said that Jashon Cornell is all Irish unless something happens. I hadn't seen that, is that accurate?

<TomBeaver> that's how I see it coming down

<BlueFan31> Turnovers and keeping Devin upright. I think the biggest reason why Miller will get the nod over Glasgow at Center is because he'll be better in pass pro

<outcastinohio> All Miller or Glasgow is doing imo is keeping the seat warm for Kugler imo.

<TomBeaver> goblue101 -- no, wasn't me who said that ... I've never had that in my mind so it wouldn't have been me

<frm710> I think we unveil the pistol vs ND.  Just more to worry about with regards to Qb health.

<goblue101> Ok thanks. So Michigan is Michigan in good shape there? or is it still too early to tell?

<goblue101> oops, typo.

<TomBeaver> the pistol would surprise me, cept in change-up situations or at the end of a game

<TomBeaver> Cornell -- well ND will be a foe no doubt .. but U-M is in it, definitely

<frm710> Do you think they have some pistol/spread style in the offense? Not RR spread maybe OK.

<tonyles> Starting wideouts appear to be Gallon, Dileo and Darboh?

<TomBeaver> I'm actually not that worried about the WRs ... to me it's more TOs, and that means having a good RB who'll hold onto the ball. That's what I'm thinking

<BlueFan31> You can run Power out of the Pistol. It's a formation. Don't even need a mobile QB really. I expect almost no designed QB runs like the read-option or Iso. Those days are likely over

<TomBeaver> tonyles - IMO yes

<kn212003> You'd have to think the idea of Harris and Campbell at the skill positions will be enticing to top QB's

<Fizzbert> So the TE's will be prominent?

<TomBeaver> kn212003 -- sure ... agree

<TomBeaver> Fizzbert - i expect Funchess to make a run at ALl Big Ten

<Fizzbert> Music to my ears

<TomBeaver> and Gallon is fine, and Dileo is a tough kid

<Fizzbert> Do you see him and AJ on the same side ?

<tonyles> This is the first year where we will see predominantly Hoke recruits as starters on the field.  They have high ceilings, but are still young.  2014 will be a deep, experienced team.

<TomBeaver> Fizzbert - sure

<SonofJorEl> IMHO on Green, the kid just seems to "get it" on so many levels.  IMHO he will be contribute quite a bit this season and won't be a TO problem

<TomBeaver> tonyles - yes, IF Devin returns

<Mdjohnny5> Tom, who do you think ends up being the S/DB in the 14 class?

<TomBeaver> MdJohnny - that's an awful good question. It might just be Westphal, late

<TomBeaver> I think Nicholson is the other best possibility, but he and his mom are so close that dunno if 4 hours away is too far

<TomBeaver> she was at The Opening

<TomBeaver> so we saw it.

<TomBeaver> So, even if Westphal wants to wait, and U-M wants to wait and scout him at S ... it still could work out there

<TomBeaver> Just a guess

<TomBeaver> Hand, McDowell, Westphal

<Fizzbert> How about Malik...same?  staying close to home?

<kn212003> 2 more 5*'s, I'll take it

<TomBeaver> Malik - it looks that way

<goblue101> Tom, another question for you. In your "4 together" post regarding the 2012-2015 recruiting classes, you made a comment about Shane being the future. Does that mean you don't see Speight beating out Shane when that QB battle occurs, or am I reading way too much into that?

<kn212003> JuJu might be a possiblity too, right Tom?

<TomBeaver> goblue101 - you are not reading too much into that

<TomBeaver> Juju would be a big surprise, albeit a great one

<TomBeaver> I think Shane will be the next guy

<TomBeaver> I also BTW hope deWeaver ends up Blue - I like that kid

<SonofJorEl> If 2014 ends with Hand, Malik, Westphal, and another good LB prospect it will be a helluva rankings be damned.

<tonyles> Is DeWeaver 2015?

<Fizzbert> Tom - How do you view what's ahppening in recruiing?  Is UM recruiting the parents as much as the student?

<TomBeaver> SOJ - yessir

<TomBeaver> Fizzbert - U-M has always recruited the parents

<bloodyknuckles09> HE IS 16  oardon caps

<norplas> any parents that run a 4.4

<kn212003> Interesting note I made when watching the BTN Kickoff Luncheon - DiNardo and Griffith both picked OSU and Michigan to meet in the B1G Championship game b/c they are the most talented teams based on their Spring Tour

<TomBeaver> But Brady is simply a great recruiter ... as is Mattison ... they're super-recruiters, that's their deal

<kn212003> Griffith went on to say that Ohio and Michigan are continuing to seperate themselves from the rest of the B1G when it comes to talent

<kn212003> I always thought that, but to hear it from the guys that should know was interesting

<TomBeaver> U-M and OSU ... also, the rest of the B1G might be a little down ... hard to believe in NW or Braska IMO who , tho that may be a mistake of course

<norplas> how bout Sparty

<TomBeaver> Sparty is running on fumes IMO ... where is the O?

<kn212003> Sparty is gonna have to deal w/ the big boys every year starting next year, end of the line for them

<TomBeaver> oe more year and Sparty may be running on fumes on BOTH sides of the ball

<norplas> hate to say it but Duchtonio is a good coach

<tonyles> Tom - Are Countess and Bryant 100% and ready to go?  Looks like the only guys out could be Ryan and Bellomy?

<TomBeaver> norplas - yes he is ... he brought discipline to a program that recruits some undisciplined kids, by necessity

<norplas> he is still a dick

<TomBeaver> Countess is 100%

<Diehard566> Good coach, poor recruiter

<Diehard566> He'd be a nice fit in the NFL

<TomBeaver> diehard - fortunately for us!

<Diehard566> yep!

<Chetandy> I wouldn't say poor recruiter... he's just forced to work with some of UM's "leftovers."

<Chetandy> Looks at some of the recruiting wins he was able to pull off when UM was down.

<SonofJorEl> kn212...Griffith and Dinardo's comments just illustrate again why Michigan MUST WIN this season.  Excpectations are rising, we can't be seen as a disappointing team.

<TomBeaver> most of the league has to recruit some riskier kids ... and it at times blows up on them (see:Iowa)

<Diehard566> Coming off the years Dantonio is coming off, he needed to be competitive

<Diehard566> on the trail

<Diehard566> Can't even compete with Kentucky these days

<TomBeaver> SOJ - yessir ... you're either on the rise or on the decline ... and they lost their last couple games last season ...

<Chetandy> Yeah, I definitely seem MSUs glory days as being behind them now.

<norplas> Lets just beat them before we call them dead

<TomBeaver> Well guys, gonna call it a night ... packing tomorrow, then moving to Oregun!

<TomBeaver> THANKS!

<Chetandy> We lost our last couple games last year.  :(

<Chetandy> Best of luck Tom! 

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